A commitment to the constitution: its messages (2023)

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“We the people” must be constantly vigilant to ensure that our Constitutional rights are respected!
A & J-CA

I will not trade my freedom for security.
Abdul - Georgia

I firmly believe that we must take back our freedoms, thank you... great PSA...
Abel - New Jersey

We must avoid destruction while trying to protect our Constitution. Fear should not replace our common sense.

Without our inalienable, constitutional rights, we would lose our humanity.
Abolghassem - HI

Freedom may not be free, but that's what this country is all about.
Abraham - Nova York

My name is Abraham and I am a third year medical student at the University of Illinois School of Medicine. I strongly support those who defend the Constitution and oppose those who violate it. Our current policy must obey the Constitution because this country was founded on it!
Abraham H-IL

Without our rights and responsibilities under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, we would be proof that we are no longer citizens of the United States, and without a citizen, the country and its idealism would die.
to dance

This will be the land of the free. Equality and freedom for all, which means that no one is treated as a second-class citizen. Racial/religious profiling continues to violate our fundamental rights.

If we don't protect our freedoms, Osama bin Laden will have won the war...
Adriana - MA

I refuse to let the ignorance of others dictate the way I live my life. Have the courage to defend freedom.
Adriana - CA

Complete, clear, and unsullied freedom for all who live on the shores of our great nation.
Ahmad - MI

If we change our way of life, we will lose to terrorists.

When we traded our civil liberties for false protection, the enemy won.

"...I will maintain and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies at home and abroad..."
Alan - M.A.

The end of FEAR's reign is ten years: Restoration of the Republic and Bill of Rights. Complete Endless Wars NOW
Alan - New York

John, Lord Acton said, "The surest test by which we can judge whether a country is truly free is the degree of security enjoyed by minorities." It's time to watch out, America!
Alan - Florida

Let's help eradicate the poisoning of people's minds, their lives, their freedom and replace everything that people like us know is important: LOVE and PEACE.

True freedom comes when we stand up for our principles when they are challenged.
Alan - CA

We must continue to defend the right to religious freedom and racial and gender justice. Keeping the ACLU strong is a big part of that.

Why should we ask our children to fight for other nations' freedoms while we are losing our freedoms here at home? The price of freedom is blood.
Alan - New York

I consider the ACLU to be the leading organization in America that defends the freedoms we all enjoy. They always come to help the little one.
Albert - New Jersey

If you don't start listening to us and keep your oath of office, you will be fired±

There are already MANY Native American terrorists (hat) subverting, ignoring, defying and destroying our Constitution. I feel like MY America is already dead and luckily I probably will be soon too.

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Alberta-New York

I saw our country win the freedom that our soldiers, myself included, fought for. i will not live in fear
Aldora - SMALL

On this day we must remember those brave people who gave their lives to save so many others. Our hearts are with their families.

9/11 exposed an inconvenient vulnerability in the United States. We rightly react and exaggerate to this feeling of unease. That was just human. But constantly using the memory of that catastrophe as an excuse to hide behind hatred and anger is simply inhumane.
Alexander-Nova York

Since September 11, 2001, I have wanted to negotiate peace in a non-violent and transparent way. I believe this is essential to preserving the ideals on which this nation was founded.
Alexandra - Nova York

Now more than ever, we all need to be vigilant, protect our freedoms from within, not back down or look the other way when the far right does everything it can to throw away our freedoms.
Alexandra - CA

Alexis - Florida

Our republic was founded on civil liberties.
Alice - New York

Safe? Not at the price of giving up our principles.
Alice - CA

We must not give up our democratic values ​​because of 9/11. We must remain strong in our fight for civil liberties and justice for all.
Alice - CA

Defend your freedom.
Alice - NC

It is not worth protecting a country without freedom.

I want to live in an America that follows and upholds the Constitution. We must be free and not let fear guide us. Our government must always respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Alan - CA

To those who say, "My country, good or bad," I say that we must only do what is right according to our constitution.
Alan - MI

Our strength and resilience require a commitment to our values.

We are actually migrating because of these government abuses. Goodbye America! If people don't step up, there will be no America in 20 years.
Allison - Nova York

With freedom comes responsibility. It is the responsibility of our leaders to honor that freedom.
Allison - Nova York

A new revolution is needed to take back our freedom! resist oppression!

Please repeal the Patriot Act! It does nothing but allow the government to spy on us! GET RID OF IT!

We can prevent future terrorist attacks at home and abroad by taking action against anyone who commits such acts. Profiling race and religion is not the answer. Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were white American Christians involved in the Oklahoma City bombings. We must end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and, yes, Libya and stop starting unnecessary wars, and we must not interfere in the affairs of other nations.
Amal - TI

I believe that our world has been torn down and is still falling apart and for our children we must rebuild this world before it is too late.
Amanda - New York

9/11 was a day of tragedy that could have united the world against terrorism. Instead, it was used as a power grip in every way. Now, more than ever, I understand the value of our freedoms and protection. The American people lost much more than their innocence on 9/11.
Amber - identification

Standing like sheep in the pasture with others around us is easy. To be the few voices out there, no fear, just courage, that's what makes us Americans. We have the power to say enough is enough, and I intend to fight and scream every step of the way to preserve what little of America I've witnessed. 22 and ambitious.
Bernstein - TX

9/11 was a horrible incident, not only did I feel like a crime against humanity, but I also realized that my faith had been hijacked.
America - CA

Since we gave up our civil liberties, I can honestly say that the terrorists got exactly what they wanted.
Amy - CO

We are rebuilding!!! And always remember. ... #Remember911 #URinOURhearts #NYC #flight93 #pentagon #USA

What can I do next?
André - M.A.

Instead of undermining civil liberties on behalf of the victims of 9/11, we should truly honor them by providing comprehensive medical care to first responders and those who worked in the ruins afterward.
Andrea - TX

Let's remember why this country was founded.

Fight for what you believe. Fight for your rights. Speak up when you know what's going on.
Andrea - CA

Those who exploit the tragedy of 9/11 for their own hypocritical and selfish political ends do more harm to the Constitution and the American people than terrorists do.
Andrea - CA

Homeland Security has taken away many of our freedoms, but it hasn't made us any safer.
Andrew - New Jersey

For the law to be respected, it must be obeyed. Without respect, good laws are ignored as well as bad ones. This is uncivilized.
Andreas - WA

When we are threatened, our commitment to freedom and tolerance is really tested.
Andreas - UT

Now that we have "buried" the "mastermind" at sea, when are we going to go after the REAL terrorists, Bush and his henchmen?
Andreas - TN

Patriotism is honor. It is not chauvinism. We have post-9/11 jingoism.
Andreas - Florida

NH State motto: Live free or die
Andy - Nueva Hampshire

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Engel - Il

9/11 was a huge atrocity on our own soil, we cannot let them win by allowing our government to take away our freedoms.

I believe that if we live what we preach: treating all people fairly, we will remain a free society.
Angela - CA

I will continue to fight for my rights and the rights of my fellow citizens.

The rights guaranteed in our constitution make our country great. We must protect them at all times, especially in difficult times.
Angela - MI

I firmly believe that we need to come together as a community. Setting aside prejudices of gender, race, age, disability and cultural background and seeing ourselves as brothers and sisters despite our many differences, but paying attention to how we are similar and forming a cohesive people instead of a divided people. out of fear and hate.

I believe in the America my mother and grandparents grew up in, the one I learned to respect from being an army brat... I'm afraid I don't live in that America anymore.
Angotti - PA

Freedom is not free... we must learn and act for the rights of each person.

I can't believe it... I understand... they don't have a place for police, firefighters, first responders... 10th anniversary of the street police... I know how difficult that horrible and fateful day was for our country. ...but to dishonor the very people who entered these buildings...to die...is totally unacceptable...
Anita - M.A.

Fear is never a reason to deprive a citizen of the right to vote or the rights conferred by the Constitution.
go - CA

Stop taking away our freedoms and promoting fear and discrimination.

The eradication of our freedoms reduces us to authoritarianism, slavery and justice in all aspects. We must see right through those who hide behind the banners that claim to be these authorities and recognize their deceptive language and tactics if we are to stop them.
Ana - O

Out with dogs and ponies, show HLS measures to reduce our deficit.
Mutter - CA

GOD and His word were established on this earth.....people are choosing to forget it
Annie - MD

Blame those who turned 9/11 into an "opportunity" to capitalize on the suffering, steal taxpayers' money, inflict more death and suffering, and then shatter the "American Dream".
Annie - MI

Learn from the past, don't repeat it.
Annie - TX

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage means doing the right thing even when you're scared. In times of real danger and fear, it takes courage to uphold the principles of liberty and justice enshrined in our Constitution.
Anthony - CA

Preserve our freedom from our enemies outside and within the United States. Those who want to take away our civil liberties will be considered our enemies.

Some things are better forgotten than remembered, especially when they bring pain and sadness. The US Constitution puts property before life, which is why nobody in the real mainstream of America is obeying it today!
Anthony - Nova York

The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic. It is the coded dismantling of our fundamental freedoms and it must be reversed now.
Antonio - YOU

The Constitution of the United States is sacrosanct. NOT HURT.
Antonio- BUT

We must be strong and keep our freedoms, once we lose our freedoms or give them away, they are already earned.
Antonia - CO

What can we do to stop it?

I believe in the land our ancestors made for us. This country of espionage, torture, civil obligations, illegal searches, ex post facto laws, prejudice and fanaticism is not what my family has fought and bled in every war this country has fought. WE MUST NOT become worse than what we are fighting for.
Archie - MI

God bless our wonderful nation. It is very sad to think of the lives lost on 9/11. It is very important for us Americans to remember what our ancestors envisioned when they wrote the US Constitution. I am proud to defend our freedom. We must also remember that sometimes our freedoms come at a price. I love this country and I know that when we are united, we can achieve anything.
burn me

Let freedom ring! FOREVER!!
Arick - OH

Keep driving the truck.

I'm fed up with the scaremongering that keeps us from moving forward. Laws that violate our privacy and target audience based on race or religion are unconstitutional and must be repealed.
Arnold-Nova Jersey

Americans deserve a better life, created by the 1776 Constitution and whose values ​​continue to be eroded by selfish governments. The current Congress does not control US interests. Personally, I would not prefer a congress like the one we have now because its bickering, complacency, politics and selfishness keep us from prospering. I'd rather everyone go home and stay there.
Arturo - FL

It was the aftermath of 9/11 that led me to join the ACLU, as our nation was willing to sacrifice our crucial freedoms to try to ensure a sense of security. Liberty is too precious, our civil rights too dear, to be thrown away in panic in a moment of fear. It still amazes me that the greatest threat to our freedoms comes from our own government and its officials.
Arturo - FL

The Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, makes us strong. We must never yield to the tyranny that some would encourage.
Arthur - North Carolina

In the years since 9/11 this country has changed and it has changed for the worse, it needs to change now.
Ashley - CA

Our country was founded by very intelligent people, one of whom said, "Those who can give up basic freedom for a little temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security." (B. Franklin). If we really believe in our Founding Fathers, why do we ignore the freedoms that are the foundation of this country on the theory that it will make us safer? The changes since 9/11 are not helping to make this country better, just showing that we don't play by our own rules and our own history.

I don't care who blows up what, you don't act like it's okay to treat an entire religion like it's bad when they're like us.
Athens - New York

Aurora - IL

I heard President Franklin Roosevelt say, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." This is true today so that we can all have real security.
Austin - Kansas

Fear is a cancer that eats away at our civil liberties and liberties. It is time to reaffirm the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and to practice them in our daily lives. Like random acts of kindness, freedom is merciful when faced with fear.
Avery - O

Even in the most dangerous of times, under foreign invasion and during civil upheavals, our constitutional guarantees of liberty have NEVER been so limited as they are today. That's why the ACLU's support is more important than ever.
Avra - NY

Taking away our constitutional rights... makes YOU a terrorist!

9/11 was a terrible strategy used by religious extremists, but instead of the truth, we were told half-truths and lies that led to a war against a country unrelated to the attack. 10 years later, it is clear that our legislators continue to deceive and use our own fear to control and manipulate the public. Who can we trust, of course not Congress and certainly not the Supreme Court, which no longer seems to represent a country "of the people and for the people".

George Orwell's book 1984 is now becoming fact. Now I'm more afraid of my own government than I am of terrorists.
Barbara - KI

I am very disappointed that we are gradually losing our rights. All but a few of us are not happy with what's going on. I am a fighter for the rights of my grandchildren and myself, we live in a sad moment where nobody cares about what is happening. I will be a fighter until the end. I am a grandmother raising my two granddaughters. I keep saying that none of you will have rights. I tell them all the time that they need to choose and stand for something before they leave this world. Your constitutional rights are all you have. I beg you, please wake up and fight for your freedom. I am 61 years old and in shock at what is happening before our eyes.

I will remember all the souls lost that day, but I want to forget the evil our own government created in response.
Barbara - Pennsylvania

If we lose the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, “they” will have won.

We will not use fear to erode our civil liberties and subject ourselves to ever-increasing surveillance and data collection. Freedom, privacy and government accountability are at stake on this slippery slope.
Barbara - FL

May America protect freedom and be proud not to sacrifice our values ​​to terrorists.
Barbara - CT

Our rights are constantly being undermined. They need to be fully restored.

Barbara - CA

Unfortunately, our government cannot be trusted to amend the Bill of Rights at its own discretion. Changes made out of fear during the Bush administration were nothing more than thinly-veiled excuses to take away our civil liberties. This isn't a kingdom... it's a democracy. Therefore, it is important that all Americans unite to protect our civil liberties and support the existing Bill of Rights, which is more than adequate to protect our liberties.

Thomas Jefferson put it best: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." And that's what makes the ACLU so great and for which I'm so grateful.
Barbara - M.O

Those who don't bother to educate themselves about what is happening to their democracy are doing the rest of us and all generations to come a disservice.
Barbara - FL

We can unite to keep everyone free, practice compassion, and promote understanding.

We must always be the land of the free.
Barbara - Pennsylvania

We must always protect our freedom!
Barbara - United States

It's time to restore protections to American and world citizens.
Barbara Texas

We must fight for our freedom.
Bárbara J. - CA

In times of crisis, defending and defending our civil liberties is of paramount importance.
Barbara Sue-OH

Actions like the Patriot Act have always been unnecessarily excessive; The same spirit of Japanese internment is rampant on Earth and needs to be repressed.
Barry-Nova York

Freedom is our natural right as conscious beings on this planet. The true purpose of government is to promote and defend liberty for all.

Historically, countries with greater security infrastructure (Soviet Union, North Korea, Apartheid South Africa) have lacked freedom and security for individuals.
Barry - Tennessee

Our democracy can only survive if our freedoms also survive.
Barry - New Jersey

I love my country and it saddens and frustrates me to see the stupidity, the stupidity, the lack of compromise, all this and much more of elected officials who are bent on destroying the constitution rather than defending it.
Beatriz - FL

Without freedom we are no longer a democracy.
Beatriz - Dying

Oppression has its limits. We must ensure that everyone can go anywhere and go anywhere without fear.
Beatrice - Pennsylvania

It is not right to suspend at any time or for any reason the very document that sustains our way of life. But, especially in times of crisis, never!
Trinken - o

We can die on our feet or live on our knees. Giving up everything we believe in for "safety" means living on our knees. Let's be brave again and live free, great and fearless.
Baby - NM

Your freedoms end when you violate the freedoms of others. This is advice for everyone bound by our Constitution, including universities, corporations, government, and the military.

I believe in government. (Jesy Ventura), that was 911, the conspiracy by the Bush administration and the military-industrial complex to start wars and abolish our freedom.

We cannot give up our rights to freedom and privacy in the name of security.
Benita - CA

Nothing will ever convince me that the Bush family, with the help of their corporate friends in Dubai and elsewhere in the corporate universe, had nothing to do with the recent murder and theft of human life and freedom.
Benno - MD

... for an enemy that never set foot on our soil, they certainly did more to destroy our package of rights through our own government ... that's why terrorists won the war to destroy freedom ... bcmills

It is our duty to protect our Constitution when people seek to subvert it.

