Enduring Word Bible Commentary Ephesians Chapter 3 (2023)

A. The mystery of God and man's place in Him are revealed.

1. (1-5) Preface to the Revelation of the Mystery.

Therefore I, Paul, am a prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles; if you have really heard of the dispensation of God given to me for you, how he revealed to me the mystery by revelation (as I have already briefly written so that you can read my knowledge of the mystery of Christ) which in other ages was not given to to know the sons of men, as it is now revealed by the Spirit to his holy apostles and prophets:

A.I, Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles: During his imprisonment in Rome, Paul was under house arrest. During the day he was free to roam the house under the soldiers' supervision, but every night he was chained to a soldier to ensure that he did not escape Caesar before his trial. However, he saw himself asthe prisoner of Jesus Christ. He knew that Jesus was Lord of his life, not the Roman government, so if he was a prisoner, he was a prisoner of Jesus.

B.for you gentlemen: The only reason he was arrested and awaiting trial was his missionary efforts on behalf of the Gentiles.

you Paul suffered for the truth he wanted to explain to the Ephesians, and that didn't stop him one bit.

ii. The last thing Paul wanted was for people to feel sorry for him because he was in prison. He wanted his readers to see that it was to their advantage to be a prisoner.

C.if you really listened: This indicates that Paul knew that his special calling to the Gentile world was well known among Gentile Christians.

D.You have heard of the distribution of God's grace given to me by you.: The wordresignationspeaks of the "implemented strategy" of God's plan in the church. “But here, as in Ephesians 1:10, it must be interpreted more as the implementation of a strategy.” (holz)

you "for himdistribution of God's graceWe can understand any of theseApostolic Officejgiftsgranted to St. Paul to preach the gospel among the Gentiles... or theSaberthat God gave him of this kind and divinethe planwhom he formed for the conversion of the Gentiles." (Clark)

mi.as per revelation: Paul wanted them to know, “I'm not making this up. This is not my invention. God gave meEpiphanyand I am but your messenger of this truth.” Paul was having trouble keeping this secret, so he probably wouldn't have made it up.

You Indeed, it is amazing that God made a Hebrew of the Hebrews, a Pharisee and a persecutor of the church, the supreme minister of the mystery, the mystery of the work of the gospel in uniting Jews and Gentiles in one new body. .

F.He revealed the secret to me: The principle that Paul will describe is aSecret, but it is known. However, they would never have known if God hadn't done it.known.

you" In English, a 'mystery' is something dark, obscure, secret, enigmatic. What is "mysterious" is inexplicable, even incomprehensible. the Greek wordSecrethowever, it is different. Although it remains a "secret", it is no longer closely guarded, but open ... Simply put,Secretit is a truth hitherto hidden from human knowledge or understanding, but has now been revealed by the revelation of God.” (Stott)

Gramm.He revealed the secret to me: Paul did not hesitate to confirm that he had received the mystery he was about to revealthrough revelation. but it wasn't givenJust himthrough revelation. It was also given to Peter explicitly by revelation (Acts 11:1-18) and is consistent with Old Testament prophecies (such as Isaiah 49:6) and the specific words of Jesus (Acts 1:8).

You However, it appears that God used Paul to explain specifically how Jews and Gentiles would unite in one body of Christ. This has been alluded to by others, but only detailed by the Apocalypse of Paul. Paul was confident that his readers would understand what God had revealed to him.

H.it was not made known to the sons of men as it is now revealed: The essence of the union of Jews and Gentiles in this new body is the aspect thatundisclosed. In the Old Testament the salvation of the Gentiles is prophesied in the Messiah, the union of Jews and Gentiles in the church is never mentioned.

2. (6-7) The mystery described.

That the Gentiles might be joint heirs of the same body and partakers of his promise in Christ through the gospel, of which I was made a minister according to the gift of God's grace given to me by the working of his grace.

A.That the Gentiles are joint heirs of the same body: This describes the mystery itself, that believing Jews and believing Gentiles are united in one body of Christ, in one church, and are no longer separated before God as such.

B.partakers of his promise in Christ: The truth of this mystery means that the Gentiles are now filledparticipants in his promise. This was a privilege no longer reserved for the devout Jew.

C.through the gospel: This could just happenthrough the gospel, where all people have an equal position in Jesus. Because of this gospel, Paul is a servantgiven the gift of gracehim by the power of God.

you Paulo say you are aMinister, but this is a service title, not a promotion title. In the classical literature of ancient Greece, theMinister(deacons) "is a waiter who is always there for his guests". (Wood)

3. (8-9) Paul's presentation of the mystery.

