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Money4Life Podcast brings you the 100 Year Savings Solution™ Stop the madness and refocus on what really matters in life: your faith, your family, your finances and your future. Sit back, listen and change the course of your life with your hosts Teresa Kuhn and Rick Sapio. For more information, visit

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Money4Life Podcast brings you the 100 Year Savings Solution™ Stop the madness and refocus on what really matters in life: your faith, your family, your finances and your future. Sit back, listen and change the course of your life with your hosts Teresa Kuhn and Rick Sapio. For more information, visit




66: Charles Rashid's Philosophy of Life22/2/2021

In this episode, Rick sits down with Charles Rashid, a successful businessman, investor and entrepreneur. Rick and Charles discuss how old-fashioned perseverance, combined with a passion for setting and achieving goals, can lead almost anyone to a lifetime of success in both professional and family life. If you can find a way to follow Charles's advice and stay positive in all situations, opportunities will open up for you. Life is more fulfilling when you achieve meaningful goals. Create a system where you write down your goals and study them when you go to bed at night AND when you wake up in the morning. With this strategy you achieve much more.


65: An Alternative Path to Parenting PART III 2/16/2021

Parents should teach children how to be entrepreneurs. In this episode, hear part three of how Teresa planted the seed in her son by exposing him to various business experiences. Ask your children or grandchildren to think about this question, "What business should I start?" A child who grows up to be an entrepreneur is likely to do well in whatever career he pursues. The economy needs leaders, thinkers and doers. It takes ingenuity and resilience, and that will never change.


64: An Alternative Path to Parenthood PART II 2/9/2021

In today's American culture, it seems that parents spend an inordinate amount of time protecting their children from hard work and the realities of life. They don't realize this until it's too late and have created a lifelong addiction. Instead, parents should invest time and money in educating their children with an emphasis on creating independent entrepreneurs. Hear how Teresa did things differently with her son Keating in this episode.


63: An Alternative Path to Parenthood PART I2/1/2021

Many of us have a great influence on our children and grandchildren. In this episode, listen to Teresa and her son Keating Kuhn as they share some unique perspectives on raising a hard-working entrepreneurial son. Make the decision to raise independent, hard-working children who understand the value of a dollar. Teach your children and grandchildren to think entrepreneurially. Consider allowing your kids to earn and spend their own money, which will give them an edge on what some describe as a spoiled American culture.


62: Why is there $17 trillion in the bank? 27-01-2021

It strikes us as odd that there are over $17 trillion in bank accounts in the United States, earning LESS than 1% per year on average. We believe this is due to an awareness issue and the fact that most Americans are unaware of products such as the 100 Year Savings Solution. Evaluate all your provisions at the bank. What do you win? Are you happy with your returns? In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the reasons why you should consider transferring your money to a whole life insurance policy like the one offered by 100 Year Savings Solution. Contact us today to find out how we can make your money work better than a traditional savings account. Click here:


61: Creation versus Consumption 20-01-2021

We see that there is a great division in our society. This division is NOT between right and left, or sleeping and waking, but between those who consume and those who create. While absorbing information is important for growth, you also need to use what you learn to create and share with others. Ask yourself: What is the ratio between the time you consume and the time you create every day? Unfortunately, many of us spend our time reacting to the things that are happening around us instead of using our energy to create. Start your day by creating something. You can change your life step by step.


60: The 100 Year Savings Solution™12/1/2021

There's nearly $17 trillion in savings accounts that have poor returns. Usually less than 1%! BECAUSE? We think it's because people don't know their options! Historically, life insurance has been one of the safest and most tax-advantaged savings options available to Americans, but it remains one of the most misunderstood financial products out there. We started the 100 Year Savings Solution by asking ourselves a simple question: Why should people have to pay taxes on their savings accounts every year when they can get a much higher growth rate and defer taxes? Hear Teresa Kuhn discuss the benefits of this solution and why it is a much better option for your money than savings accounts, money market accounts or CDs.


59: O.H.I.O.: Treat It Only Once 5/1/2021

In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the organizing principle known as OHIO, which is an acronym for "Only Drive It Once". OHIO is the idea of ​​tackling a task or making a decision right away to avoid coming back to it, saving you time and energy later on. This is a productivity strategy that can change your life. Procrastinating can quickly add up, leading to stress. If you arrange something right away, it won't weigh on your head and won't distract you. We have to make decisions and then move on. NO!


58: Memory and Creation 29-12-2020

The Remember and Create exercise over the years has helped thousands of people start a new year with a clear vision of achieving their goals. This quick 2-page exercise is the BEST exercise to do with your team or family. Think about what you achieved in 2020 and plan what you want to tackle in 2021. Take 30 minutes, fill out the worksheet and get ready to make 2021 bigger and better than ever. Download the exercise at and share it with all the important people in your life. You'll be amazed at the clarity you'll both get from such a simple set of questions.


57: 100 years, unforgettable family values22/12/2020

An easy way for families to create a legacy-oriented set of values ​​is to use their last name and find a value that matches each letter of their last name. With this simple exercise, you can create a memorable list of values ​​for your children, convey their meanings, and give something very appropriate to your child's legacy. Start with a philosophical motivation to create a set of values ​​that will influence your family for future generations. We believe in applying Simplicity, Probability and Leverage as functional values ​​in your family and professional life. Both Rick and Teresa use examples of what they do within their families to teach the importance of values. They both believe that intention and common sense are not very common these days.