I am aware of one thing: there are presidential candidates making statements or peripherally influencing their campaign platforms, which has a chilling effect on the efforts we should all be making to build our civil liberties, regardless of the policies that followed the September events implemented in 11 ... I will keep my promise as a Civil Rights Defender by making these statements and questions before myself and my friends when the opportunity arises. We must all do the same so that as many people as possible are informed about existing and potential abuses by our future leaders.
Bernardo - CO

This is a time of hope
Bernardo- No

I read that the Roman Empire and many that followed eventually collapsed because they outgunned themselves. The British recognized this reality and graciously returned their empire to its original owners. Will the United States continue on its current course of perpetual war, assassination by drones or special forces, detention without charge but with torture, or will it learn from history?
Berenice - MN

As we remember those who died in the 9/11 attacks, we must ensure that they do not die at the expense of this once great country. We will work to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, repeal the Patriot Act and other laws passed over the past 10 years that deprive civil liberties and allow the use of torture. Let's work to make our country a place of freedom, civil liberty and respect in the world again.

Hold tight!
Betsy - CO

A crisis, by definition, requires the courage to not give in to fear and uphold the country's moral compass as set out in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
Betty - CA

The civil liberties of the vast majority of US citizens are at stake with a rapidly declining middle class. We need to address this population decline while revising the values ​​at stake.
Betty - WI

We do not honor the victims of 9/11 by attacking our civil liberties.
Betty - MA

When I saw the towers fall, I knew it would have devastating effects on my nephews. In fact, one of them died in Afghanistan. We must remember that while America protects its own freedom, it must do so with care and without compromising the values ​​that define America at its best.
Betty - Nova York

9/11 was a terrible tragedy, but we cannot allow others to force us to act in inhumane and un-American ways.
Beverly - MI

Freedom no longer exists when fear reigns. Let's take care of our constitution to guarantee our civil liberties.
Beverly - MD

I know firsthand what it's like to be a disabled person, gifted by God (sensitive, etc.) to channel information that is top secret and the air force base here harassing me and trying to intimidate me. Nothing out there is what it seems, and it's the evil in the world that makes it so. If you are truly of God, you will never be afraid to stand up for our rights. Saint Michael, the Archangel of God, is one of the most powerful prayers that exist for this. Please all of you need to go through a Spiritual Awakening, surrendering all the negative in your hearts and souls to God so that you can be fully open to Him to receive the guidance you need on this journey. GOD PROTECT US ALL.

Our current government is unfairly and illegally violating our laws and we must remain vigilant and STOP!
Beverly - AZ

We must not take our freedom for granted. Those who died on 9/11 did not die in vain. Let's remember all those who saved lives, as well as those who lost theirs.
Beverly - VA

Freedom Lives, Outdoors... So get up and get out there. live Free...
Bill - WI

Freedom is always associated with risk. The quest for total security is illusory. Let's take the risk of being a free people, whatever the cost, whatever the cost.
Bill - Nova York

I want the civil rights of ALL Americans to be protected. not just for rich, powerful, Jewish Christians. That's why I support the ACLU.
Bill - Nova Jersey

Like all pain, this one must be set aside... It's time to end wars and start peace, using diplomacy instead of the military.
Fatura - AL

No level of security is worth giving up freedom.

With searches of stadiums and arenas with cameras at every intersection and storefront, the terrorists won. Only the ACLU defends our rights
Bill - Nova Jersey

We must remember that our Bill of Rights and our Constitution recognize, not grant, our freedoms, which are inalienable and must not be forfeited in times of tragedy and fear. The State strives for more and more power over the people. The people must preserve their liberty and their power over the state.

The Constitution says, "We the People," and no Congress will pass legislation to restrict that. Ever...
Björn - FL

We must all say, remember and live the oath of loyalty to the United States.
Black - Pennsylvania

There is no greater threat to us than the suppression of freedoms. No terrorist could harm our country like a government that deprives us of our essential freedoms.
Blake - Nova York

We must recover our constitutional republic now, under the usurpation of evil corporate craftsmen with smug nobility and hereditary privileges.
Explosion - Los Angeles

Each of us must strive to overcome fear, not take advantage of it or succumb to it. The best leaders are those who face fear and inspire others to be steadfast and resilient. The Bush administration has shown that anger and bravado are neither wise nor effective in overcoming fear.
Bob - New Jersey

I never saw the connection between the 9/11 attacks and the total loss of our civil rights. The Patriot Act has been used primarily for drug arrests and only a few times for terrorist activity.
Bob - OURS

The September terrorists not only managed to take the lives of hundreds of innocent people, but also carried out the greatest destruction of individual freedoms this country has seen in its more than 200 years. Our own government offered terrorists the destruction of the fabric of this country. Any politician who voted to attack the Constitution through the vile Patriot Act is guilty of treason. The eternal shame of the American people is that they were allowed to do this.
Bob - CA

If terrorists abolish our freedoms, they will win.
Bob and Donna - Pennsylvania

This country was built on God whom we have trusted since our fathers declared it! I hate when people try to get that out of our system, just because this country has all kinds of races doesn't mean we're kinda out of date!!!
Bobby - Florida

Fear is not the way to make decisions that limit my rights.
Bond - Florida

I stand for freedom, not fear. "We have the power to start the world over again." --Thomas Paine. “All life is interconnected. We are caught in an inescapable web of reciprocity, tied to a single cloak of fate. What affects one directly affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Our "war on terror" is more accurately described as a fight against the Constitution of the United States of America. As Josephine Baker said decades ago, when we wake up and our rights are under attack, it will be too late. We, the people, know it's never too late and we won't let you, our legislators, forget that.

Bonnie - M.A.

It's time to deal with first responders' injuries and illnesses caused by their service at Ground Zero.
Bonnie - CA

Our constitution makes our country wonderful and special. Regardless of the crisis, honor and keep this sacred document intact.
Bonnie-Nova York

If we give in to fear, we become terrorists.

Freedom is not a conservative idea, it is not a progressive idea, it is an innate human right.
Brad - TX

I promise to continue to denounce the hypocrisy of an organization that claims to uphold equal rights while supporting the practice of male genital mutilation in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Brad - VA

No one close to me lost their lives on 9/11, but we all lost so much more. We must never forget - our rights.
Bradford un

Ever Citizen has the right to complete Safe & Free from Harm in the USA.
Tapfer - Florida

It says, "Freedom doesn't come free", but it shouldn't come at the cost of our Constitutional rights or civil liberties!
Braxton - MI

The Constitution and Bill of Rights have made us a shining beacon to the rest of the world. We cannot let this lighthouse go out.
Brenda- MI

Brenda - Carolina do Sul

We must be the land of the free again, not the land of the spied on.

We must restore Constitutional rights lost after 9/11, 2001. It is the right thing to do, and Congress and the President MUST do it ASAP! Thank you for your time and attention and that of your team. Yours sincerely,
Brett - Nova York

9/11 may have been catastrophic, but nothing is more catastrophic as our country slowly capitulates on the foundations on which it was built. All human beings are created equal and have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why, then, are we renouncing our Founding Fathers in the vague name of national security?
Brian - New Jersey

Be strong enough for freedom.
Brian - North Carolina

Remember that lives were saved and lives were lost that day and will never be forgotten.
Brian - Pennsylvania

Freedoms must be preserved. There is never a justifiable reason to reduce them.
Brian - Nova York

That morning I was experiencing Ground Zero. We still haven't charged GWBush (the idiot of the people) and his regime with WAR CRIMES and we need to reinstate the Posse Comittatus Act banning our military from doing civilian policing, which Obama is planning because Americans are fed up with it, "elite" and Wall Street are destroying us from within.
Brian - Nova York

I will continue to work for a government where the people delegate certain responsibilities and rights, the government serves the people and we are a free people.
Brian - Nova York

It's easy to say that you are an American and a true patriot. To be a true American and a true patriot, you must believe what the Constitution says and live by it.
Brian - MA

Restore all the rights of the people guaranteed by our Constitution. Stop the alarmism. Here we go
Brian - Tennessee

stop letting the corporate bosses of the nazi republican parties kill freedoms are harsh words the truth is a virus.
Brian - Pennsylvania

Terrorists want to scare. By allowing our civil liberties to be stolen, we showed them that we are afraid, that they won. The only thing to fear is fear itself.
Brian - Pennsylvania

We know how determined the bad guys are, but let's beat them!
Brian e Evie - CA

9/11 is a time to mourn and remember, but it is also a time to pledge that diplomacy may be the best way to deal with radicals. I think we've seen that war does little to improve world conditions.
Brian K.-KY

My family helped found this nation. I think we have to go back to the first directors to save him.
Bridget Persephone - WA

When we are ruled by fear, our enemies win.

“On government boards, we must guard against the acquisition of undue influence by the military-industrial complex, whether intentional or not. The potential for catastrophic increases in misplaced power exists and will remain. We must never allow the weight of this combination to compromise our freedoms or democratic processes. We must not take anything for granted. Only an alert and well-informed citizenry can force the vast defense industrial and military machine to adapt properly to our peaceful methods and objectives, so that security and freedom can flourish together." -Ike '61
Bruce- YOU

Even though I live out west (South Dakota), I don't believe in turning clocks back to the 19th century.

Since we didn't have the courage to stop America's Nazi-style war on drugs when it was being used as an excuse to violate our constitutional rights, it's no surprise that we allowed government thugs to trample them deeper than they did one of our own. scary appearance. foreign enemy really did. hurt us.
Bruce-North Carolina

Freedom is much more important than security. Excessive concern for security robs us of our own freedom.
Bruce - CA

In these difficult times, we must always be vigilant in protecting our freedoms.
Bruce - Florida

Let's not forget to remember that 9/11 could have been prevented and those responsible for preventing it have yet to be held accountable!
Bruce - CA

You're welcome! Our rights have been attacked in all republican administrations and now, unfortunately, in the current one! The Constitution and Bill of Rights are more important than ever!

The Patriot Act should be repealed and never reinstated. Violations of the Bill of Rights are numerous and egregious.
Bruce - IA

Racial profiling is an unimaginably oppressive practice of bigotry. The only thing that can be intolerant is intolerance.
Bryan - CO

Islam, Muslims are with you and ask for prayer for the land... in the year 911 "peace, not war" God does not want "Mohammad SAW that he was sent as a mercy to mankind... Bless me and forgive me. wassalamualikum w ' Cream!!!
Generosity - APPROX

The politics of fear and hatred has destroyed our constitution. Instead, let us boldly go forward and be the land of the free once more.

At age 86, I have witnessed many changes in the way our government works. Much has been a detriment to our way of life lately.
Calvin - UT

The government must be transparent to all of us. Lying to people is not democracy.
Calvin - identification

By remembering those people who stole or gave their lives on that tragic day, we can better honor their memories by NOT becoming like the people they took from us. Long live American freedom.
Sweets - Pennsylvania

When we give up our freedoms, our enemies win
Caren - FL

If history has taught us anything, it is that during and after times of crisis, civil liberties are at best restricted and at worst denied. As evidence, I can point to the internment of Japanese American citizens after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the Communist witch hunt under Joe McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee during the Cold War, and, more recently, the restriction of personal rights and freedoms under the Patriot Act, including rendition, improved interrogation techniques and indefinite detention of political prisoners at Quantanamo base (Gitmo) and acts committed at Abu Garaib. In these times of crisis, we must always be vigilant to overcome authority and defend human rights and civil liberties. It is not a wish, but a need to protect everyone's rights.

If freedom is sacrificed for security, we have none.
Carl- hello

Limiting the rights the Constitution grants us gives our enemies victory on a silver platter.
Carlos - Right

Let freedom reign from sea to shining sea. Change is not enough. Embrace change itself and what we leave behind after the storm; Well this is divine. I have 25 cents and I'm ready for more :)
Karl - New York

Since 1776, America's freedom has been at the forefront of dreams and livelihoods, keep it up.
Karl - CA

I'm with you

Don't you think we caused 9/11 ourselves, or at least helped? I'm not religious, but if there's evil, it's the Bush administration. By the way, I've been a member of the ACLU since Bush v. Dukakis.
Carla - ABER

Remember 9/11 was NEVER led to believe that the so called Patriot Act has little or no basis in patriotism

We lost our rights in the last ten years. It is more important than ever to support the ACLU and other groups fighting for our civil liberties. I'm here for you because you're here for us.
Carley - Nova York

To honor the victims of 9/11, we must remain vigilant and not allow our civil liberties and our Constitution to be taken over by fear and internal deception. We must educate ourselves and challenge any legislation that takes away our freedom.
Karl - CA

The tragedy of 9/11 taught many to take greater responsibility, not just for ourselves and our families, but for our communities and our country.
Carmen - M.A.

9/11 brought all Americans together, as did World War II. Since then we have parted ways again. We must show the world that we are strong enough to work together to solve our nation's problems.
Carolina - FL

Freedom from fear, war, torture and espionage
Carolina - CA

God bless anyone who has lost a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Carolina - FL

I support the ACLU in protecting these freedoms, which are unpopular but necessary for a free society.
Carolina - FL

If we give up the freedoms promised to us by our founding fathers, those who committed these atrocities have already won.
Carol - KY

It's a terrible abuse of power to attack people just because they belong to a certain religion or race, and when it happens it usually results in agonizing abuse in people's minds, taking them into custody without charging them with a crime.
Carol - MA

It is appalling that our country's leaders used 9/11 to use shock doctrine procedures to deprive us of our freedoms. These freedoms must be restored immediately.

carol or

Those who masterminded the 9/11 attacks began the end of freedom, equality and goodness in our country. I want her back now!
Carolina - CA

We must steadfastly continue the ACLU's fight for justice and believe that every voice can make a difference when it comes to preserving our collective and individual freedoms.
Carolina - FL

We must not deviate from our American values ​​and principles. They are the source of our self-respect and the way we earn the respect of the world.
Carol - TI

Without our constitution we have no democracy.
Caroline - Nova York

We must not destroy the greatness of the American Constitution and the personal and corporate freedoms it protects for fear of what is not our enemy. Our enemy is the world's ignorance and treating strangers as enemies when we should make them our friends.
Carolina - CA

Prevent the rich from taking over Congress.
Carolina - CA

Together we stay forever!
Carolina - New York

Citizens must take responsibility for their own place, state and country. The Constitution is the set of rules we agree to. We must all work to make them a reality for all citizens.
Cassandra - CA

Stand firm for your right to bear arms and freedom of speech. Don't let the assault on freedom catapult women into the dark ages of living in fear.
Cassandra - OH

On this 9/11, I will remember the lives of the Americans killed that day and the countless others killed every day afterward.
Cassie - Pennsylvania

I believe our Constitution is only violated by our own government using FISA against its own citizens. The use of FISA, which includes not only tracking emails between US citizens and so-called "authorized search" searches (which may have obtained a FISA warrant), is JUST WRONG. A photograph of former President George W. Bush, taken while listening at his request to recorded phone calls between husband and wife, one at work and one at home, were intimate conversations between people who no doubt believed their conversation was private between them - I wasn't a fan of George W. Bush some time ago, but my comments about listening to couples thousands of miles away and the then-President hearing a recording of their words and intimate noises make me wonder why President Obama didn't do that. . t appointed a special prosecutor to review the warrants and actions (including waterboarding and wiretapping of personal conversations between married persons, fiancées and other intimates, as well as a myriad of other actions, warrants and matters investigated by FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH AND OTHERS IN HIS CABINET AND OTHERS AWARE OF THE MILD ABUSES OF US CITIZENS AND PRISONERS IN GUANTANAMO BAY AND OTHER PLACES, AND CERTAINLY IN A SET OF POLICIES AND MEASURES NOT COVERED BY THE POLICIES, deserve a comprehensive review by a special prosecutor that he is not bound in his investigations by anyone who knows the laws of the United States, that he cannot be "bought," and that he is relentless in reviewing actions, policies, issued orders, and every other aspect of the presidency of George W. Bush , with de r Provided that, if the special counsel finds reason to continue the investigation, the investigation into Spec before, during, and after his presidency may l evar to people, including perhaps George H.W. Bush, then the special counsel has the authority to go there without restriction, wherever the investigation leads.
Catalina - WI

I reject the Supreme Court decision and Mitt Romney's claim that "BUSINESS IS PEOPLE"!

I want our country to use the memory of 9/11 to reflect and act to achieve what is good for its citizens. The last 10 years have been a waste of time and money. And we didn't impress anyone. We are a warmongering nation and now people are hungry, jobless and homeless. How did we get our priorities so out of control?