I, who am least of all saints, have received this grace to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to let all see whatesthe fellowship of the mystery hidden from the beginning of time in God, who created all things through Jesus Christ;

A.For me who am less than the least of all saints: Paul marveled at theGraciagiven by which he was called to preach the gospel which accomplishes the mystery. When we look at Paul's personal history, we see what his vocation was really all about.Gracia.

you “But although Paul was so grateful for his craft, its success greatly humbled him. The fuller a container gets, the deeper it sinks into the water. An abundance of grace is a cure for pride." (spurge)

ii. “Preachers need to grow in grace, for their very calling gives them a great advantage, as they are required to search the Scriptures and pray much. It is a chosen mercy that we are permitted to preach the gospel. I wish some of you would be ambitious as serious preachers are needed." (spurge)

B.what should i preach: The ancient Greek word is translated as “preachingliterally means "to proclaim the good news". Pablosermonhe was simply announcing the good news of what God had done in Jesus.

C.The unsearchable riches of Christ: This secret is how coolActivefor the heathen. Now they can stand before God in a position they could only dream of before.

you Paul was trying to understand the greatness of God's grace and began to pursue it as one follows the shore of a lake. He soon discovered that it was not a lake but an ocean, an immense sea. God's riches are unsearchable; we will never know them fully.

ii. “I dare say that my Master's riches of grace are so unsearchable, that He delights to forgive and forget enormous sins; the greater the sin, the more glory be given to his grace. If you have a lot of debt, then he is rich enough to fulfill his obligations. If you are outside the gates of hell, he can pluck you from the mouth of destruction. (foam)

D.For all to see what the Brotherhood of Mystery is: Paul, to whom such riches were entrusted, should make this gospel knownno. He wants everyone to see and share his communitySecret- o ASecretprecisely because it was unknown and unknowable until God revealed it.

mi.Brotherhood of Mystery: We must carefully consider what this expression means. It shows that these are not just facts to be known, but a life to be lived, united in Jesus with other believers, with none of the divisions that existed between Jews and Gentiles.

F.hidden in God since the beginning of time: This great truth – themystery community- Noescondidobefore being revealed after the finished work of Jesus on the cross. This reinforces the idea that there really is somethingneuin the New Covenant, and that it is wrong simply to regard Israel as the Old Testament Church and the Church as New Testament Israel.

you “This statement settles once and for all the question of the existence of the church, the body of Christ, during the Old Testament dispensations. However, one of the most widely held beliefs is that the church has existed from the beginning of creation and that the words of promise in the prophetic word of the Old Testament are the promises of the church and its glorious future on earth when it rules over the nations. .” (Gaebelin)

4. (10-12) The purpose of the mystery.

That the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the princes and authorities in heaven.put, according to the eternal purpose which he wrought in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom, through faith in him, we have assurance and confident access.

A.So that the manifold wisdom of God may be known: God is a being of infinite wisdom and glory, and he wants his creatures to be his great andmultiple wisdom. One of the purposes of His grand plan of the ages is to reveal this wisdom.

you If we understand the disposition of God, we can say that this is not for aselfishÖglorifiedWhich is why we think of the proud man who shows everyone his intelligence and accomplishments. God does this for his glorycreatures, because the glory of the creature is directly related to the glory of the creatureThe creator.

ii. this wisdom isCollector. the ancient Greek wordHalbjungeit has the ideas of intricacy, intricacy and great beauty. "There's plenty of weird variety in this, as you can see in the best images or textures." (catch)

iii. Alsohe mustmake yourself known. Dean Alford points to these wordscould be made knownare emphatic and stand in stark contrast to the idea ofescondidoin Ephesians 3:9.

B.Could be made known by the Church to principalities and powers: That explainswithGod will reveal his wisdom, andfor theHe reveals. he will tellvonyour work inChurch, and He will reveal itAEnglish (principalities and powers).

you Of course, God also wants to reveal this wisdom to the church. In general, however, God does not use angels to reveal His wisdom to saints, but He uses saints to reveal His wisdom to angelic beings, both faithful and fallen angels. It reminds us that we are called to something far greater than our own individual salvation and sanctification. We are called to be the means by which God teaches the universe a lesson, and a beautiful one at that.

ii. We are surrounded by invisible spirits who are watching us closely. Here Paul pulls back the invisible veil that hides these beings, just as Elisha prayed in Dothan,Lord, I pray that You'll open her eyes so she can see(2 Kings 6:17). These angelic beings see us perfectly and know us much better than we know them.

iii. "So what do you have to study?of us? Oh, they must learn something that will make them look at us with amazement and admiration. They see in us all our weaknesses and all our sins. But they see a nature torn to pieces within itself, still made in the image of its God and ours. And they see this God working in this wreck to bring about results that are not just wonderful in themselves, but doubly wonderful because of the conditions.” (Mühle)