56: The trend of tolerance 15/12/2020

In this episode, Rick and Teresa show us what we go through, what it costs us and how we can change this. Most of us tolerate huge amounts of negative habits, negative people and negative situations in our lives and do nothing about it. Because?! Make a list of all the bad things you tolerate and realize that you have the choice to continue to tolerate them or not. Get out of a complaining mindset and take action. When you complain about something you have two options: CHANGE IT or stop complaining. You are given great freedom in understanding the tendency to tolerate and become intolerant of each item on your list.


Balancing strengths and weaknesses between players can greatly increase your team's chances of success. When it comes to business, founders often hire people who look like them when in reality they should be doing the exact opposite. Leaders should always master their strengths and outsource their weaknesses. When developing a team within a company, it is best to have many different types of personalities to cover all aspects of business leadership. Would you hire 3 mediocre quarterbacks to try and win the Super Bowl? Of course not!


54: Masterminds 12/1/2020

In this episode, Teresa and Rick discuss the tremendous life value that can be derived from consistent weekly meetings with a consistent group of like-minded and dedicated students. Since birds flock, why not create a flock of highly successful people? Surrounding yourself with people you emulate can increase your life fulfillment in all areas. Look for people who have 2 characteristics: a commitment to lifelong learning and the ability to meet at a set time each week. During each brainstorming session, you take turns leading and bringing a thoughtful topic to the table for the group to discuss. Rick has been on one such think tank for over 30 years and attributes his health, meeting his wife and professional success to the wisdom he has gained from these relationships.


53: The War Room 11-30-2020

In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the concept of "The War Room". This revolutionary activity involves gathering all key members of a business or family in one room and should be done at least once a year. This meeting is called the War Room because during this meeting, the team completes a comprehensive current assessment of the business or family as it is, followed by the establishment of critical goals and plans for the near future. It is important to invite the right people and to have a quiet room. Be sure to share the full agenda for the meeting so everyone can plan to attend in full. Warrooms are beneficial because everyone knows where they are and has a clear plan for the year ahead. Each person is aware of their role and responsibilities and action items are assigned accordingly. Design your "War Room" today!


52: Prepare Your Own Eulogy11/17/2020

Thinking about what will be written on your tombstone can give you a true northerly direction for your life. The human experience is knowing that our lives matter. Have you ever imagined what your close people will say about you after you die? Let your wife and close friends write your eulogy as if you were dead. Then consider the "coffin exercise," where each person reads what you've written to them. When Rick read the eulogy his wife had written to him, he was surprised to find that she focused only on his positive aspects and he felt incredibly valued. After death, most of our negative aspects are forgotten. Understanding this concept allows us to appreciate those closest to us more while giving us the fuel to live a more powerful life.


51: Master life's priorities11/13/2020

Do you feel like you're constantly compromising and saying YES to people, activities, and behaviors that waste your time? It is better to focus ONLY on the priorities in your life, rather than spend time on the myriad distractions that surround us. Write down the 25 things you would like to achieve. Then circle the first 5 on that list. Don't spend a minute on the other 20 things from now on. Imagine reaching 5 big goals every year. How much could you achieve in 10 years? There are few strategies that are so simple and straightforward, yet can produce such powerful results!


50: What relevance does formal education have today? 11/10/2020

Why don't governments and schools teach our kids more about how to be successful adults? Much of what passes for education today is actually propaganda. Education should be about equipping children for life as adults. Today's circumstances allow us more than ever to study and train at home. Yes, this is a much more difficult path, but the dividends will last a lifetime. Successful children grow into successful adults with high levels of self-esteem and self-esteem. We should teach children how to navigate later in life and focus on financial intelligence, relationship skills and personal development. These are three areas we all need to learn, but none of them are taught in public education.


Instead of watching the players on the field of life, why not be the person on the field and let others watch you? Quit nonsense and so many kinds of distractions to be fully present in your purpose! We are being exploited and manipulated, controlled and put to sleep on some level by a combination of popular culture, food, news, entertainment, etc. Everything is set up to create distractions. Try to be as mindful as possible and don't allow distractions in your life. Focus on the things that matter. Fully realize your power to create your life with design.


48: Analysis paralysis versus courage3-11-2020

Stop overthinking things! Do you know people who endlessly analyze things before finally making a decision? Are you one of those people? In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss how we should recognize our instincts and values, and then always trust both in our decision-making process. You get tremendous freedom just by making a decision and moving on. Downtime spent worrying rather than making a decision is based on fear. Courage can be defined as the ability to act with limited data and insufficient information. In fact, that's all we'll have.


Why do people who seem to have more often value what they have less? We all have a choice when we wake up in the morning: What kind of day will I have today? Choose your day now. Don't let outside influences, such as the media, bring you down. Learn to have gratitude, not resentment. Resentment is like preparing poison for another, but drinking it yourself and waiting for the other to die. Recognize the difference between the two, be more grateful and create the life you want.



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