If you destroy the foundations of this country to defend it, what are you defending?
Catalina - CO

When fear reigns supreme, the constitution most needs defenders. It is the heart of our freedoms. Let's truly commemorate 9/11 by standing up for the rights enshrined therein.
Catalina - WA

JUSTICE and EQUALITY come first.
Cathy - WA

Our Constitution guarantees our citizens freedoms that were protected by and for Americans for generations, that is until 9/11. Since 9/11, these freedoms have been reversed in the name of security. But have these interventions made us safer? No they have not! Instead, they led to one of the darkest chapters in this nation's history. We must reverse the erosion of our freedoms and remember that we can be safe and free!
Cathy - ERA

In other words, the only thing we have to fear is... the loss of our civil liberties.
Cathy - TX

We destroy what our country stands for in the name of its salvation. Republicans are really good at doing things that make evil look good, and they get the best help money can buy with it.
Cathy - ALTA

I will not live in fear, i.e. giving power to terrorists.
Celeste - AZ

Liberty must continue to serve the people without fear of causing enslavement.
Celinda - New York

Individual freedoms must never be compromised in the name of national security. They did it in Germany in the 1940s and you see how well it worked.
Opportunity - approx

As an OIF veteran and having witnessed firsthand the harsh reality of the Iraq war, I believe these wars will undermine this nation and also lessen our influence around the world, eroding the rights and freedoms of our citizens, undermining what the world has always seen as a glimmer of hope.
Charanjit - New York

There are people who take advantage of justice while others fight for it... I prefer to fight for it and exploit these people to at least say "thank you"
Charise - Nova York

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I believe that our freedoms can only be protected if we put our Constitution first.
Karl - CA

Do not listen and torture on my behalf.

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war. I promise to keep taking a stand

I recommit myself to the values ​​the ACLU stands for and fights for: civil liberties for all.
Karl - CA

Let's be a free country again.

Our freedoms must be protected at all times and in all parts of the planet. We must never stop fighting because opposing forces do not stop.

Repeal the Patriot Act. STOP the rampant abuse of police power.


When it comes to inalienable rights, there is no middle ground. If you give them away, they will disappear. Don't give in to fear.

This is no longer the America I grew up in and taught to believe in years ago.
Charles - New Jersey

Many federal law enforcement authorities. Out with the Patriot Act. Prevent the United States from becoming a fascist dictatorship
Charles-Nova York

Government leaders from both sides! ... Act in accordance with the Constitution! ... We deny your alarmism in America! Nobody wants the US government to tell them what they can and cannot do, and nobody wants to get slapped in the crotch at the airport! We demand that you reverse your preposterous policies set forth by Fear! have been implemented!
Pursuit - TN

By giving up freedom in the name of Homeland Security, we allow the terrorists who attacked us to win. Not only did they murder nearly 4,000 of our citizens, they terrorized our leaders so badly that they took away the very freedoms that make our nation unique. We're better than that, we don't need to invade freedoms to stop attacks.
Cheryl - OH

Freedom is necessary for a better world for all people!

On this anniversary, I mourn the loss of life that day; and the consequent loss of freedoms. I renew my commitment to fight to recover lost freedoms and protect the freedoms we have!!

The Constitution embodies the values ​​and freedoms of the United States, We the People. Without commitment to these values, without responsibility to ensure connection, we, people and our freedoms cease to exist. Instead, we become the antithesis.
Cheryl - DU

Violations of our Constitutional rights through unreasonable pursuits must end. "Those who can give up basic freedom for a little temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security." -Ben Franklin
Cheryl - DU

What happened on September 11th was tragic. Our own government has since used this attack to restrict our civil rights and liberties. We are ashamed to have allowed this. We have to change that. forever
Cheryl - Florida

If we lose our freedoms, the terrorists win.
Cheryl A. - West Virginia

To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. . . and one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL!
Cheryl Lee - Califórnia

Jury nullification, the jury's right to choose its conscience, is part of the safeguards that must be protected now that the United States is taking political prisoners by labeling civil disobedience terrorism.
Cheryl Sue - Utah

Recently, the Constitution has taken a backseat. Today we live in a police state.

After 10 years, it's time to take back our America.
Chris - Nova York

I'm sure our president means well.
Chris - CA

Never stop defending your rights!!
Chris - Florida

The security provided at the expense of our civil liberties and liberties is simply not worth the price. We are Americans and we must refuse to be bullied or bullied into giving up our fundamental rights as citizens, including the right to security in ourselves and our businesses under the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.
chris - identification

We must not allow fear and other destructive forces (hatred, revenge) to tempt us gradually and voluntarily to give up what is being taken by force in so many other parts of the world.
Chris - Nova York

We Americans must never forget that freedom is for everyone, regardless of religion or race.

The aim of terrorists is to bring about socio-political change through violence. Terrorists managed to change our society. The best thing we can do in the fight against terrorists is not to react out of fear. Take back your freedoms and don't be afraid!

There is nothing more precious than our freedoms. Turning America into a police state means we are losing the "war on terror".
Cristiano - T.I.

We're doing something the terrorists couldn't: taking away our own freedom, piece by piece.
Cristina - WI

I think it's time for America to end wars of revenge and profit. It is time to change the politics of war and return to the principles of freedom, democracy and civil liberties.
Christine A.-YO

Fear and disgust are anti-American

freedom from fear.
Christopher - Pennsylvania

Abolish the Patriot Act, support the Geneva Convention and bring our military home.
Christoph - MI

Our Constitution must be respected even as America's enemies at home and abroad seek to undermine it.
Christoph - WI

Our freedom of association and the right to speak out against our elected representatives has been undermined by politicians who don't believe in those rights because what we say is not in line with their ideology. THIS MUST NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR US. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS GIVE UP FROM THEIR TOMBS.

Terrorists cannot destroy America. Only Americans can destroy America. And fear fuels the actions of those who would.
Cristóvão - ES

The Patriot Act and the continued invasion of privacy by the security industry is terrible and is ruining America both ideologically and financially. Given that conditions around the world have great potential to deteriorate economically, ecologically, politically, etc., abuses of power centered on our own citizens will increase exponentially. The battle will be one of control versus concern for the nation.
Christoph - CO

The terrorists responsible for 9/11 were never caught. Our government is a sham. Demand a new investigation and catch the real terrorists that are within our borders.
Christoph - MI

We will never be defeated as long as we remain true to our highest principles.
Christoph - Florida

We are the engineers of an unacceptable paradox when we use the defense of our freedoms as a justification for subverting them.
Christopher T.-IL

We are a better nation than the image our politicians paint. Our constitution is not just for easy times. Standing up for our values ​​when push comes to shove makes us great. We need to get back to that.
Chrystell - Pennsylvania

We must bring back the true meaning of the Constitution. We the people...
Cindy - M.I.

When a political party uses intimidation tactics to make the rich even richer, you know we're on the wrong track!
Cindy - Florida

If we allow our government to take away our civil liberties, the terrorists will win. We must maintain our demand that our leaders respect our Constitution and the civil liberties it provides for all.
Clara - New York


The Citizens United Supreme Court debacle should make us realize the value of the rights that were so clear to us from our ancestors, and the importance of protecting those rights. Without legal oversight, everything can get lost in what appears to be a historic heartbeat.
Claudia - New York

We must not stoop to the level of the terrorists who threaten our country. If we respond by reducing the rights of our people, we give them more power.
Claudia - but

We need to make sure all Americans are truly aware of this remarkable document. Ignorance, like it or not, is the enemy of truth.
Claudia - CT

Everyone needs to take a stand or else elite/corporate power will take over. Together, one at a time, we must face all threats to our civil liberties. It is our duty.
claudine - eu

We Must Remain Diligent We must remain diligent as an undivided nation to actively defend and restore our Constitution. Foreign and domestic enemies threaten our republic. Commitments to internationalists are treason and should be treated as such.
Clint - Minnesota

It is a great waste of life to have to relearn, with great difficulty, what the founding generation learned fighting against Auxiliary Orders and General Orders of Prison.

Thank God I grew up in a free country before the alarmists started to ruin it.

Without the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees, we really have nothing to defend. When we stop defending, subscribing to, or restricting constitutional guarantees for all, we become the very enemy we fear.
Clyde - Pennsylvania

Today I see how our fathers fought so hard to be kicked out slowly and I hope everyone starts fighting for what makes America so great...

The Constitution should be better taught in our schools very early and repeatedly, not just once. Ignorance of its contents is shocking and frightening. This is why we need the ACLU; Thank you very much!
Colleen - YO

DO NOT violate the CONSTITUTION!!!
Colman - Florida

TO FEAR. = False evidence that appears genuine. We must stop the apparent fear that has been placed in our hearts. Be brave! "Nothing to fear, but fear yourself" FDR
Connie - EM

I promise to defend freedom!
Connie - Pennsylvania

Once again, corporations are exploiting the war in this fake "war on terror". The only truth that GWBush leaked was that "money trumps peace". Sadly, this has become a mantra in America.
Connie - CA

Absolutely all "liberal" organizations want money from me. Remember, I'm an 80-year-old professor emeritus who was never rich. I passionately defend all humanistic and humanitarian causes, free health and education that most European countries have had since Bismarck (who was very conservative but knew that workers must be respected as people to work well and that's why I'm strong too support your unions. The victims of 9/11 are rarely considered "heroes", although the Bush administration used this tragedy to further restrict the rights of American citizens. Thanks to warmongers (such as Cheney and Coindi Rice, who promoted the torture) and the Supreme Court's support for GW Bush's rise to become "Emperor of the World, our Constitution has become useless. My country is no longer a true democracy. "Condi" claimed that China was spending too much money on the military This is our country spends more on these professional killers than all other countries put together so why do kritisi us always? to other nations for not being as good as we say they are? your constitution brought you back to life!
Konrad - CA

We continue to send troops around the world to protect others, why not do the same here at home? We ALL must be responsible for standing up for our rights in this country, especially the right to vote, without obstacles being put in our way.
Constance - MON

If we don't uphold the Constitution now, will we ever do it? I think we need that now more than ever.
Cooper-Nova York

We are people.
Cordelia - LA

It's hard to defend freedom when things are going well, but much harder when we're being tricked and manipulated into giving up our civil liberties. We must unite and keep up to date to protect our freedom!
Corine - RI

The whole purpose of 9/11 was to take away our freedoms. Until we arrest and prosecute the real perpetrators, they will dominate us and continue to enslave us through economic and media control.
Sofa - New York

Freedom from tyranny. Hence the constitutional protection. As times have changed, so has the word tyranny. The protection of freedom will always be needed as the arms race of oppression will continue to fill in the gaps. That is the nature of some men.
Courtney - Alasca

I'm not afraid! I will not allow fear to take away our constitutional freedoms.
Courtney - Pennsylvania

The best way to defeat terrorists is to continue to live by our legal and civil principles set out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It will confirm America's promise and inspire others to emulate us.

The best way to honor the victims of 9/11 is to protect our precious freedoms for future generations.

Even as I walk through the valley filled with fear, hatred and oppression, I fear no harm for God, the Constitution and the ACLU are with me......

Without our freedoms, we are no longer the America our founding fathers envisioned.

We must all be free and EQUAL!
Crystal - The

We will not let terrorism limit our constitutional rights!

The Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents ever written. It must guarantee our freedom and not allow politicians (in the US) with their own agendas to ignore the rights it grants to US citizens.
Before - Florida

As we approach a solemn and terrifying anniversary, we pause to remember our heroes. I agree that we must never forget those who sacrificed so selflessly, but let's not let our memory harden our hearts with hate. If we do that, the terrorists really won.
Cynthia - CA

Giving in to fear is the same as giving in to cowardice. We are ashamed of how far our country's government has gone after 9/11 with its reactionary "security" legislation. We see how "the terrorists" won. How do you wake up a complacent country, especially when people here live in fear of their own government?
Cynthia - MA

Fear is a cancer that undermines humanity.

If we respond to terrorism by restricting civil liberties in the name of security, the terrorists have achieved their objective.
Cynthia - CA

We know very little about all the secret government activity unleashed by 9/11, only a fraction of which is likely uncovered in the Washington Post's new book Top Secret America by Dana Priest. The activities described in this book are appalling and completely contrary to our principles and values ​​as a nation.
Cynthia - MD

Freedom is not in vain: it takes blood, sweat and tears to protect us from those who want to destroy us from the outside AND from the inside!


The event of September 11, 2001 was only for those who wish to bury the Constitution. I feel less free, less secure and have less freedom than before. We cannot continue to meekly give up our freedom for illusions of safety and security. Today's patriots say let's move on and stop using this event as a means of mass distraction and destruction at home and in every corner of the world. Wake up, I say, and make your voice heard in defense of the Constitution.

Our Constitution remains the greatest weapon we have and is the real target of all attacks on our nation. We are not going to give our enemies what they want by diluting or undermining them in any way.

9/11 and the Bush administration were great examples of leading through fear. Abandoning our constitution at any time, but especially where there is fear and manipulation, is the most dangerous thing for our democracy and leaves "government of the people, by the people and for the people" just empty words. Our Constitution is the only document that secures and preserves our freedoms and prevents us from making the same mistakes over and over again based on fear, prejudice, innuendo, and personal intent.
Dale - CA

911 was an excuse to invade our privacy.
Dale - CA

If the events of 9/11 are not enough to convince us of the underlying fragility of truth-telling, say nothing and do nothing and watch the tendency to forfeit our Gallop rights and freedoms as much as possible disappear.
Dale - Florida

Compliance with the Constitution, as intended!

Our house is shared. And, as Lincoln said... One side of our ridiculous two-party system wants our house to fall. So they think they can rebuild it in their own image. The Constitution is in danger!

We are not the enemy. Let us live free among ourselves on the continent our ancestors claimed in hopes of a better unity of consciousness, not just the formal union of man and his kind. We need deliverance from the corruption that has taken place to explore our new destiny. Schools need science for our future innovations and churches need to understand their purpose in the community and have faith in those who seek them out. Our nation's neglect over the past decade is an insult. For the world and for ourselves.

We must ensure that the separation of church and state remains!

The tragedy visited remains suspicious, as well as the unwarranted surveillance of the "Traitors' Law". We want the truth about it. And it's disgusting that Congress is withholding help from brave first responders. Feather!
Tome - CA

Tribute the rich and the corporations, cut the defenses and lock up the bankers.
Danish - North Carolina

An accused person should have the same rights they would want for their loved ones if they were wrongly accused.
Daniel - M. A.

Find a way to get rid of Citizens United. Defends the freedom of intellectual property. Decriminalize drugs, especially marijuana.

More than ever, the constitution needs the people, just as the people need the constitution. The Constitution remains the supreme law of the land, something all branches of government must remember.
Daniel - VA

My heart goes out to those who suffered losses on 9/11. May those truly responsible for the tragedy be held accountable. Also, hold those who benefited accountable.

Maximum transparency is essential.

Our financial freedom has been stolen from us by special interests, primarily the insurance (especially health) and financial industries. Until average Americans pay less in taxes, interest and premiums, we cannot afford to invest in America, ie savings/assets and products.

The terrorists will win if we lose our freedoms and our constitution!
Daniel - CT

To commemorate 9/11 this year, the government must pardon Bradley Manning, acknowledge the government's wrongdoing and end its illegal actions at home and abroad.

To give up any of our freedoms or belief in fairness for all is to let the terrorists win. This must never be allowed.

We are to celebrate the lives of the lost on this day. There can be no better way than for us to come together to rebuild the American dream.
Daniel - FL

If we act in fear, the terrorists will win.

Danielle - Pennsylvania

When activists marched to stop us going to war, they called us unpatriotic. To support Bush's wars, the FBI asked us to remain silent. Now our country is ruined. We squandered America's treasury on pointless wars. Whose fault is it? The FBI and the Bush gang. You took our freedom from us. Even now we should try to stop wars, but we are afraid.

If we give up constitutional freedom, the "terrorists" will win.
Daphne - North Carolina

The Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional and must be repealed. There is no reason to take away our freedoms because of 9/11.
D'Arcangelo - AZ

It is the duty of every American to uphold the protections we have in the Constitution. This is the only way for our country to remain free.
Darlene - PT

Rather than delve into all kinds of 9/11 commemorations, we should delve into our achievements, one of which is our Constitution. Very little attention is paid to Pearl Harbor Day or December 7th, and also little attention is paid to V-E Day and V-J Day, and rightly so. Focusing on negative events instead of accomplishments is a sign that this country is headed in the wrong direction, and it's about time for a change.
Davi - CT

Bin Laden's plan was to bankrupt the United States in a series of unwinnable wars. The play works. Taking away American freedoms is just icing on the cake.