IV “In his immortality, never touched by a drop of our cold river, it is instructive beyond measure for him to behold his God in sacrifice in the fire of martyrdom, or in the torture of cancer over the pain and triumphs of death. , or in shipwreck, or just in silent amazement at every form of our departure from the body... You see these fallen and mortal beings, this community of the lost and the saved, not just standing here on earth doing for God, but being present spiritually. with Him in the holy of holies above.” (Mühle)

v. Sometimes Christians have this crazy idea that God saved them and is working in their lives because, somehow, they're great people. Angels sense this. We may think it's up to us; Angels know best. We may think that our lives are small and insignificant; Angels know best. We may doubt our high station, sitting in heavenly places; the angels see this spiritual reality with their eyes wide open.

visa. "It's like a great drama being enacted. The story is the theater, the world is the stage, and Church members in every country are the actors. God Himself wrote, directed, and produced the play. Act by act, scene by scene , the story unfolds. But who are the viewers? They are the cosmic intelligences,principalities and powers in heavenly places.“ (Stott)

vii. “Angels are instructed in the wisdom of God…by the fact that the great spiritual body which is in Christ, whom they behold, and which is for themTheater of the Glory of God.” (Alford) “Christian church history becomes a graduate school for angels.” (Stott cites Mackay)

C.To principalities and powers in heavenly places: This means that angelic beings areinterestedjdependentfor the Christian life. This is why the conduct of the church is so important: because angelic and demonic beings are watching, and God's purpose is to teach them through us. Several passages refer to him:

·Therefore, because of the angels, a woman must have a symbol of authority on her head.(1 Corinthians 11:10).

·The things that are now being announced to you by those who preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven; Things that angels look at anxiously(1 Pedro 1:12).

·I challenge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the chosen angels to keep these things without prejudice and do nothing with prejudice.(1. Timothy 5:21).

you We must take this responsibility seriously, for angels have the responsibility to bring souls to heaven at death (Luke 16:22) and are the reapers of the last harvest (Matthew 13:39-43).

ii. "And finally, what do some of you think the angels ofThey arego and talk Well, I guess you don't care for her very much, but you should. For who but the angels will be the reapers at the end, and who but they will accompany our spirits across the last dark stream? Who but they will bring our spirit into the bosom of the Father like that of Lazarus? We certainly shouldn't belittle them." (spurge)

iii. “O converts, do not ignore the Word of God; Do not forget the work of God in your own soul! The angels want to investigate these things. you're looking at her (foam)

IV. A common interpretation today sees theprincipalities and powerssuch as modern political states and economic structures. The idea is that the Church is first and foremost a witness for them and must redeem governments and social structures through its witness. But Paul specifically wrote that thisprincipalities and powersSohnin heavenly places, not in earthly places.

D.According to the eternal purpose that He fulfilled: The mystery reveals and promotes the will of Godmeta eternain Jesus, previously described in Ephesians 1:10 - that God will gather (essentially sum up or establish) all things in Jesus in the fullness of time.

you The mystery of the united body of Christ isafterto this end. It is a foretaste of what Jesus will do in the end, summing up all things in himself.

ii. “The church thus appears as God's pilot project for the reconciled universe of the future, the mystery of God's willto be administered in the fullness of timeSethings in heaven and things on earththey are gathered together in Christ.” (Bruce)

mi.that he fulfills: In a sense, Paul can say that this eternal purpose already existsaccomplished. Its fulfillment is certain (as the early work of uniting Jews and Gentiles in Jesus shows), so that it can be said to have already been accomplished.

F.for believing in Him: The fact of this unity is shown by the truth thatus(Jews and Gentiles together) have the same thingperiod,Access, jTrustbefore God because it has nothing to do with national or ethnic identity, only withbelieve him(Jesus).

you the word forperiodIt has the idea of ​​"Freedom of Expression". We are free to express ourselves before God without fear or shame. "The Greek word 'parrhesia', translated as 'courage', actually means 'free speech', that is, the speaking of all. It is the blessed privilege of prayer." (Gaebelin)

ii. Divisions in the church were not always between Jews and Gentiles. Reformers spoke out against the division between "clergy" and "laity", and the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers insisted that all had equal access to God.

5. (13) Paul's actual personal participation in the mystery.

Therefore, I ask you not to be discouraged by my tribulations for you who are your glory.

A.That's why I ask you not to be discouraged: Although Paul was arrested for the gospel, he urged his readers not to do solost heart. Paul did not want to discourage themThey areGood, because Paul was still being used in the ministry of God's eternal plan.