When fear reigns, freedom dies.
David - OUT

It took, among other tricks, an anthrax attack on certain members of Congress who opposed the Patriot Act to pass it. The truth about this and the catastrophe of 9/11 will shed light on those who want to scrap the Bill of Rights.

David - OUT

"With liberty and justice for all" applies to all.

9/11 was one of our nation's worst tragedies, yet the Bush administration unfairly exploited the situation to institute practices that not only interfered with, but nearly eliminated, our rights as free citizens of the United States of America.
David-North Carolina

All US citizens must be equal in all rights, including, for example, “marriage”. Right now I would argue that we have a religious oligarchy that tramples on human rights that cannot be granted but only impeded by the rise of the corporate state and interference in the federal government's constitutional role and responsibility for organized religion. . The Federal Constitution is a living document of inalienable human rights, regardless of sexual identity (gift), religion or not, race, etc.

All wars end now
David - NV

America was founded on a Constitution that set precedent for all time, not just when it's politically convenient. There is no place in America for the politics of fear, as FDR said.

Don't let fear become the law.
Davi - Youth

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I believe that protecting individual freedoms is vital to protecting national security.

I believe we can find our way back to be the land of the brave and the home of the free.
David - MD

I find it appalling that Bush and Cheney boast of torturing people, something our first president despised and banned until those two came to power. I am confident that we will regain our respect in the world, but that will not happen with our current president or the Democratic leaders, and if the Republican Party gains more power, it may never happen. The most disappointing thing is that it might not happen in my lifetime. Since I was born, I've seen the American Dream, upward mobility and basic services for all Americans, amplified by the ignorance and greed that exploit and encourage its continuation. I thought we were hoping for real change with this president, but he's no better than the last one and all the good he's done is dwarfed by all the delay.
David - New York

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (Latin) Meaning “In the presence of weapons the laws are silent” What is wrong
David - MO

It is easy to defend everyone's freedom in times of security, but it takes courage to defend that freedom in difficult or uncertain times. We have to uphold the constitution and the rule of law.
David - CO

It's time for us to rise again to protect our country from the creeping fascism that has taken hold. When people can be arrested just for asking questions at a congressional hall, or for wearing a T-shirt that Republicans don't like, or for being locked in "free speech" pens during political conventions, or for the government being spied on without permission. Alright, what happened to our freedom?
David - MA

It's a shame that we all believe the lie that we can't be safe without being treated like criminals just for showing up at the airport. Aside from the huge debt we've accumulated from two wars fought in the name of security, I'm not sure Bin Laden won after all.
David - MO

I've worked on human rights in dozens of countries around the world. I know what it means to be afraid of a government. What I didn't expect is that with the Patriot Act we would have to fear our own government. It's scary and remarkably dangerous. Imagine what a (George W.) Perry would do with those powers.

Justices Jewell, M. Monica Zamora, Michael E. Vigil, Reed Sheppard, Elizabeth Whitefield, Ted Baca and others in New Mexico violated the law contained in the US Constitution! I can show you the evidence in the Court Record itself!

None of us are free until we are all free.

Every day our freedom is being taken away from us, it's time to stop the rape of everyone in this country. I see so many similarities with Germany Natzi. It's time to stop people trying to legislate morality, which is something that comes from within. DP too.

Always promote freedom and freedom... without fear, lies and illegal actions in the name of the government... Declare that you "protect" us.
David - New York

Security must never jeopardize human freedoms, otherwise there is no point in being safe!

Shouldn't the survival of millions outweigh the political survival and economic advantage of a few?
David- HELLO

The Bush and Cheney takeovers of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act had a terrible impact on the freedoms America was founded on! It's time to remedy this situation by dismantling the Homeland Security bureaucracy and using the money saved to feed, house, and educate our children.

The 9/11 attacks were no excuse to try to destroy civil liberties, but the de facto unelected person in the White House and his cronies did everything they could to limit them. Not only do we have to work on the pre-9/11 mentality, but on civil liberties before 9/11, that's certainly the most important thing we can do.
David - New York

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States were not intended to be a political platform or political agenda for any party or politician. Those who see this tragedy only in terms of how to benefit from it are walking hand in hand with the terrorists themselves.
David - New York

Lobby kickbacks will continue to steal our FREEDOM little by little. Sorry, did I say bribe? I mean, "campaign posts" are slowly stealing our SPECIAL INTEREST FREEDOM.
David- Wow

The only thing that separates us from our enemies are our ideals.

The US has been trying for a long time to turn this piece of earthly matter and all earthly matter into a totalitarian state and personal playground! ...
David - MA

There are powerful forces in this country that claim to uphold the Constitution, but they would replace our great democratic experiment with a Christian theocracy. We must defend our freedoms, our constitution and our way of life.
Davi - Youth

Anyone who gives up freedom for a little security doesn't deserve it either. We still have the 'theater' of security and little freedom left.

We must always be vigilant and strong to defend our freedoms, because whoever takes them from us never rests.
David - New Mexico

We must remain the nation of the free

Anything That Starts With Anger Ends With Shame - Benjamin Franklin Our nation's post-9/11 efforts were run with anger and fear, anger that we were being attacked and fear that it would happen again. As a people, we have allowed our politicians and military to act against the very foundations of our system of government. We confirm that we are still afraid and angry about the re-election of this government, given the lies and miscarriages of justice in the past. In our defense of the American way of life, we have failed to protect what it means to be an American. We trade independence for the illusion of security. We allowed narrow-minded bigots to dictate our foreign policy and made civil liberties unpatriotic. In our quest to prove that we have not been affected by terrorist attacks, by making a strong and definitive statement, we absolutely allow terrorism to transform.
Davi - Oh

If you have a rogue federal government that has the attitude of Rahm Emanuel, who said (2008) “You never want a major crisis to go to waste. I think Rahm Emanuel was simply expressing the now widespread belief that being arrested after the tragedy of 9/11 was the greatest deviation from our Constitution and the worst attack on our rights ever committed against the citizens of this once great republic. If this downward spiral doesn't stop, and soon, I believe the current police state we find ourselves in will collapse into a total dictatorship.
David - MA

We are not free when we are afraid
David and MS. Molly-WA

Prejudice only breeds hate. I don't want to show any form of hatred in my country. There are those who do, who are ashamed and not proud of a free country. Our civil liberties make it that way. No more fear, hate. Lay down our weapons and make human connections and friendships. It will eliminate those who don't believe like us, liberty, civil rights for all.
Sunrise - New York

If we lose our freedom, they win.
Is a

If we're not free... we've lost the spectacular idea of ​​the United States of America... and we're just real estate with geographic boundaries.
By Neice-CA

Only freedom can overcome fear.
Dean - OH

The best thing about this country is the right to be wrong. In many parts of the world it is a tragedy to be on the wrong side of the problem, or to have the wrong faith or political party. We must value this right because it gives us the security that many seek by denying rights.
Dean - OH

Our rights should be ours by birth, not what our government should give us.
Debbie - OH

If we don't stop now, let's look into this.https://youtu.be/GBhdXfCdaA8and Nazi Germany in the 1930s
Camel - FL

The defense of our country has become more political than anything else. Our soldiers always remember the victims of 9/11, we must learn from them.

"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me." Freedom first, safety second. Otherwise, we lose.
Debora - FL

Deborah - WI

Keep freedom in your hearts, for we are one nation, one people.

Deborah - WI

Our constitutional protections were subordinated to the interests of government-sanctioned religion. State-subsidized religious institutions target those they consider outsiders, and local government agencies cater to religious concerns about the rights of these concerned citizens, in my own experience and personal observation. I remember a different America from my childhood.
Debora - FL

Thank you ACLU for keeping up the good fight. God only knows where we would be now without you.
Deborah - NH

Unwarranted control is tyranny.
Debora - OH

When fear reigns, our freedoms die.
Deborah - North Carolina

According to universal law and constitutional law, we were born to be free and live a long and prosperous life. That freedom was taken from us by a corrupt and unjust government. It's time to set things right again. It takes a complete reorganization of our government officials, politicians and the like to rebuild what our ancestors intended for all of us and never came to fruition. May we all learn where we made mistakes and adjust accordingly. May freedom reign on our planet again! A man
Deborah M.-CA

How we lost our freedoms as a country to nineteen men with knives. President Bush and his administration created this new law called the Patriot Act to spy on all Americans, regardless of their religion, race or sexual presence. Our government interference invades our private lives as if we were the enemy. But still, as Americans, we are invaded into our lives and spied on to take away our civil rights from our constitution because someone dropped the ball and didn't have enough sense to see what was going on with all our CIA information.
Debra - New Jersey

I will always stand up for what our Founding Fathers intended as a person's civil rights and liberties.
Debra - CO

Despite the tragedy of 9/11, we must not trample on the civil rights of individuals. 9/11 was intended to symbolize the importance of treating all Americans with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.
Debra - New York

May our country never forget what happened
debra - CT

So many innocent lives lost. Would they want that?: Our Constitution and our way of life were changed, not by foreign terrorists, but by the Bush administration, which took responsibility for inciting fear and racism for profit. And now?
Debra - New York

The Constitution gives us common beliefs and ideals that unite us as a nation. If you tear up that "piece of paper" and adopt an "every man for himself" attitude, the nation will collapse.
Debra - OR

The only document or thing of value in this country of scandalous greed is the Constitution. If any part of this sacred document were completely destroyed, even if they tried and had some success, the value of this country would be lost forever.
Dee - Florida

The United States of America is the greatest nation in the world. We must all unite as this nation under God and fight for freedom and justice for all.
Deena - Florida

No, I may not have my constitutional rights because I'm still using them.
Deitra - SC

Our biggest loss from 9/11 was our Bill of Rights.

Solidarity. Equality. Freedom. Democracy: We the people need justice for all Americans for all the wrongs we have committed against Americans. Freedom is a duty that includes our security.
Delroy - Florida

Our overreaction to 9/11 gave Bin Laden a temporary victory. We can regain victory by regaining the freedoms and privacy stolen from us by a comprehensive security apparatus. The ACLU leads this fight and deserves the support of all Americans.
Dené - VA

Fear = the ultimate prison
Denise - WI

If we are to live safely and freely, we must all commit to responsibly protecting the rights of others.
Denise - WI

The best way to remember our fellow citizens who lost their lives on 9/11 is to stand united to protect our Constitution.
Denise - New Jersey

The Constitution is never more important than when others tell us we must give up its "safety" protections.
Denise - Arizona

We must also protect ALL whistleblowers!
Denise - Nova York

"The only maxim of free government must be to trust no man of power who would endanger the public liberty." -John Adams
Dennis - CA

Americans value their country because it is safe and free. Protect our freedoms now and forever.
Dennis - CA

There is only one true way to defend the Constitution the way its creators did: peaceful denial and consensus building.
Dennis - CA

This is our third presidential election since 9/11, and never has a single candidate pledged to work to regain our freedom.
Dennis - CA

Do not violate the Constitution, the right to due process or freedom of expression under the guise of counterterrorism. If we don't have a free country to protect, what's the use of fighting terrorism?
Dennis Michael - Georgia

We will fight for our freedom, no matter what the threat is here or abroad.

Love, Peace, Happiness, Respect, Dignity, Prosperity... for EVERYONE!!!

Our civil liberties make us the best country in the world, let's keep it up.
Diana - CA

Our country is in dangerous territory. Instead of us humans becoming a nation of the few: the rich get to buy our government. Our leaders use fear and misinformation to their advantage as they seek to eliminate programs that the middle class so desperately needs. Stand up for yourself, open your mind, listen and learn, and we can prevail.
Diana - New Jersey

We the people must stand up for our constitution and not be afraid to give up some of our freedoms.

America was built on the belief in freedom for all and that must always be remembered.
Diana - CA

Freedom is not free, but it does not come from denying others basic rights and freedoms.
Diana- me

If we ignore the Constitution to "protect ourselves", we destroy the country.
Diana - New York

We'll live in the land of the free that Americana was built on... remember good old USA.
Diana - Florida

We've seen '911' grotesquely exploited for political gain, pitting people against each other, particularly on the basis of economic class. This seriously harmed the entire country.
Diana HWI

It amazes me that people continue to re-elect the same officials who are taking away our rights. I promise to vet every candidate to see what they've done and not vote blind.
Diana - Florida

I will forever be a proud and fearless American.
Diane - New Jersey

We must let go of the fear of diversity and embrace the POWER we have when we ALL work together. If we are afraid of ourselves, WE ARE THE TERRORISTS!

Dear ACLU, I know you are trying to be politically neutral, but I realize that the conservative elements in our politics are playing on our fears and trampling on the Constitution they say they love so much. As we move into the 2012 presidential election, we are up against the Koch brothers, the Tea Party, and corporations personified. They have all the money and all the political power. I'm afraid? Yes, but not from "terrorists". I'm afraid of the congressmen, the lobbyists, the whole D.C. complex. I fear that we have become a different people from a few generations ago during the Second World War.

I never stopped! We must defend our civil liberties and not let fear make us powerless!


When fear wins, we lose.
Dolores - NM

We risk a repressive corporate state unless genuine and effective electoral governance is established.
Dolores - New York

Fear should not be the reason for giving up our freedom.

I promise to live not in fear but in freedom and honor those who died protecting the rights of the underprivileged on that terrible day.
Dominic - CO

When we lose our rights, the terrorists win and we lose after succumbing to our fear.

If you want to free yourself, defend freedom.
Don - CO

My greatest fear is that Americans will watch in silence as our freedoms slowly disappear.

spread constitutional government and human rites everywhere

Not only must we oppose their policies, which target groups by race and religion, but also activists who are fighting police harassment, the closure of schools, hospitals, decent wages and jobs, and so on. We must expose the rampant surveillance of innocent people through gang harassment tactics and community intimidation. . stay strong peace
Put on

Without our full constitutional freedoms, there is NOTHING to "protect" in this country except the profits and "best interests" of the giant corporations that already control so much of our lives as free citizens in a supposed democracy.
Don B. - Georgien

Due to the diversity of our country, we cannot profile any group of people and be consistent with the fundamental principles of our US Constitution.

Maintaining freedom, as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Johnson and Obama [among others] have shown us, is an ongoing, lifelong task that transcends generations. It is important to remember this almost sacred obligation.
Donald - MO

It's time to give us back our ENTIRE Bill of Rights!

We have killed hundreds of people in our neighborhoods unjust against Afghanistan and Iraq than were injured here on 9/11. Why are the numbers never released on Fox News or even PBS? This is no way to strengthen our true security if we just create more generations of terrorists who hate us.
Donald - CA

If terror is tyranny against the free, how are our own restrictive responses to freedom not terror?
Donald - CA

When we invaded Iraq, we started doing extraordinary rendition, sending "enemy combatants" to Guantanamo and undermining our freedoms, I was ashamed to be an American. We must undo the mistakes that were made!
Donald - CA

America is the land of the free. Women and men died because these civil liberties were taken away from them. We need to get up and talk.
woman - MON

God bless the America! ;ANY)
Female - Approx.

I am more afraid of our response to 9/11, even 10 years later, than I am of another possible attack. Demilitarizing our national police forces and restoring our right to privacy will honor those who died on that horrific day more than we do.
Donna - MD

When fear reigns... freedom dies
Donna - NH

It's not just American freedoms that need to be protected. According to estimates by Iraqi experts, US soldiers killed more than a million innocent civilians in Iraq in the two Iraqi wars, not to mention those killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's also worth balancing these events with those of 9/11.

Part of our right as American citizens is to be safe and free without compromising our freedoms. Our constitution tells us this and it must be obeyed.
Donna - IA

We must constantly monitor our rights and freedoms to ensure that they are not intentionally or unintentionally impaired.
Donna - New Jersey

If the price of peace is freedom; the price is too high.
Dorieta - TX

We must honor those who lost their lives under the Constitution.
Doris - Florida

"I pledge allegiance to the United States of America"... united in valuing the rights of every individual.
Doris (Jody) - Washington

Each of us must turn to our elected representatives and insist that they abide by our Constitution.

I pledge to advance civil society by speaking respectfully to people, including those who are different from me.
Dorothy - Pennsylvania

May Americans, and especially our elected representatives, celebrate this sad anniversary with unity as we work together to address the economic challenges that are paralyzing this country.

Please end the wars. Let's take care of our land, our environment. We are to be people of peace, hope, forgiveness, and love. We need to take care of each other, not kill each other. Our infrastructure needs care, people need work. etc etc etc

We must not allow terrorism to undermine our Constitution and our freedom: when terrorism does that, terrorists achieve their goals.
Dorothy - VA

America is built on freedom and we must always remain guardians of our rights.
Dottie - New Jersey

As long as the Patriot Act is law, the terrorists won.

Fear is NOT a reason to take away the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. This will be a victory for terrorists!

I mourn the loss of 3,000 lives on 9/11, but also more than 225,000 lives in wars since then. We are less secure today than we were then, and these wars of revenge have plunged us into recession and the loss of some of the civil liberties guaranteed by our constitution. Who will restore sanity and integrity to our country?
Douglas-North Carolina

Those who wrap themselves around the flag and accuse others of being unpatriotic because they question authority are the most dangerous threat we face in America.
Douglas - CA

Suppression of freedoms does not protect us. In fact, it makes us decidedly insecure. Airport sexual assault or not flying, is that security? Sounds more like virtual kicks to me. Phone tapping for no reason, extraordinary rendition and indefinite detention, unfounded arrests based on one-sided whim... is that security? Sounds like the old Iron Curtain or Red China to me. That sounds like a crime. On us. It has nothing to do with security, it has everything to do with power and control, all disguised as security. Should we pay for such abuses? This is ridiculous! The system of checks and balances must be restored, as must our civil liberties. And power belongs to the judiciary as a key arm of government and part of the system of checks and balances. The oath of office must be upheld to uphold, protect and uphold the US Constitution or we will remove you from office and publish your voting records online and in letters to the editor.
Drina - CA

Because God has not given us a spirit of cowardice; but of power, love and self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV)
Dr. Denis & Marti - IN

The overreaction to the 9/11 tragedy created irrational fears, and those fears were used to divide Americans and deprive certain groups of their civil rights. The far right in this country has used that fear to attack anyone who doesn't look, think or feel like them or simply disagree with their worldview.
Duane - OR

"Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve or receive nothing."
Dutch - AC

Without our civil liberties, we have no liberty or liberty.
E. Pitman-FL

Freedom is not free and should not be thrown away. Defend the Constitution and your rights... NOW...

Wow, how easy it is to corner us, helpless and frightened creatures... IT'S TIME TO GO BACK!
Education - CO

What if the truth about 911 is that certain individuals or organizations in this country wanted a "new Pearl Harbor" to allow the military-industrial complex to wage perpetual war against a nebulous enemy? Brillant!! Forget Russia or communism. A “war on terror” can hit anyone, anywhere. After all, I can't believe someone attacked us because they were jealous of our freedom.
Education - CA

nothing works without integrity
Ed - New York

Religious extremists tried to destroy our economy by tearing down the commercial towers, in turn we destroyed our own economy by trying to dominate them. Oil was never worth the first American life.
Eddie - Tennessee

If the 9/11 attacks were intended to destroy our freedom, they succeeded. This national paranoia has brought us to the brink of a Gestap/KGB state.
Edith – THIS

People of many races, religions and political ideals died on that tragic day, we must honor them by remaining steadfast in our American ideals: One Nation, INDIVISIBLE, with Liberty and Justice FOR ALL! Allowing these ideals to be dismantled only gives the perpetrators victory.
Edith – THIS

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, I think we need to remember what happened and honor their sacrifice.
Edmund - Pennsylvania

What happened to the American dream? As George Carlin said, "You have to sleep to believe it"
Edward - WI

9/11 spawned an industry that took advantage of a war that didn't need to be fought and benefited the Republican Party's campaign donors. It also gave the Republican Party the opportunity to divide the country out of fear. It almost looks like they planned it.
Edward - New York

I pledge to continue to defend and preserve all of our freedoms from those who seek to take or violate them.

Is there anyone who trusts a Supreme Court calling Corporations People? Does anyone still take Romney seriously?
Edward - OR

In times of crisis, protecting our constitutional freedoms becomes more important, and often those freedoms are more threatened from within.
Edward - OR

Peace, Freedom and Respect
Edward - CO

the 10th anniversary of 9/11 has become a carnival, a celebration of crime. A celebration organized by those responsible for planning and executing America's most heinous crime of my time.
Edward - WA

The constitution was written over two hundred years ago. As such, I wouldn't say it's "more infallible" than the Bible, Quran, Mahabaratta, Sutras, but one thing I can say about it; is an attempt to enshrine in common law the equality, one for all and all for one, and the direction for the future of mankind contained in the Bill of Rights, with the beginning of such a list of human rights listed only under their Existence and without conditions, financial or otherwise. As such, an idea enacted in common law is classified with some of the other documents mentioned above. It proclaims the intention to finally equalize the rights of the people, and such a direction is worthy of the blood and sweat of generations to come. It was not an end, but a direction. We must go further and we must commit to sustaining the gains and getting more out of them.
Edward - CA

Yes, well, as I am currently a victim of wiretapping and unauthorized wiretapping, you probably understand my current point of view. AMERICA, as we knew it, is DEAD. Now we are all slaves to a police state.
Edward – Kansas

There were "victims" and "heroes" on 9/11. Let's remember both.
Edwin - CA

To me, our constitution sets us apart from any other nation. WE MUST be active citizens and always be on the lookout for those who want to weaken our protections. The tragedy of 9/11 changed my views forever. Security and justice must go hand in hand within the legal limits of our laws. thank you alu
Edwyna- hello

Our freedoms mean nothing if we sacrifice the freedoms of others in a failed attempt to protect ourselves.
Eileen - New York

We must be part of the direction our country is taking. If we think we can't change the course of things, the truth is that we can. The best we can do is get involved and pay attention.

All kinds of people died that day. All kinds of people live in this country. Our genius and our peculiarity is that we can all live together in peace and respect. We cannot let fear destroy this.
Elaine - TX

Those who want to destroy us will do so out of fear. Today we lose some of our freedom to fear, and we will lose even more in the future when we succumb to politically sponsored fear.
Elaine - CA

You cannot preserve liberty by denying it to your own citizens or by destroying the law or rights.
Elaine - Nova York

In the words of Patrick Henry: "Give me [constitutional] freedom or give me death." I will not live my last years in fear!
Eldon - Florida

It is precisely when we are under attack and when fear is involved that we must cling to the protection of liberty. We cannot have freedom and freedom that allows her to walk away from us out of fear. Our liberties and our Constitution and Bill of Rights must not be compromised, because then the enemy has won.
Leonor - CA

The men and women who lost their lives on that historic day would not even recognize their country today. I want to live in the America of my youth... not the land of the timid, but the land of the free.
Leonor - FL

It's good to make this commitment somewhat formally. I do this often, especially when I begin to despair of some people's cruelty to others. In the midst of discouragement, I renew my commitment.

True individual freedom cannot exist without financial security and independence. Hungry and unemployed people are the stuff dictatorships are made of. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Elise - New York

Let all Americans defend a world classic: "Do to others what you want others to do to you."
Eliza Lloyd - DC

"The greatest patriotism is a love of country deep enough to raise it to a higher standard." -George McGovern

Best wishes and thank you for this incredibly important message to our politicians and the entire country.
Elisabeth - CA

Cutting off our freedoms breeds terror, allows Al Queada to win and means that those who died then and since have died in vain. They didn't and we shouldn't be sending this message.

Since the founding of this country, there have ALWAYS been attacks on the constitution in the name of "protecting" its citizens. These "reasons" were never justified. From President Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus to the incarceration of Japanese Americans in "internment" camps during World War II, America has always refused to succumb to fear. The so-called "Patriot Act" is another in a long line of crimes that not only fail to protect us, but weaken the protections that the United States has always upheld.
Isabel - FL

When fear reigns, freedom dies.
Isabel - BC

Our freedoms must never be traded for protection. We have always been committed to fighting for these freedoms, but allowing anyone to usurp them for any reason is a blow to our Constitution and what it stands for.
Elisabeth - MI

Our nation was formed by an intuitive desire for freedom. We will continue to fight to preserve this.
Isabel - FL

Terrorism will not stop until we stop terrorizing the world.
Isabel - MN

The Constitution is the foundation of America's excellence.

This Constitution is an incredible document. It is up to the people to ensure its application.
Elisabeth - CA

Civil rights are fundamental to our way of life.
Ellen - New York

Do not allow internal attacks on our Constitution and civil liberties under the guise of protecting our country from external threats.

FEAR = False-Enemy-Appears-Real Don't be fooled by the hype that the media is selling. Do your own research and find out the truth.
Elena - CA

It is sad that an external attack on our country has turned into an internal attack on our freedoms.

Our founding fathers founded our nation on the idea that all human beings are created equal. May Big Brother not invade our privacy with uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture or encourage endless wars.
Elena - CA

I promise to help restore the standards of integrity, decency, free speech and goodwill that politicians have stolen from us with their intimidation tactics and public behavior since 9/11. They are the real threats to our democracy and way of life.

Businesses are not people and should not have the same rights as individuals unless all individuals can share in the profits of their business.

I've always thought that in our hysteria since 9/11, as our leaders fanned the flames, we've sacrificed much of what our republic stands for in the world: human rights first, constitutional freedoms, fair trials, privacy, and more. .

When we abandon the principles on which our nation was founded, including a commitment to freedom and justice for all, then terrorism works and terrorism wins.

This is the land of the free, not the fearful.
Emily - MA

I refuse to live in the land of the fearful... I live in the land of the free :)
Emma - YOU

Now, more than ever, we must fight to defend the integrity of our Constitution.

Let's stop destroying our civil rights in the name of freedom. Tyrannical laws in the name of security only make us less free.
Emmett - IL

power to the people.
Eric - CA

The Bill of Rights, liberty, security and protection are not incompatible.
Eric- hello

The greatest loss this country has suffered or will suffer is the loss of freedom suffered by the exaggeration that is the “war against” anything.
Eric - MI

The need for protection from foreign terrorists does not require the sacrifice of our civil liberties.
Eric - Florida

We have lived restricted lives for too long due to the threat of the boogeyman. There are many other threats to our well-being in this country. If we just look at our top causes of death, we can see that our obsession with smoking and four layer hamburgers is taking more lives than terrorists. When we want to finance an endless "war" against something, we make it practical. How about the big tobacco? Or perhaps the poverty that drives people to eat well publicized junk food? It's time to learn from our mistakes and move on. Thank's for your time.
Eric - Nova York

Eric - M.A.

It saddens me that after swearing that terrorists would not destroy us, we have allowed fear to overwhelm the commitment to freedom that is at the heart of what America is.
Erika - MORE

The crimes of the Bush administration and the perpetrators have yet to be prosecuted so that our country can recover its values ​​and integrity. Nobody is above the law.

"The seven most common mistakes are: Wealth without work Pleasure without conscience Knowledge without character Commerce without morals Science without humanity Politics without principles Rights without duties."
Estevan - NM

I promise to defend freedom.

It is important to keep fighting for civil liberties as fear seems to be destroying them.
Ethan - New Mexico

I fought for the United States in World War II. I agree with true silent patriots, those who don't wave flags.
Eugene - OR

How can we say we are fighting for freedom when we are undermining our own?
Eva - Rhode Island

If you don't stand for something; you will fall in love with everything. America will always be on your side. Victims of 9/11, we will never forget all of you.
Evelyn - MA

What moves us in my hometown is that as Americans, although we lost so much when the towers fell, we never lost hope for a better future and a stronger free nation.
Ezekiel - CA

Let's keep our America safe but free!
Ezekiel - CA

Do the right thing!

As a lawyer, I'm sworn to uphold the constitution.

Don't target audiences based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, or gender. We must protect the freedom that made this country great. restriction of freedom does not promote or bring security; The opposite is true.
Fatima - OH

While the ACLU's efforts are true, noble and cutting edge when it comes to fighting for our rights and freedoms. I truly believe that there is only one way to get rid of a corporate takeover, its lobbyists and the typical puppet politicians who sell themselves to corporations long before they take office. (except for a very small handful) This kind of systemic and deceitful deception of the American people as we are robbed and murdered daily in our name and with taxpayer dollars for simple greed and corporate gain, and nothing more elegant than that, IS , in fact, the true Nucleus and cancer of a great nation and "democracy". This law, now passed by our Supreme Court, gives greedy corporations the right to buy our "leaders". This is nothing short of treason as described in our Constitution and we must stand up and hold everyone accountable for such acts and the mass murder of millions of the world's citizens, including our own, who continue to be deceived in senseless wars. the advancement of big business. This change must include a free press, which does not exist because the mainstream media is also owned by corporations. Evil lurks in the dark, so we must make sure there is always a free press to serve as a beacon. Without them there can be no democracy, only the illusion of one. Thank you very much
Félix - TX

The Constitution: A Very Good Thing!
Flint - MA

I am deeply concerned that we are denying the rights of Guantánamo detainees. The rule of law should apply to everyone.
Florence - APPROX.

When fear reigns, we lose sight of the freedoms we hold dear.
Florence (Nina) - ca

Our country is currently under attack by members of Congress, not terrorists. Your actions will destroy people who are not in the top 2% of the super rich. Today, I fear our government's legislature more than I fear any terrorist. Please give us back our great country.
Hilo dental - NY

First, let's get all those "pseudo" Christians out of government or country who want a Christian-dominated America, no matter how unconstitutional that may be. Second, let's support a Palestinian homeland and stop pandering to Jewish money and votes. Peace in the Middle East will never be achieved without them. Peace in this country will never be achieved without putting Christians in their proper place outside the government.
Floyd-North Carolina

What we need is the economy of equivalences. An hour of work is an hour of work anywhere in the world. You will be paid in time credits, not dollars. Modern computers can calculate how long it takes, say, a pound of potatoes to get from farm to table. Pay in minutes, not dollars. Things are going to be very cheap because for the first time in history price and value are equal, that is, profits do not move the engine. People will work fewer hours and achieve a higher standard of living. This will end poverty all over the world. I can send detailed information on request.
Wald - California

We must be free from the fear of our own citizens bombarding us with... the fear of different people, different nations, different religions.
Fran - YOU

Let's remember that all human beings are created equal and have the same rights.
Fran Grayson - VT

All who have broken their oath to uphold the Constitution must make peace with the people.
Franziska - CA

Bin Laden is dead, we are now our worst enemy. Let's stop destroying our own freedoms.
Franziska - CA

Freedom and justice for all!
Franz – DU

My nephew, sergeant. Andrew C, Nicol War KIA, August 8, 2010 In defense of our Constitution. They killed him in Afghanistan.
Franz - MA

We need every member of this country to read the Bill of Rights and abide by its terms. Many pass over them just when we most need our attention.
Franziska - CA

If we live in fear and try to limit our freedoms, the terrorists will win.

It is shameful that the Bush administration took advantage of this terrible tragedy to get what it wanted. I promise to fight against the inhumane and immoral laws that our governments are trying to impose on us.
Francisco - IL

for the victims and families of the World Trade Center; I honor you in a moment of silence. Stop the war, all people want to live in peace.

I've been standing for over 50 years; Even when I'm tired, I stay still.
Frank - CA

Our constitution was written to guarantee our personal freedoms. It is reprehensible that “our government” used 9/11 as a vehicle to undermine these freedoms. Spying on US Citizens...... POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot compromise our principles in the name of the terrorists, so we are no better than them.
Frank - o

Responses must not be forced, they must be free will responses. Notice "free" as free!

The saddest of events, the consequences and the change in direction from respecting our individual rights may be even sadder, it is certainly not an adequate response to the crisis and leaves a false legacy to the heirs of our once proud and free society. .
Frank - AR

Frank - DE

we the people
Frank - MN

I escaped from the 49th floor of the South Tower on 9/11. Let no one take away our civil liberties in the name of this day. This means that the terrorists won.
Franklin-Nova York

I hope everyone in this country will continue to work together and protect our freedom forever.

The United States is its Constitution and Bill of Rights. To paraphrase Franklin, it's OUR republic if we can keep it.
Fred - New Jersey

Sadly, the torture and wars launched by our leaders after 9/11 did more to put our country on a downward trajectory than the events of 9/11 did.