B.my affliction for you: Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians from prison, and it is helpful to remember why Paul was in prison. He lived his whole life with a passion to bring salvation to his own people, the Jews (Romans 9:1-3). On a strategic visit to Jerusalem, he had the opportunity to preach to a large crowd on or near the Temple Mount (Acts 21:39-22:22), but the opportunity ended in disaster because the Jewish crowd realized they might not take it. the good news of the Messiah spread among the Gentiles (Acts 22:21-22). The ensuing turmoil placed Paul in a legal quandary, from which he exercised his rights as a Roman citizen and turned to Caesar. Now, Paul was imprisoned in Rome awaiting his trial before Caesar, and there he was there because he knew that God wanted the Gentiles to share the good news of the Messiah, and he was not afraid to preach that truth.

C.what is your glory: Paul was used, and probably in a bigger way than he ever imagined. This Roman captivity produced the Epistles of Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and Philemon. Everyone certainly has a place in God's eternal plan.

you Likewise, each of us has a place in the service of God's eternal plan. Knowing this and working towards it is a great safeguard against discouragement in the midst of tribulation.

B. Paul prays in the light of the mystery.

1. (14-15) Introduction to prayer.

Therefore, I kneel before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is all the families in heaven and on earth,

A.For this reason: The basis of Paul's prayer was his knowledge of God's purpose. This means that he confidently prayed according to God's will. We cannot pray effectively unless we understand God's purpose and will.

B.I bend my knees: Paul prayed kneeling. This attitude of extreme humility contrasted with the more normal attitude of prayer in this culture of praying standing with hands raised.

you The humility came as he pondered God's great eternal plan, his place in that plan, and how God's work was unstoppable even while Paul was in prison.

ii. Solomon prayed on his knees (1 Kings 8:54). Ezra prayed on his knees (Ezra 9:5). The psalmist called us to our knees (Psalm 95:6). Daniel prayed on his knees (Daniel 6:10). People came to Jesus on their knees (Matthew 17:14, Matthew 20:20 and Mark 1:40). Stephen prayed on his knees (Acts 7:60). Peter prayed on his knees (Acts 9:40). Paul prayed on his knees (Acts 20:36), and other early Christians prayed on their knees (Acts 21:5). Most importantly, Jesus prayed on his knees (Luke 22:41). The Bible has enough prayerNOon your knees to show us that it's not necessary, but there's also plenty of prayerEmKneel down to show us he's good.

iii. Adam Clarke saw a connection between Solomon's kneeling prayer at the dedication of the temple and Paul's kneeling prayer here. "Many parts of this prayer bear a close resemblance to that offered by Solomon at the dedication of the temple... The apostle now dedicated the Christian church."

C.To the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ: Paul prepared his prayerpater, who poses as a "planner" among the members of the Trinity. The Bible often prays forthe father, through the Son, through the empowerment and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

D.after which every family in heaven and earth is named: By remembering that the whole family of God bears his name, Paul showed that he was quite concerned about this notion of the essential unity of the body of Christ. God is Father of both Jews and Gentiles.

you Charles Spurgeon gave a moving sermon on this verse titled:Saints in Heaven and on Earth One Family. In it he developed the idea that we are one with our brothers and sisters in heaven and how this enriches our hope in heaven.

ii. Some commentators suggest that Paul is referring to the heavenly families in terms of angelic families. “May the holy angels not be spiritually boundThe familyeven if they don't get married or are going to get married? (Alford)

2. (16-19) Paul prays again for the Ephesians.

According to the riches of his glory, may he grant you to be strengthened in the inner man by his Spirit with power, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; so that you, rooted and grounded in love, can understand something with all the saintsesthe width and the length and the depth and the height; to know the love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

A.be strengthened with power by his spirit in the inner man: Paulo asked them tobe strengthened with power, and that the force would beaccording to the riches of his glory(a more generous measure). He also prayed for strength.through the Holy Spiritand that would be placed in yourinner human.

you there is ainner humanas real as our physical body. We all understand the importance of strength in our physical bodies, but many are extremely weak physically.inner human.

ii.According to the riches of his glory: “It would be a pity for areio einsedelgive no more than onedoes everythingo einsbauer. God acts from the height of the dignity of his infinite perfection; he givesafterforActivedelegloria.“ (Clark)

B.By faith, let Christ dwell in your hearts: Paul asked Jesus to live in these believers, just as Jesus promised in John 14:23:If someone loves me, my word will be kept; and my father will love him, and we will come to him and dwell with him.

you Two ancient Greek words convey the idea of ​​"dwelling." One has the idea of ​​living in a place as a stranger and the other has the idea of ​​settling in a place to make it their permanent home.stayuses the ancient Greek word forpermanent housing. Jesus wants to settle into your heart and not just visit you as a stranger.

ii. The inward glory of Jesus is something we know and must know by faith. It's there for us, but it must be understoodby faith. “You have your Bible and your knees; use them, use them." (Carr John Glynn, Sponsor of H.C.G. Moule)

iii. We need spiritual strength to let Christ dwell in us, because that's something in us.resiststhe influence of Jesus who dwells in us. That something can be gained when the Spirit of God gives us the victory of faith.

C.To be rooted and grounded in love: Paul asked that all this happen the way they didrooted and grounded in love. The meaning seems to be, that they should be rooted and grounded in their love for one another, rather than rooted and grounded in their love for God, and the knowledge of that love.

you “Two terms are used: 'rooted', as a living tree that clings to the ground, twines itself in the rocks, and cannot be felled; never crack or fail in the future due to foundation failure.” (Wolfsmilch)

D.I can understand that with all the saints: Paulo asked that together in the community they could understand all the dimensions of Jesus' love. Paul wanted them to know by experience and not just by words.

you "In this regard, you and I can be smart. If we don't know anything about mathematics, may we be well-trained scholars in this spiritual geometry and be able to understand the breadth and extent of Jesus' precious love." - Spurge

mi.What is the width and length and depth and height: This means that Jesus has lovedimensionsand what can beMeasured.

you “Unfortunately, for many religious people, the love of Jesus is nothing solid and substantial: it is a beautiful fiction, a sentimental belief, a formal theory, but for Paul it was a real, substantial and measurable fact; He had seen it this way and that way and obviously it was real to him, no matter what it might be to others.

ii. Jesus' love hasancho. You can see how wide a river is by looking at how much it covers. God's river of love is so wide that it covers my sin and covers all the circumstances of my life so that all things work together for good. When I doubt his forgiveness or providence, I limit the powerful flow of God's love. His love is as big as the world:Because God so loved the world(João 3:16).

iii. “Some of them seem so concerned with height and length that they deny breadth, and listening to them you would think that Christ came into the world to save half a dozen and that they saved five of them. ... Exit to your narrowness! There will be more to heaven than we expect to see there; and there will be some with whom we had very little pleasant fellowship on earth, who had fellowship with Christ, and who will therefore be taken to dwell with him forever.

IV. Jesus' love hasLongo. As you consider the duration of God's love, ask yourself, "When did God's love for me begin? How long will it last?" These truths measureLongoof God's love.Yes I loved you with an everlasting love(Jeremiah 31:3).

v. Jesus' love hasdepth. Philippians 2:7-8 tells us how deep Jesus' love is:but he emptied himself and took the form of a servant in the likeness of men. And being in the condition of a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross.You cannot go deeper thandeath on the cross, and so deep is the love of Jesus for us.

visa. Jesus' love hasHeight. To see the heights of God's love, ask yourself, "How high does this lift me?" He lifts me up to heavenly places where I sit with Christ. He hasraised us up with him and made us sit together with Christ Jesus in heavenly places(Ephesians 2:6).

vii. we really canto understandANDWidth and length and depth and heightof God's love? To understand the dimensions of God's love, we must come to the cross. The cross pointed in four directions, essentially in all directions, because...

·God's love is broad enough to include everyone.

·God's love is long enough to last for eternity.

·God's love is deep enough to reach the worst of sinners.

·God's love is big enough to take us to heaven.

F.Know the Love of Christ: Paulo wrote something that we cansabre. This is not speculation, conjecture, emotion or feeling. that's something forsabre.

you “One of these philosophers kindly says that religion is a matter of belief; not knowledge. This is in stark contrast to all the teachings of Scripture.” (Wolfsmilch)

Gramm.That you may be filled with all the fullness of God: Paul asked God to fill these Christiansbisall the fullness of God. The wordbisis a better translation than the wordswindler. Paul wanted Christians to experience life in Jesus Christ, the fullness of God (Colossians 2:9) and be filled to the fullest by Jesus, just as God is filled to the fullest in His own character and attributes.

you “Of all the great words in this prayer, this is the greatest. be fullWith Godit's a great thing; Perhapsfull ofCOMPLETEGod'sit is even greater; but, becompleteNOthe fullness of Godconfuses the senses and confuses the mind.” (Clark)

3. (20-21) Uma gloriosa doxology.