The ACLU was one of the few groups that opposed the post-Pearl Harbor internment of Japanese Americans.
Peter - CA

We must never allow our enemies to force us to destroy our freedoms in the name of security.


Now read MANUFACTURING HYSTERIA by Jay Feldman... I would say most smart people wouldn't buy this, but FEAR... government sanctions and others and their times or crises whether economic warfare or environmental warfare and others. Fear is used to manipulate the public... secretly, openly, lying by omission, censorship, untruths, etc. etc. different control from us.
Friedrich - MI

Inner fear will destroy us... long before any outside force does. That's what our enemies count on. Only we can prevent this by insisting that our Constitution be respected and obeyed.

Learning about the Constitution and our rights should not end when we leave school.
Frederick-Nova York

Freedom for all, not just the few.
Fraude - APROX.

9/11 should not be used as an excuse to give up our freedoms.

America stands for freedom and justice for all people. Let's not let the power-hungry few take that away from the many!

Fear is the opposite of love. The more we fear, the less we love. So why do I love liberty and fear my government? The better question is why they fear me. I just want to be free And for the rest of humanity to be free like me. Free from slavery and all forms of tyranny. Free from all misery.
Gabriel - CA

Freedom is not free, but the middle class is the foundation of a democracy.
Gail - MA

In times as critical as these, we all need to remember the values ​​and price of our democracy.
Gail - CA

It is important to be alert, but not to succumb to irrational fear.
Sturm - TX

We don't need to act like our enemies to defend ourselves.
Ganapathy - NY

Bush lied ~ people died. I was in New York City that day, and I will never forget the tragedy or, for that matter, the tragedy of the Bush administration.
Gary - Pennsylvania

I refuse to fear terrorists whose only essential weapon is to spread fear. The next time a terror alert goes off on a bridge near you, ride your bike across it.
Gary - CA

We often give in to our fears when it comes to "the others" in our midst. Bold Americans embrace these differences.

In "time of crisis", I believe, any violation of a constitutional right to manage "crisis" is counterproductive to the alleged intent of such violators to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens.

We must reverse the path we took, otherwise the terrorists will have won.

Freedom of expression is a basic human right.

I love my country, my constitution and my freedoms. For this reason, I support the ACLU and its protection.

Freedom is the greatest asset that human beings can have, therefore, protecting our Constitution is everyone's responsibility.
Genaro - New York

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target groups based on race or religion and freely invade privacy. I promise to continue defending freedom.
Generation - AC

If we don't have our freedom, what is life worth?
Genette - FL

Let's use this anniversary to fight for an end to the two irresponsible wars we're in and focus on the ideals that make this country great.
Geoff - CA

We must preserve our heritage of freedom and justice for all.
George - Florida

11/09/73 we passed by the Chilean government. Nobody said we were terrorists.
Jorg - MN

I believe in a secular America, which I have championed every day of my 20-year career in the US Navy; one grounded in faith in the ideas of our nation's founders, who saw firsthand the dangers of church co-option of the state.
George - New Mexico

I was appalled that then President GW Bush used the tragedy of 9/11 as an excuse to violate international sovereignty and constitutionally protected national freedoms. These baseless attacks on freedoms cannot be tolerated!
George - New York

When we undermine our freedoms, we give victory to our enemies.
Jorge - Rhode Island

It is absurd to think that we can defend freedom by attacking freedom.
Jörg - VA

Make a difference by teaching others about the Constitution. Knowledge put into action is power. Together we have the power to bring about change.
Georg - Pennsylvania

Part of the idea of ​​American Exceptionalism is that we are a nation of laws designed to protect the rights of all and especially those least and sometimes most despised. It's easy to forget how hard we must fight to protect these rights.

The Constitution remains an important part of our freedom. Please use it correctly, don't bend it on bad roads.
Jörg - Florida

The Virginia Bill of Rights still applies even after the Patriot Act repealed the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Today, I use my intellect rather than a weapon in dealing with the current situation with the US government.
George - CA

We are all Americans. It doesn't matter what race, color or religion we belong to. We must all unite to protect our constitutional rights.
Georg - Pennsylvania

Fearing everything is not living.
Georgia - Arizona

Let freedom resonate with truth and fearlessness.
Georgia - CO

Freedom is the most precious thing we have; don't miss
Gerhard - MAS

If, like me, you want to take back your country, join me and thousands of others in occupying Washington beginning October 6th.
Geraldo - MN

Our "freedoms" still attract immigrants from all over the world, people who know what life is like with them.
Gerardo - FL

Undo the Patriot Act. It's outdated and dangerous.
Gerson-Nova York

We are all supposed to be equal before the law, and our government's duty is to protect people's rights.

The Patriot Act is completely unconstitutional, as are many members of Congress and senators who hold dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. We must go back to the PERIOD OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT in this country

When fear reigns, freedom dies. Give me back all my constitutional rights!
Glen - CO

Live free or die!
Canada - SMALL

the republican party sucks. Rock on Obama. Please vote again in 2012 for a Chamber of Deputies and a Senate for the DEM. Very important.
You have

Our greatest enemy is not external violence, but internal apathy.

Repeal the Patriot Act; Let's also keep employers from intrusive screening and asking too many personal questions.
Gloria - CA

It is important that we remove the blindfold forever and recognize the government's crimes against democracy (false flag attacks) such as 9/11 and find and prosecute the real perpetrators. Until then, they will continue to destroy what's left of our Constitution and everything else.

The commemoration of 9/11 should not be an excuse for continued anti-Muslim sentiment or the erosion of our civil liberties.
Gordon-North Carolina

One thing that is remembered from Howard Zinn's work is his insistence that PEOPLE HAVE POWER! Don't you think it's done?

We don't need to respond and remember these malicious attacks the way we did in restricting our freedom and rights. We need to respond with more hope, more freedom, more love, not fear.

At least for now, the terrorists have won, including our own supposed leaders.
Subsidy - CO

We are tired of living in fear. Stop attacking your own citizens.
Beça - CA

Even the mere threat of losing our freedom is actually losing our freedom.

I will always fight for freedom!
Gregor – Utah

Terrorists cannot completely defeat us, so they try to turn us against ourselves out of fear. Don't let them succeed.

The America I believe in protects the rights of all and does not abandon the Constitution when it is challenged.
Gregor - CA

We have gone too far down the path of fascism.
Gregg Bezirk - CA

Freedom and justice for all. how far have we come from these principles with the trickle-down economy, the lies of the right, the convergence with fascism, the plutocracy, if we are not there yet. We need a refresher course in basic patriotism.
Gregory - IL

If we have to ask ourselves if our own government is listening to us, is it still our government?
Gregor - M. A.

To get back to our constitution, we must correct our mistakes! Stop spying on the American people without a warrant - get this administration (G.W. Bushes) licensed for WAR CRIMES... just for starters
Gregor - VA

We fight wars against nations that did what we are doing now.
Gregor - New York

Western civilization is based on the principles and freedoms established by our Constitution... eroding its fundamental rights and truths for the sake of security has the opposite effect. The decline of Western civilization itself.
Gregory - OH

It's time for our presidential constitutional scholar to defend the constitution.
Grif - CA

"United we stand, divided we fall." Sadly, our great nation is in an extremely vulnerable position right now, as we seem divided between the haves and the have-nots. Let's fight for our great nation to be "of the people and of the people" again.

9/11 was a false flag operation led by Cheney and run by the PNAC gang. The towers were brought down by controlled demolition.
Guruneil - NM

I am so grateful to be able to help defend the Constitution through the ACLU, especially since there are others who are always trying to undermine it. I am very proud to be a member of the ACLU.

The attacks on our Constitutional rights since 9/11 have been relentless. All in the name of keeping us "safe". I would replace the word "deleted" with "safe".
Boy - MT

humanity first
Profit - NO

If not now, when?

Civil rights need more defense when power exploits fear!
H. Allen-CA

We the people are fed up with them ignoring the Constitution. We humans uphold a higher moral value in times of trouble. We the people believe in due process. We the people demand that you do your job and stop shifting the burden of your corporate warfare onto the poor and middle class while the rich get richer.
H. David - MA

A third is the only way to see true democracy in the country!
Hain Jr. - I A

In times of crisis, we must adhere even MORE to the Constitution and not trample on in the name of "security".
haley - florida

I follow a minority religion. I'm Sikh, we are the only turban wearers in the US. I don't want to feel like a suspect anymore.
Day - New Mexico

I am also concerned about far-right religious politicians who want to change our form of government to a Bible-based one.
Harold - United States

Susan Herman's book says it best. Everyone should buy a copy. I made.
Harald - DC

Ten years later, we need to stop being ruled by fear and distrust.
Harald - Kansas

United we are divided we fall.

You represent the first freedom that facilitates all others. I am proud to be a member.
Harald - Nova York

Peace achieved only through fear and intimidation is unacceptable. We can and must do better so Americans can speak proudly of their country today and for generations to come.

Stop the IT program! Help us process!!!

If nothing else, the terror of 9/11 means we must do even more to uphold diversity, trust, and unity among Americans of all colors and creeds and with our brothers and sisters around the world. A world of acceptance and tolerance is exactly what terrorists are trying to take away.

Let us never forget the principles on which our great nation was founded.
Heide - Pennsylvania

When you take things for granted, they take away the things they give you.
Heather - okay

I want America to be the country I came to as a refugee.
Hedy - MO

I think this country is becoming more and more fundamentalist and nationalist, which I think is dangerous. We were fine before the Bush administration literally got away with it. Since then it has been downhill. With the ACLU as a beacon, I still have some hope for a decent future for our grandchildren...
Heide - TX

"Nobody is free while others are oppressed."
Greece - MA

9/11 was a crime against humanity, but it did not justify the many crimes committed in response.
Helena - Nova York

Well government - stop trying to control every aspect of our lives. WHAT WILL TACTICS BE LIKE WHEN WE FINALLY HAVE THE COURAGE TO REVOLT? REALLY WRITTEN?
Elena - Florida

Please don't stop the fight.
he no

Don't be afraid, be bold and courageous, but always respect our civil liberties.
Helengen - Florida

Here I am: they testify against me before the Lord and before his anointed: whose ox have I taken? Or who did I get it from? Or who have I let down? Who did I oppress? Or from whom did I take a bribe to blind my eyes? and I will give it back to you 1 Samuel 12:3 When you devalue people, you devalue the dollar.

F.D.R. clearly said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!"
Henrique - CA

Many mistakes have been made over the years in the name of patriotism. If our constitution cannot guarantee us freedom and security, then it is a failure. I think it can.
Henry - Florida

When fear grips our opponents, we truly win. What makes this country great is its values ​​of freedom and the Bill of Rights.

As a proud American, I think it's really important that we all stand up for what we believe in. We cannot allow people to enter our country and take over. We must protect our country and do what is right for everyone.
Stechpalme - Pennsylvania

They win when we give up our freedoms. We must stay strong!

We will have to take to the streets and courts in large numbers to regain our civil liberties lost since 9/11.

We must uphold the Constitution and treat all people with dignity and kindness. The Bible also teaches us this.


1984 was not an owner's manual.
Eins - AI

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. We cannot allow threats, or the fear of threats, to compromise our identity as people with rights.

As President Roosevelt said: There is nothing to fear, but fear yourself!

We can be safe without compromising our freedoms.
In any

I enlisted right after my 18th birthday and served 24 years in the military. I am as committed to defending the Constitution today as I was as a young idealist.

Never since the end of the Cold War has a US president searched for enemies more than after 9/11; and when the Bush administration couldn't find them, it created them using the strategies mentioned above. It's time to use our Constitutional freedoms to win back our international allies, defeat our former enemies, and restore safety for everyone on Earth.

Our men and women fight for our freedoms every day, their sacrifices must not be in vain.
Irene - CA

The individual freedoms set forth in our Bill of Rights and Amendments are precious. Removing them for security reasons would lose sight of the bigger picture of these important documents and would be a setback for the United States. Instead, let's strengthen the Constitution by ensuring that ALL citizens (Native Americans, African Americans, people of all races, religions and walks of life) are guaranteed the same unalienable rights.
Irene - Nova York

The 2001 attacks became the main pretext for decimating our civil liberties. Terrorists didn't destroy our constitution, we did it ourselves.

It is time for us Americans to take back our power from the greedy warmongers and parasitic, ruthless private corporations that profit from the pain of others. It's time to bring home our troops who needlessly die on foreign soil every day to protect the interests of oil companies. Let's rebuild our nation with dignity and pride.
Ivan - WA

We must defend freedom to protect ourselves from the intrusion of state surveillance. We must democratize control over official surveillance systems.
Ivan - New York

I believe in the Constitution and live by it. Let's promise to continue our freedom.
Yvette - New York

I find it incredible that 9/11 was used as an excuse to abuse our civil rights and our way of life without continuing to unwittingly inspire fear in the American people.

When we saw the 9/11 attacks. We were terrified and scared. Sadly, we gave in to terror and, in the name of security, bribed the very freedoms we loved. We let the terrorists win by changing the way we operate. We can change it again. We already have the laws there, in the Constitution, to do that. We all have to fight for this and ourselves and I will fight until the day I die.

Never forget 9/11/2001. Never forget Bush in this moment: seven minutes of stunned silence. Never forget Bush's words the next day: "Go shopping" and EPA Director Whitman: "The air is safe." Never forget "Bin Laden Determined to Attack America," the actionable September 2001, which Bush failed to respond to and which allowed thousands to be killed. Never forget where Bush invaded in response: Iraq, where Saddam sincerely denied weapons of mass destruction, not Afghanistan, where Osama then went and still trains Al-Qaeda and kills the American bin Laden twice. Never forget the PATRIOT Act, which tramples on the Constitution: wiretapping, torture, holding people without charge, etc. from the bad FDNY and EMS radios. Never forget Election Day: These and other Republicans never got Osama; Democrat Obama did just that.
J. Andrew - New Jersey

There is no more important time to defend liberty than when it is most challenged by those who prefer expediency to law.
J. Eric - OR

We must return to a Democratic Republic based on our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the checks and balances of 3 separate branches of government, the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. Let the legislature make the laws, the judiciary make sure the laws are constitutional, and the executive branch enforce the laws. The President does not have to legislate with orders or letters. It is up to the legislator to make the laws.
J. Robert-CA

Freedom without life is meaningless. Victims of terrorism around the world have no other choice. They are brutally robbed of their lives and therefore their freedom. There has to be a balance between protecting our rights and protecting our lives. The latter comes first. So, when there is no other choice, it's better to have a few people wrongfully arrested than to tear many more innocent people to pieces because civil rights activists insisted on releasing terrorist suspects. If you don't agree with this logic, I suggest you review your priorities.
JJ California

The exploitation of 9/11 began almost immediately as the loss of over 2,900 lives was used to justify all manner of legislation and military action that continues to this day. Neither these precious lives nor the Constitution should be subjected to such flagrant and gross abuses.
jl - DE

Jack – Florida

freedom is not free
Cat - NC

freedom now!
Jack - WI

I regret that we have to be introduced to our property in this way. Today I will try to get people who participated in the 9/11 revelations against the doctrine of external invasion to register with the Peace and Freedom Party, which works to build the socialist struggle. Under Proposition 14, if we don't double our registration by 2013, we will be disqualified. This comes at a time when we are working to join forces to bring socialism to elections across America.
Johannes - CA

The purpose of these locally planned attacks was to impose on all of us proposals that would restrict freedom more severely.
Johannes - CA

We only have one chance to lose our freedom, once it's gone it's gone forever.

I have already volunteered several times for long shifts at Capela de São Paulo. This started about two weeks after 9/11, when the flames were still burning and the air was ablaze with toxicity. While at ground zero, I felt like I was at the intersection of good and evil. The first responders and, later, the retrievers all did holy work. Our society needs to improve! We can do better. We must do better; And we can and must do so in ways that strengthen and protect the civil rights and liberties of all of us!
Jack David - Nova York

Democrat or Republican, EVERYONE has the right to pursue their own American Dream. But no one can pursue their American Dream if they are deprived of the freedom to follow their own hearts and minds. Mr. President, protect the freedoms and rights of ALL Americans, not just the lucky few who were born rich.
Jackie - New Jersey

Without our civil liberties, we are not free.
Jackie - Georgia

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Beware of small expenses. A small leak will sink a big ship.” This leak violates the rights of the American people.
Jacob - Pennsylvania

Becoming a peacemaker is the only way to honor those who died on this day. May we pursue peace as passionately as most seek war and revenge.
Jakob - TX

We must not overreact, regardless of the provocation.
Jacob - VT

Get the corporations out of our government. Give it back to the people.
Jacqueline - CA

In the face of fear and danger, freedom and tolerance are needed more than ever.

It is unfortunate that 9/11 was used to circumvent the Constitution. For my part, I will welcome the day when we return to our good values ​​and defend our civil rights.
Jaqueline - MD

People need to stop feeding hate and start spreading love to everyone because of this tragic event! I think if everyone got together and started looking out for each other, we could avoid another tragedy in the future!

The purpose of the constitution is primarily to protect the interests of the people from the government.
jake - television

Racial discrimination affected me in ways I can't even explain. But long story short, it not only hurts me, but also my race and how the world views this country. We stick together.
Jamaica - SC

A democracy is government of the people by the people, not against the people. My how things have changed.
James - SD

As a military veteran, I was willing to lay down my life in defense of our freedoms, including freedom from oppression and freedom from government interference. That our chosen ones betrayed us by abandoning our values ​​at a difficult time is the worst offense of all.
James - CA

Civil liberties must be protected even in difficult times. We must adhere to the principle of innocence until proven otherwise.
James - VA

I always define the constitution, I see the hand of God in it. see tsl.org
James - CA

I'm afraid all our communications are being monitored. For whose freedoms are our soldiers fighting?
Jakob – Arizona

I never really understood the importance of the Constitution until I lived next door to a public defender and he explained to me that all people have rights that the Constitution provides and what separates the US from other political systems is the reality of this document and how it is applied. for all.
James - MI

I refuse to give up my freedom for a false sense of security. An iron fist can protect, but it can also crush.
James - OH

If we don't stand up for our civil principles and liberties, it becomes a witch hunt.
James - YOU

Intolerance of diversity breeds fear and fear breeds hate. THAT is un-American.
James - North Carolina

Legalize freedom!

My message is clear and simple: if we can't keep our freedom and still be safe (which I believe we can), I'd rather stay insecure, period.
James - AE

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.
James - Tennessee

One of our Founding Fathers once said, “When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is freedom." JFK also said, "There is little value in spreading our nation's survival if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is a great danger that the proclaimed need for greater security will be exploited by those who wish to expand its meaning in as little "detail" as possible. Limits of Official Censorship and Obfuscation”. we will never forget
James - CA

Only Americans can destroy America.

Our enemies only win when we give in to terror, destroying our basic civil liberties.

Our founding fathers were right from the start, we don't need to give up our freedoms for safety, we just need better leaders.
James - Tennessee

For the past decade, our leaders have tried to turn this country into a fascist police state in the name of national security. You must not be successful.
James - CA

Peace for Freedom for Peace
Jacob - ok

James - M. A.

Stop the fear and hate!
James - CA

The phrase "freedom is not free" applies to the ACLU more than any other organization in the United States.

James - North Carolina

The fight for freedom, equality and individual liberty is America's story.

There's nothing to worry about.
James - NH

That document has survived and guided generations of Americans. Even in World War II, when we arrested Japanese Americans out of fear rather than rationality, the Constitution prevailed. Take this opportunity to commit to our fathers' Constitution, on which this great nation is founded, and uphold the values ​​of our ancestors. Jim
James - New Mexico

This tragedy was co-opted by wealthy Bush administration interest groups to further their agenda during the war in Iraq. Furthermore, by passing laws that promote "national security", the upper classes have increased their control, manipulation and consistent subjugation of the poor and middle classes. "Never waste a crisis if you can make money out of it!" He worked for the rich.
James - CO

Being free requires commitment to yourself, others and the ideals of living in a peaceful and enriching society that is now expanding across the world.
James - OH

we lose if we keep giving up our freedoms and giving in to the intimidation of a police state
James - Florida

We must be vigilant against terrorists as well as against those who violate our rights as free citizens.
James - Florida

We must commit to stopping the rapid erosion of the freedoms we enjoy.
James - Florida

We must be just as diligent in defending our Constitutional freedoms from enemies at home and abroad, and unfortunately, American leaders are often the enemy in this fight.
James - CA

We must remain vigilant to protect our civil liberties while protecting our country. This is possible without violating the constitution.
James - CA

We must never lower our standards of behavior in the treatment of prisoners.
James - A

When we allow terrorists to scare us into taking away our civil rights and liberties, they achieve their goal of destroying our society and its values.
James - VT

Liberty is not free, nor can it be defended against the majority of those who seek to belittle or belittle it.
James B. - New Mexico


All people are equal.
january - good

Freedom. Remember this word and teach our children and grandchildren its deep meaning.
Eins - CA

If we claim to be the example of the world, we must behave correctly and act in accordance with the rule of law.
Janan - OH

How can Dick Cheney presume that his decision to allow torture was the right one?
Jane - VA

I am grateful for the ACLU>
Jane - Kentucky

In recent years, I have watched and heard how our Constitutional rights have been slowly but systematically stripped away. It's time for the American people to stand in solidarity against everyone, including our own government, whose agenda is to undermine the people.
Jane - VA

I pledge again to defend freedom
Jane - CA

Let freedom ring!
Jane - Florida

Freedom is the basis of security. A patriot would not allow a terrorist to change the world. Nothing new about terrorism. The founders established the American Way in full awareness of evil. The zero risk target means more risk. The terrorists' strategy is to make the target go into self-destruct mode, wasting resources and attacking itself. An analogy is that the body self-destructs in response to pathogens with fever and inflammation, which would last longer if the host survived. Self-destruction is not the wisest form of defense. Don't honor terrorists with imitations.
Jane - Florida

I feel so much more insecure knowing that so many rights have been taken away from me.
Janelle - WA

I love my country and will always speak out against those who paralyze it. We must not allow terrorists, fear or our own government to silence us.
Janet- MO

Too many people have died protecting our freedom, to allow our constitution to be subverted by selfish interest groups and intelligence agencies. Americans need to realize the real dangers we face at home.

Because of the rich, our government is going down the drain.
Janice - MD

Big Brother is here and we invite you to FEAR.
Janice - Carolina del Sur

If we lose our freedom, we lose the "war on terror".
Janice - AZ

We must never forget.
Janice - Tennessee

I have no new messages, keep up the good work ACLU
Janine - CA

On 9/11, we must mourn not only the loss of thousands of lives, but also the loss of our freedom. Will our beloved nation ever be the same?

Enough... Balance is important. There is no reason for us to live in such fear.
Janis - North Carolina

I will not stop fighting for equality, freedom, people power and justice until I die.
Jared - DE

Government for and by the people, not special interests that think they can use a disaster like 911 to implement policies that attack our rights to privacy and our freedoms of religion, press, and expression.
Jason - CA

If 9/11 takes away our freedom, then the terrorists have gained something, and something significant. For a man (or a woman), freedom is not something to be trifled with. Freedom or death, we don't settle for anything in between.
Jason - CO

from the people, goodbye to the people and for the people... learn, live, love and then do!!!!

9/11 really shocked America. We must work together and protect our freedoms. We must continue to promote education, employment, health services, our rights and our beliefs. We have the ability to make a difference and we must continue to fight for our rights. Things may look bad in America right now, but we have the power to change things. We must trust God and believe in him in uncertain times. We are not fighting flesh and blood, we are fighting the principalities and powers of darkness in the world. We must stand up and fight for what we believe in and help those less fortunate. Together, we can make a difference in America and take back what was taken from our country.

The Bill of Rights and our Constitution are absolute and represent the ultimate protection of American ideals. They don't need additional help from politicians to protect us.
Jason - New York

We are all citizens of planet Earth and we must refuse to continue to be manipulated into war by corporations.
Jason - YOU

While I wasn't surprised when it happened, I was surprised as I coached the students that it took so long, both for the same reasons when capitalists were treating America and right after he was crowned dictator Bush. USA and the world. Yes, I firmly believe that 9/11 was not created to intensify the destruction of the poor in America and the world in the spirit of the Capitalist. Therefore, WE MUST CHANGE 9/11 from what the capitalists made it, more money and power that makes noise, into an instrument to spread understanding, appreciation, peace and love!
Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Right Beings - FL

While I wasn't surprised when it happened, I was surprised as I coached the students that it took so long, both for the same reasons when capitalists were treating America and right after he was crowned dictator Bush. USA and the world. Yes, I do not entirely believe that 9/11 was not created to intensify the destruction of the poor in America and the world in the spirit of the Capitalist. Therefore, WE MUST CHANGE 9/11 from what the capitalists made it, more money and power that makes noise, into an instrument to spread understanding, appreciation, peace and love!
Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Right Beings - FL

9/11 is an excuse for the government to take away our freedom.
Xavier - New York

And that includes our Amendment right to keep AND bear arms.
Jayna - CA

I think it's important that those who quote and abuse the Constitution be held accountable and apologize to the American people for their blatant lies.

I am a descendant of one of the 50 American casualties in the Battle of King's Mountain. He didn't die for some rich men. He died to set us free!
John - Pennsylvania

I want to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave... America!

The constitution only has value if we consistently adhere to it. Making it an "Only in Good Times" song allows our worst instincts and prejudices to surface and rule our lives.
Johannes - YOU

America is a country of different peoples and their different religious beliefs. It is hard to imagine a single spiritual belief in existence on Earth that is not shared or held by someone in the United States. The terms "Islamic terrorists" and "Islamic extremists" are terminologies that I have vehemently rejected from the beginning of their use by our politicians and our media everywhere. You don't hear the Italian mafia being called "Catholic extremists" or "Catholic terrorists", although historically this has been the religious background of Italian education. We need to use the correct terminology for criminals anywhere in the world: criminal, bandit, bandit - see the following entries for synonyms for these types of organized criminals (who do not or should belong to any specific ethnic or religious group). ): "Main entry: organized crime Part of speech: noun Definition: coordinated criminal organization Synonyms: Black Hand, Cosa Nostra, mafia, gang, mafia, organized crime family, the syndicate, the mafia, the scams, the syndicate, the underworld.." From Thesaurus.com.
Johannes - CA

We must "honor" our constitution, otherwise interior designers will win.

Since President Bush made that statement, "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorist," we've faced an increasing loss of our liberty and civil liberties. Now we have so many private security companies creating fear where there is none that our security will be compromised.
Juan L.-FL

National Preparedness Month Coalition Member - TRI County Community Emergency Response Preparedness Team
Jean - New Jersey

We must be the "land of the free" without being the land of the fearful. We must remember that many of us make the daily promise of "one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all". I hope we can eliminate hate and sow love in its place.

I support the ACLU's efforts to protect our civil rights.
Jeff - New York

If we give up our freedom for security, we have none. We can have both. Stand firm against tyranny!

Ten years later, we see our elected officials acting more power-hungry than ever. As John Locke said, "When government abuses the rights of the governed, it is the natural responsibility of the people to rise up and overthrow their leaders."
Jeff - Florida

The elites' use of fear to control the population after 9/11 was a relentless abuse of power. The perceived relentless state of emergency associated with the post-9/11 climate in America allows for continued violation of certain constitutional safeguards. Coercive interrogations of terrorist suspects are tolerated, if not fully sanctioned, by the government and its people, but liberal courts have consistently found that coercion leads to unreliable information. In the same way, “voluntary” and “mandatory” are terms subject to legal interpretation, questioning when the first ends and the second begins. To take this notion a step further, it is the same ambiguous language that challenges the credibility of coerced confessions and blurs the line between interrogation and torture.
Jeff - Pennsylvania

The United States differs from previous great powers in history by being “romantic”, ie. really believes in fairness and fairness. Sometimes he values ​​value more than interest. This unprecedented uniqueness makes it a beacon of the world. People from all over the world who have justice and fairness in their hearts would love America. This may also be the reason why God blesses us. Let's face it, the prosperity and power the US enjoys today is not inevitable. It's more like an accident. It's more like God's blessing. It's a privilege, don't let terrorists destroy it. Don't let Al Queda win. The alternative is obvious: by suspending the principles of justice and freedom, you get an America unlike any other country in the world, or even some developing countries. When you come across films about the Third World, you can feel how blessed you are: "God, I'm glad this isn't happening here." Now take a moment to imagine stripping away the Constitution's protections. you see Yes, it can happen here. People are equal, especially those in power. It's only because of the Constitution that it didn't happen here. We have an obligation to create a better world for ourselves and our children.
Jeff - BC

We must overcome fear to be truly free. We need to reintroduce our Bill of Rights.
Jeffery - WI

"Unless you repent, you will all perish like them." Rabbi Yehoshua ben Yosef
Jeffrey - WI

I advocate not just protecting our government, but also expanding these freedoms and protections to protect us from corporations.
Jeffrey - California

If we give up civil and personal liberties, what is the point of preventing foreign enemies from invading our country?
Jeffrey - MI

If we lose our freedom to defend ourselves, then we lose what we stand for.
Jeffrey - Pennsylvania

The vision of our founding fathers was a small government, governed by the people and subject to the will of the people. This is you and me! Do you feel like you have something to say? This country must be ruled by the overwhelming majority, not the wealthy minority.
Jeffrey - DE

The USA Patriot Act is anything but patriotic. Ben Franklin said that those who would sell their freedom for security deserve nothing.
Jeffrey - Pennsylvania

We must investigate and prosecute the Bush administration's illegal activities and reverse the abusive features of the Patriot Act. We need to install surveillance units in security and law enforcement agencies to ensure that all activities are legal. Only by protecting our individual rights and freedoms can we be an example of freedom to the world.
Jeffrey - California

We the people will wake up and rise up to reclaim our republic from money driven corporations.
Jeffrey - VT

YES! . . . I am for true freedom. . .
Jeffrey - Florida

We must remember our ways of freedom and strive to be consistent with their meaning. People rule, not corporations.
just what

America can and should be safe and free.
Jene - OH

Companies are not people. The founding fathers feared corporate power for reasons that are now clear to everyone. We must fight to reclaim America for THE PEOPLE.
Jeni - New York

lets be free
Jenny - MN

Fear is the oldest tactic in the book for enforcing the law and abusing people. When we are afraid, we tend to sit still, make bad decisions and eventually lose our freedom. WE MUST protect our Constitution, as our forefathers learned by living in FEAR and coming to America to be FREE, and to ensure that all others who followed them also live in the LAND OF FREEDOM...
As Jennies - O

America is a country run by the people and for the people. It is not a prison run by quasi-elected overlords. Protect our freedoms and we'll take care of the rest.
Jennifer - Carolina do Norte

I'm sorry for the loss of life that day, but I'm also sorry for the loss of America's Innocence. The events of 9/11 hurt us deeply, but we are hurt even more by the actions of those who swore to uphold our values. They took advantage of us while we were suffering to pass policies that hurt American sensibilities. How they sleep at night is beyond me.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said that people who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve nothing. That's why we must remember 9/11 by protecting our rights as free citizens, otherwise all the people who died in this tragedy died in vain.
Jennifer - MA

I will not be limited by fear. I choose to defend freedom.
Jennifer - Nevada

If we forfeit our constitutional civil liberties in the name of national security, the terrorists of 9/11 will have accomplished their mission to destroy America and what it stands for. As guardians of freedom, we can never allow this.
Jennifer - MI

It is our constitution and our freedoms that make our enemies hate us so much. If we sacrifice our rights in the name of "security", we are playing into the terrorists' hands and making our country a little smaller than it should be. As the famous quote (attributed with minor wording variations to several Founding Fathers) goes, those who give up liberty in the name of security deserve nothing.
Jennifer - Carolina do Norte

Thank you ACLU for defending our freedoms after 9/11. These freedoms really make our country great.
Jennifer - CO

The unity we had in the days that followed showed us the best of America, the best of humanity. Washington DC will certainly squander that, both at home and abroad, and erode our freedoms. Today we are more divided than ever. I promise to ensure that we see the best in ourselves and others. I promise to ensure that we remember our humanity, what we have in common, and that together we stand, divided we fall.
Jennifer - Nova York

With our Constitution, we are stronger as a nation, and our determination to defend it against erosion will help us pursue justice.
Jennifer - O

We must continue to fight for our rights and freedoms to prevent this catastrophic event from happening again.
Jennifer - CA

Justice also means understanding the roots of what we call terrorism and making sure we don't feed into those roots.
Jenny - MA

The measure of a society is not the rights of its citizens, which it protects in easy times, but in difficult times...
Jens - NOVO

Freedoms are too valuable and important to simply sacrifice them out of fear.
Jeri - WI

Let us use this moment of remembrance to strengthen our commitment to peace and social justice.

jerilyn kay - wi

Since 9/11, we have lost many freedoms. "Whoever gives up freedom for security does not deserve it." I intend to continue to defend the freedom of everyone in this nation.
Jerold e Josephine - NM

We must protect our rights and not live in fear.
Jeronimo - CA

Eliminate the Patriot Act; & T S A and restore my constitutional rights.
Jerry - MA

I have a light in my bedroom window at home that will stay on until the Patriot Act is repealed. The last ten years have been disastrous for civil liberties in our country and we are all hurt by it.
Jerry - CA

I defend the constitution when it is attacked by right-wing extremists like the Tea Party who want to tamper with and change the constitution. Race and religion cannot be discriminated against by the Constitution, whether you are a Tea Party Republican or an ordinary American. Discrimination and racism are totally unacceptable under the US Constitution.
Jerry - AR

Transparency creates freedom; Fear breeds tyranny.
Jerry - CO

We must reaffirm and reclaim our freedoms lost in the Patriot Act. We must stop living in fear. A free people have less to fear than the guarded.