And to Him who is able to do all things more abundantly than we ask or understand, according to the power that works in usto beGlory in the church in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

A.And to Him who is able to do all things more abundantly than we ask or understand: How did Paul reach this great height (what can be greater than that)?fullness of god?), it is logical to ask how this can be possible. How can something so high come true? This can only happen because God is able to do much more than that.ask or think.

you This doxology belongs not only to the preceding prayer, but also to all the glorious virtues and blessings discussed in the first three chapters. WHOHe canlet things like that happen? Only God can do this because He is far beyond our ability to think or question.

ii. Paul says that God is able to do all thingsusask or think DerusThat included Paul and the other apostles, and they certainly knew that Jesus could do great things.

·You can ask for all the good you've experienced, God can do it.aboveThat's it.

·You can think or imagine things beyond your experience: God can do itaboveThat's it.

·Can you imagine good things you can't name - God can do itaboveThat's it.

iii. Spurgeon in Phraseextremely abundant: “He constructed his own expression here in Greek. No language was powerful enough for the apostle, I mean the Holy Spirit spoke through the apostle, for many times Paul had to coin words and phrases to convey his meaning, and here is one: "He is much more powerful to do .abundant, so abundant that it transcends measure and description.” (spurge)

IV. “Therefore he is mighty to do all things, and mighty toabundant above the greatest abundance.“ (Clark)

B.For the power that works in us: God can do this in our lives now, not from heaven. OThe power... works in usNow.

you The things Paul prayed for in the previous verses (spiritual strength, the indwelling of Jesus, an experimental knowledge of God's love and the fullness of God) belong to us as children of God. However, they must be received through the prayer of faith and can be encouraged in the lives of others through our prayers for them.

C.To him be glory in the church through Jesus Christ: The only right answer to this great God is to give Him glory, especially in the church, the company of His redeemed ones, and let Him receive that glory.at all times, world without end- Amen!

you When the church understands and lives in God's eternal purpose, God will be glorified and the church will fulfill its important duty to simply glorify God.

ii. "But the apostle thought that he should not say, 'To Him be the glory in my soul. He desired this, but his one soul did not give him room enough, so he cried out "Glory to him."at churchH.' Call all God's people to praise the divine name." (spurge)

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Being rooted and grounded in love: Paul asked that all this would take place as they were rooted and grounded in love. The meaning seems to be that they should be rooted and grounded in their love for one another, more than being rooted and grounded in their love for God and the knowledge of that love.

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Chapter 3 begins the transition from a Christian understanding of salvation, grace, and the power of Christ into a practical guide for Christian living. To make the transition, in this chapter, Paul refers to his own calling by God and prays for the spiritual strength of the Ephesian church.

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These pieces are described in Ephesians as follows: loins girt with truth (belt of truth), breastplate of righteousness, shoes with the preparation of the gospel of peace (peace), shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit/word of God.

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Ephesians 3:20 goes on to express the magnitude of God's can-do ability as “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” Not just “above,” not just “exceeding above”—God can do “exceeding abundantly above” all that we ask or think, when we ask and think according to what He has promised in His Word!

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The armor of God represents the defense we must take in our spiritual lives. The Bible tells us that we are fighting a war against Satan, who seeks to destroy us. Therefore, we must take action and put on God's armor. As Christians, it is important for us to understand the severity of this battle.

What are the 3 gifts of the Holy Spirit? ›

St. Thomas Aquinas says that four of these gifts (wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and counsel) direct the intellect, while the other three gifts (fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord) direct the will toward God.

What does it mean that God will guard your heart? ›

The Lord means for us to guard our hearts by filtering our emotions, desires, thoughts, and responses through his Word. He is the watchman that protects our souls.

What does it mean to worship God with all your heart? ›

The answer is perfectly simple, and simply perfect. Jesus Christ taught: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” ( John 14:15) To love God with all of our hearts, we use our time, energy, talents and resources to keep His commandments. I invite you to reflect on how you use your time, energy, talents and resources.

What does exceedingly abundantly above all mean? ›

It doesn't say simply that God is able to do anything that we ask or think. It says specifically that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. As in, we can't possibly begin to ask or think all that God is able to do. We ask of God so often with certain answers of “yes” or “no” in mind.

How can we apply Ephesians in our life? ›

Part Two: Jacob's Ladder Bible Study on Ephesians 1
  1. Knowing who you are in Christ.
  2. Stop condemning yourself.
  3. Know that you are unconditionally loved.
  4. You have God's grace – accept it!
  5. Blessed to be a blessing.
  6. Embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  7. Church leaders – be encouraged.
  8. Go out and spread the Word.

What is the meaning of Ephesians? ›

Kids Definition

Ephesians. noun. Ephe·​sians i-ˈfē-zhənz. : a letter addressed to early Christians and included as a book in the New Testament see bible.

Why is Ephesus so important? ›

The city of Ephesus was one of the largest and most important cities in the ancient Mediterranean world, lying on the western coast of Asia Minor (in modern day Turkey). It was one of the oldest Greek settlements on the Aegean Sea, and later the provincial seat of Roman government in Asia.

What is unique about Ephesus? ›

Ephesus is home to one of the seven wonders

However, its most famous site – the Temple of Artemis – was constructed in the sixth century B.C. The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This temple is dedicated to an ancient, local form of the goddess Artemis.

Why did Ephesus fall? ›

In the sixth and seventh centuries A.D., a massive earthquake and the harbor's continuing decline left Ephesus a shell of the city it used to be, and Arab invasions forced most of the population of Ephesus to flee and start a new settlement.

How do you seek God with your whole heart? ›

When Jesus gave His life for us on that cross, when God prioritized our salvation above everything else, it wasn't for us to make Him a side thought. But for us to surrender our lives to Him and embrace the one He has for us. This is how we seek God with our whole heart. By living for Him alone.

What is the difference between soul and spirit? ›

Your soul speaks of your inner-life in relation to your own experience: your mind, heart, will, and imagination. It also includes your thoughts, desires, passions, and dreams. But your spirit speaks of the same inner-life in relation to God: your faith, hope, love, character, and perseverance.

How do you serve the Lord with all your heart? ›

We can serve with our heart by showing love and kindness to others. We care about what others need. When we serve cheerfully, we are serving with our heart.

What does it mean to bind love and faithfulness around your neck? ›

Generally, if you are loving and true, you will be favored and successful. 3Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart. 4So you will find favor and good success.

What is the message of Ephesians 3 1 12? ›

The need for unity and equality continues to paralyze both the human family and the Church. In Ephesians 3: 1-12 the believer is confronted by the apostle Paul's prayer for the Church to be open to the mystery, power, and a new form of identity believers share in Christ Jesus.

What does Ephesians 3 2 mean? ›

Only God's divine grace saved Paul, and only God's divine grace causes the family of the church to grow. Even angels are learning more about the mysteries of God as they observe Him working through His church.

What does Paul teach about church in Ephesians? ›

The epistle of Ephesians speaks about the love story between God and his Church for the last 2000 years, and that story reveals that Christ did not only give himself for the Church, but he also gave various gifts (4:8-11) so that the Church would come to a place of maturity and fullness (4:12-16).

What is the spiritual significance of feet? ›

According to many myths, metaphors and symbols for the foot also represent life-spending fertility, eroticism, and sexuality. But nevertheless the foot is also a symbol of respect, reverence, and subservience, feet washing and anointing is an act of humility and love.

What do shoes symbolize in the Bible? ›

Our first source of information concerning the shoe is the Bible. Here the shoe partakes of the character of the profane, symbolizing the Earthly in contrast with the Holy. thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground', is the command to Moses (Exod.

What are the souls of the feet? ›

The sole is the bottom of the foot. In humans the sole of the foot is anatomically referred to as the plantar aspect.

Why is the breastplate of righteousness? ›

So, why does Paul call it the breastplate of righteousness? If we do not protect ourselves with righteousness, we open ourselves up to attack from the enemy and can fall into sin. To be righteous means to obey God's commandments and live in a way that is honorable to Him.

What does stand firm in the Lord mean? ›

Standing firm in the Lord is done by putting on the full armor of God. In these verses, this includes filling your life with truthfulness, righteousness, peace and faith. To put on the full armor of God you must include him in all you do.

Is prayer part of the armor of God? ›

At the end of the armor of God passage in Ephesians 6, Paul adds that we should be praying always. In verse 18, he says, “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keen on praying for all the Lord's people.”

What is the most important gift of the Holy Spirit? ›

Wisdom. Wisdom is considered the first and the greatest of the gifts. It acts upon both the intellect and the will. According to St. Bernard, it both illumines the mind and instills an attraction to the divine.

How does the Holy Spirit speak to us? ›

The voice of the Spirit is described in the scriptures as being neither loud nor harsh, not a voice of thunder, neither a voice of great tumultuous noise, but rather as still and small, of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it can pierce even the very soul and cause the heart to burn.

What is the difference between spiritual gifts and gifts of the Spirit? ›

Spiritual gifts are blessings or abilities given by God to His children through the power of the Holy Ghost. Gifts of the Spirit are given to bless and benefit those who love the Lord and seek to keep His commandments.

How do I guard my heart spiritually? ›

If we want to guard and protect our hearts from sexual sin, we have to focus on three spiritual things:
  1. Know Your Identity. First, we have to accept our identity in Christ. ...
  2. Know The Power Your Have Been Given. Second, we have to accept the authority God has given us. ...
  3. Pursue True Identity. ...
  4. Get Honest. ...
  5. Seek Accountability.
Oct 11, 2020

What does the heart represent spiritually? ›

The heart is the locus of physical and spiritual being, and represents the "central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason" (Cooper, 82). It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex. It is a symbol for love. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection.

What is the difference between heart soul and mind? ›

The mind will listen to your thinking process & surrounding situations. The heart will listen to your inner voice & in favor of you. The soul will listen to only reality, the truth.

What is spiritual heart in the Bible? ›

In the Bible the heart is considered the seat of life or strength. Hence, it means mind, soul, spirit, or one's entire emotional nature and understanding.

How does God see my heart? ›

The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Might this be the deepest spiritual truth hidden in the story of young David's anointment as king?

What does all the fullness of God mean? ›

Living out the fullness of God is simply living out what already dwells inside of you. Metaphorically, you have access to the deep end of the swimming pool, you just need to make your way over to it. The moment Jesus brings us from death to life, we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

What is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding? ›

That means that no matter our circumstances, whether we are facing death, torture, arrest, or ridicule, we'll be able to handle it in stride. Our faith in God dispels fear and conquers the evil one, leaving us content in whatever life brings.

What does God bless you abundantly mean? ›

It means God will bless you with all things that you should have to enjoy abundant life. Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10). The blessing of the Lord will make sure that you lack no good thing (Psalm 34:10) as you seek Him. Secondly, God will bless you at all times.

Is Ephesians 3 a prayer? ›

At its simplest Paul is simply praying that the Christians in Ephesus will know God's power and love in their lives, and that they will grasp how much Christ loves them.

What is Ephesians 3 14 21 about? ›

Paul concludes his description of our identity in Ephesians 3:14-21 by teaching that we have been strengthened in Christ. God wants you to know that you have strength. We can feel so weak in our Christian walk but God wants you to know the strength that is accessible to you.

What is the mystery in Ephesians 1 3? ›

A third blessing refers to God's disclosure of “the mystery of his will” and his plan “to sum up all things in him [Christ]” (1:8-10). The word “mystery” refers to what God had purposed but yet kept secret in earlier times.

What does each piece of armor of God mean? ›

The armor of God represents the defense we must take in our spiritual lives. The Bible tells us that we are fighting a war against Satan, who seeks to destroy us. Therefore, we must take action and put on God's armor. As Christians, it is important for us to understand the severity of this battle.

What does it mean to guard your heart and mind? ›

The Lord means for us to guard our hearts by filtering our emotions, desires, thoughts, and responses through his Word. He is the watchman that protects our souls.

How to pray Ephesians 3? ›

I'm praying for right now for Your glory in Your Church, for Your glory in Christ throughout all generations, forever and ever. In Jesus' name I pray and intercede for my brother and sister right now. In Jesus' name I pray Ephesians 3:14–21 over them. Amen.

What are the 3 three expressions of prayer? ›

2721 The Christian tradition comprises three major expressions of the life of prayer: vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplative prayer. They have in common the recollection of the heart.

What is the prayer in Ephesians 3 14 19? ›

When I think of all this, I fall to my knees and pray to the Father, the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth. I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him.

What is the commentary on ephesian 3 14 19? ›

The Spirit and Christ Himself must powerfully dwell in the inward man, even in the heart of the believer. This then was the foundational petition of the apostle — he entreated God that we his readers, believers in Christ, would increasingly experience the powerful presence of Christ and the Spirit in our lives.

What is the commentary on Ephesians 3 16 19? ›

Christ is not just temporarily dwelling in our hearts but He is there to stay. Christ wants to fill us with God's presence. We will need to have our lives cleansed by the Spirit before Christ will dwell in our hearts. Here we see that God strengthens our inner spirit through the power given to us by the Holy Spirit.

What is the sermon in Ephesians 3 17? ›

ESV so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, NIV so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.

What is the greatest mystery of God? ›

For Christians, Christ is the great mystery. Human in every way, he is at the same time God come among us. To know Jesus is to know God. We can also describe the Church and its sacraments as mystery, because they are tangible realities infused with a hidden presence and action of God.

What is the mystery of the three Persons in one God? ›

The Father did not become the Son and then the Holy Spirit. Instead, there have always been and always will be three distinct persons in the Godhead. The Trinity is not a contradiction because God is not three in the same way that He is one. God is one in essence, three in Person.

What is the mystery of God in Ephesians? ›

So, in its fullest sense, “the mystery of God” is His “plan of salvation through Jesus.” We would never have been able to “understand” the way to eternal life without the coming of Jesus, and His “death” “burial,” and "resurrection.” And as Father's “Protégé,'” He's our “living,” “reigning” and “returning” “Lord” and “ ...


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