At least 9/11 was deliberately allowed to benefit the military-industrial complex and, of course, provoke a war in the Middle East.
Jesse – Los Angeles

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Jesse - Nova York

It's time to repeal the Patriot Act, a law that unpatrially deprives Americans of their basic rights. On the tenth anniversary of that tragic event, it is more important than ever that we as a country recommit ourselves to protecting civil rights and personal freedoms, unhindered by draconian laws like the Patriot Act.
Jesse VI

A tragedy happened ten years ago. We come together as one nation. Some leaders have decided to take advantage of our patriotism and turn it into hatred of Muslims and others. We must take back America.

We have no valid excuse for being a nation that terrorizes the rights and privileges of its own citizens. Virtue can only be as real - and viable - as the values ​​that underpin it.
Jessica - New Jersey

bin Laden wins when we lose our freedom. We only have one voice, but we are many.
Jill - CA

I grew up in this country even though I am a naturalized citizen. The commitment I made when I took my oath still means something to me. I wonder if members of Congress have ever thought about the oath they took.
Jill - CA

Defend the constitution in all dark hours and threats. . . . from outside and inside.
Jim Carolina del Sur

No one can look back on what those brave souls on Flight 93 did, letting go of their fear of doing the right thing. The heart swells with their incredible patriotism. True patriotism fights for what is right. And there is nothing more beautiful than freedom.
Jim - CA

the right is NOT aware of the Constitution
Jim - Nova York

According to the US Constitution, everyone has the right to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't harm others or limit their freedom.
Jim - CA

We Americans have become less "Home to the Brave and Land of the Free" in recent years. We are ready to easily give up our individual freedoms because we lack courage.
Jim - Nova York

What would Jefferson have thought about the abuse of power and the loss of responsibility to obey the Constitution and keep the public informed? I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Jim - New Jersey

I'm a big believer in our Constitution, but with Democrats and Republicans bent on the post-apocalypse and Fringe wanting to take away our rights, like the environment, I'm starting to wonder if it's too late?! !
John P-FL

I read the biographies of nearly 200 of our Founding Fathers, Revolutionary War leaders/heroes, Civil War leaders/heroes, frontiersmen and pioneers. As strong as the spirit of liberty was in its day, it is even more evident today.
Jimmy - North Carolina

9/11 was an inside job. building 7?? detonation? When I saw it on TV, it looked like it was on TV, and a few years later we found out that it was a justification for endless war and corporate feudalism. The dumbest population doesn't take their eyes off their 3D 4G apps to care.

Freedom also includes the freedom to eat organic food, buy supplements, and breathe chemtrail-free air. This country was founded on the principles of government by, for, and by the people, but has been desecrated by corporate takeovers that have turned it into a corporate oligarchy that, without warning, changes the constitution to bolster its greed. People are being deprived of their constitutional rights.
Johannes - Nova York

I don't like muslims and I think a lot of men should be neutral as cats, but I'm an atheist...
Joana - FL


To be free we must respect everyone.

I believe in keeping our country safe for everyone and I salute all who risk their lives for our freedom; 9-11 will always be remembered in our hearts.
Joann - CA

I regret that our Constitution has been hijacked by people who quote it incessantly and make it say exactly what it means.
Joana - IN

In our oath of allegiance, let us become the “indivisible” nation.
Joann - DE

Honor our fallen heroes by waving your American flag on 9/11.
Joana - CA

"Domestic enemies" take away more freedoms than "external enemies".
Joana - New York

Let us not give up our freedoms out of fear. Remember we are the home of the free and the brave.
Joanne - Pennsylvania

I appeal to our President, Professor of Constitutional Law, to restore our Constitution. Otherwise, the terrorists won.
Joana - New York

Living in a country where attacks never crossed our minds, we let fear prevail over common sense. That's why, now more than ever, we must ensure that our rights as Americans are protected.
Joanne - New Jersey


Our leaders used bin Laden's attack as an excuse to continue attacking the American people on all fronts. must stop

Since September 11, 2001, more than 6,000 young men and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's stop killing NOW! jody new york
Jody - New Jersey

"The greatest hindrance to freedom is zealous men and women, well meaning, but without knowledge or understanding." Former Supreme Court Justice LOUIS BRANDEIS
Joe - AR

"We the people..." is still the beginning of the US Constitution.
Joel - Pennsylvania

I promise that I will do everything in my power to defend freedoms and the Constitution, and I promise to support anyone who supports the Constitution and your freedoms.
Joel - Pennsylvania

If we give up the ideals of Great America, the terrorists will have won.
Joel - CA

When you consider how many ways we've changed our behavior since September 11, 2001, giving up freedoms and subjecting ourselves to ridiculous security measures, you must conclude that the terrorists won.

Justice denied to one person is denied to all.
Joel - television

Let's clean up the rubbish that has turned this country into such a mess and stand with those who want freedom.


As a member, I call on all Americans to fight for our country and all its people, not just white Christians.

As a veteran and freedom fighter, I join the ACLU in its call for a return to sanity, balance, and effective politics. The last decade has been marked by a massive loss of civil liberties, ironically coupled with "preparatory" measures that have undermined American exceptionalism. What should future men in uniform swear to? Every day and in almost every new policy, we lose a part of our national identity, our uniqueness, our love for humanity and our freedom. Get up and fight!
Johannes - CA

As a Vietnam veteran, I can share my feelings returning home after fighting our country's battle abroad, but I won't because I've matured. Patriotic sentiments can easily make us feel that our Constitution and its rules of liberty do not apply in times of conflict or disagreement. So we remember, when a person, anyone, loses a right or sees their right violated, we all suffer. Our Constitution is the foundation on which our country is built. I am proud to carry the only card in America that actually pledges our elected representatives; Defend the Constitution against all enemies at home and abroad.

As America returns to medieval fiefdoms of lords of wealth protected by dog ​​pits and sewer drones, let's unite to avoid our eternal enslavement...thanks ACLU for being there...the attacks on the bastions of The New Rich will be much harder this time
john - hello

As fear rises, freedoms begin to die

As a proud Vietnam era veteran; He was shocked and embarrassed by the Bush/Cheney administration. However, President Obama and CIA Director Leon Panetta tracked down and dispatched a team of Marines that successfully killed Osama Bin Laden. It's time to end the Bush-Cheney war on terror.
Johannes - Nova York

As American citizens, we must protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Juan - M.A.

At age 75, I have been a member of the ACLU for nearly half a century. It's a connection I like and adore. I trust the organization to protect our precious freedoms from widespread attacks against them now (but when isn't it?).
john - me

Don't give in to populist pressure from "officials" who say giving up your rights makes us safer, they're wrong. Giving up your freedoms does not make you any safer, nor is it respectful of all the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect their freedoms.
Johannes - CA

Fear is the servant of terrorism. Walking in the same authoritarian moral ditch as the terrorists is the worst way to remember those who died on 9/11. We honor them best by insisting on our freedom.
John - New Jersey

Freedom is never free. It comes with a great sacrifice. Peace is born where it is dressed in love, but many people harbor hate instead of love. Let's remember the victims of 9/11 as great heroes who gave their lives to better protect our freedoms. You cannot give each other a larger than life gift.
John - New Jersey

Freedom requires courage. Let's dare to be free.
John - Carolina do Sul

Freedom. Use it or lose it.
Johannes - CA

From Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to buy a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security." to reverse the failure and restore the Bill of Rights.
Johannes - VT

Take a copy of Orwell's 1984, cross out the title and write 2024. That's the only change needed to understand where America is going, and NOTHING will stop the people in control from scrapping the Constitution.
John - Pennsylvania

As tragic as it is, 9/11 was an opportunity for Americans to be proud of what their country stands for. Instead, we live in fear and despair because the freedoms our constitution grants us have been eroded in the name of national security. It's our fault.
john - me

I call on Congress to repeal laws that deny freedoms. I call on the courts to strike down unconstitutional laws and condemn those who abuse power.
Johannes - Nova York

I refuse to live in a country where I am afraid, I live in a country of freedom.
John - A

I want to live in a nation that we had when I was a kid. I'm 66 years old now.
John - CO

I will do everything in my power to defend my civil liberties and those of my fellow citizens. If we don't all do it, our country will surely go bankrupt.
Johannes Los Angeles

I will vote for anyone who supports this agenda, none of the major parties currently.
Juan - MD

Ideologues do not make democracy.
Johannes - CA

If the radicals in our country take it in the name of "freedom" and security and take away our freedoms, then the terrorists have already won.

It says "Give me freedom or give me death", not "Take my freedom and make me safer".

It is not scripture, but it is the best hope we have for freedom.

Just because we were born American citizens doesn't exempt us from continuing to work hard to keep the privileges strong!
Johannes - CA

We will always strive to protect our Constitution. It is a living document. If he dies, our nation dies too.
Juan-Virginia Occidental

Freedom and justice for all! Let freedom ring!
João - WE

My family came to this country 100 years ago in search of freedom and I intend to support my family's wish.
Johannes - CA

My prediction of a firestorm/bloodbath in this country is years too late. Keep living like GODS in DC, on OUR $, while WE barely SURVIVE... more and more freedom And busting people's pockets... keep it up... A friend of my mother's worked in a feed store in a town growing up in Arkansas...she was amazed at how many "typical Joe Farmers" she heard talking about the gun revolution,... WE MISS YOU GUMS voting against astronomical salaries, benefits etc and the corporate drool and the few that already Allow let the wealthy shareholders benefit by sending our jobs overseas so they can get the second coat of platinum for their hats at our expense... ANY animal will bite if mistreated long enough, even the sheep the American people turned. at the.

Never give up the fight for our secular constitution.
john - me

Nine eleven left a scar on the heart of every American. Everyone with a soul cried that day. I didn't need to be there to feel the pain of loss because we all lost something that day, our FREEDOM!

Our Constitution is a living guide that must be treated with the utmost care and respect. Avoiding it is contrary to your intention and your growth.
Johannes - CA

Our country has suffered far more damage at the hands of politicians and off-bid contractors; than any terrorist, foreign or national.
Johannes - Nova York

Security without freedom is no security at all.

Stop the illegal assault on our basic constitutional rights. "We found the enemy and we are." pogo

stop the wars
Johannes - CA

Amendments 15, 19, and 24 must be cited in Arizona voting rights
Johannes - Nova York

The Constitution was scrapped well before 9/11 and now, thanks to the usual criminal Republicans, we have state-sanctioned torture and murder.
Juan - MD


The divisive nature of current American politics undermines our freedom and national security. We need to stay stronger together, especially in the face of so many challenges.

The idea of ​​freedom defines us.
Johannes - CA

The memory of 9/11 was used to bully us into giving up our freedom.
John - Florida

The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government, so let's tie the latter to the chains of the Constitution, lest the latter become the legalized version of the former. -Thomas Jefferson
Juan - MD

The United States Constitution is our last line of defense. We cannot allow right-wing Christian fascists to destroy it.
Johannes - CA

The United States of America exists because of immigrants! Our strength is in diversity!
Johannes - CA

This is not a very positive message, but for the first time in almost 63 years, I am afraid of my country. Nobody should feel that way in this country. This is not what this country has been fighting for 235 years. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy and unfortunately our response must allow us to become a police state and supposedly at war with the rest of the world.

True security equals freedom; without freedom we are not really safe!

War criminals must be brought to justice.

We are not afraid of the government. Because freedom is an idea. One that no government can stifle with fear or oppression.
Johannes - CA

We live in dangerous and exciting times. It is a time of crisis and opportunity. Now is the time to throw off the yoke of crippling fear and apathy and stand up for what is right, as the framers of the United States Constitution did.
João - OR

We must fight for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all as we want for ourselves.
John - Pennsylvania

What do we need more protection from? It would take away our freedom.
Johannes - Nova York

When we become a police state in the name of freedom and you're wondering what went wrong, remember that the terrorists already won.
Johannes - Nova York

Without freedom, life is mere existence. Know the priorities and work accordingly.
John - A

We are a free country as long as we stand united against the US government.
Johnny N. - Nevada

America is not America if we spend our lives reacting out of fear. We're better than that.

By definition, the purpose of terrorism is to bring about political and social change through the use of fear. The erosion of our freedoms as a result of 9/11 is a victory for those who would harm us. Furthermore, it is a grave insult to the lives and memory of the victims of 9/11 that we allow their deaths to be used as a tool to destroy their homes.
Jon - OH

Our own government played into the hands of the very hands that attacked us on 9/11 by dismantling our Constitution... something neither bombing nor assassination could have accomplished without the complicity of Americans in positions of authority who ONLY care about their own politics with the races. and personal power.
Jon - M.A.

We are America and we are adults :*)
Johannes - Nova York

We must stand firm against fearmongers who subvert the Constitution in the name of protecting Americans.
Jon - THAT

It scares and annoys me that ten years after 9/11 and with the erosion of our civil liberties so painfully obvious, the left is burying its head in the sand instead of discussing what to do about the erosion of those liberties. Having a Democratic president didn't eliminate abuse, and pretending everything is fine now is ridiculous.

Restore constitutional rights and freedoms immediately. It is the only vehicle of democracy that sets our country apart from all others. Since 9/11, this vehicle has been running "empty-handed" thanks to the transgressions of the Bush and Obama administrations. Makeup Restoration NOW!!!
Jonathan - CA

Speech and truth keep them free and not exposed to fear
Jonathan - New York

The constitution is the foundation of our rights and freedoms. it is sacrosanct. chauvinism and warmongering; Igniting the flames of fear to better control the herd so that more money can flow into the pockets of the ultra-rich and powerful is inhumane and inhumane.
Jonathan - New York

Abandon all fear and fly into the future. Our greatest power as the United Nations is our freedom. This brings billions of foreigners to the United States every year. That human desire to earn a living and raise a family as a free individual. The desire to protect our desire for freedom is also our greatest defense. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are our guarantee of that freedom.

Freedom, you don't know what you have until it's gone. To remember.
Jordan - New York

Honesty is our best defense; Freedom comes with the responsibility to respect others.
Jordan - CA

For a country to be truly free and a patriotic people, people must have the right to disagree...
Jose - CA

Freedom from state intervention must be the top priority.
Jose - TX

The constitution guarantees us all the freedoms we have, the police and prosecutors will take those rights away from us
Jose - UT

Freedom means not only vigilance from the government, it also requires vigilance from the private sector, which has become the unofficial custodian of our private information. Our internet freedom of speech is now being used to fire good workers and prevent good workers from being hired. Our movement through cities is being digitally recorded, as are our health information, our purchases, our web browsing habits, and the private sector is very willing to share the collected information with others, including the government. Are we free when the credit bureaus can torpedo our housing applications, limit our hospital stays, prevent us from getting jobs, and hold hostage our right to start over? As we all turn our eyes to government, corporations are eroding the freedoms we hold dear.

Freedom of speech falters (sometimes)...
Joseph - Pennsylvania

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Joseph - Pennsylvania

I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. We have lost that message in this country.
Jose - FL

I am stationed in the Bundeswehr in Germany. I recently returned home from Afghanistan with the 2 SCR. As I fought to preserve the American way of life there, I took great comfort in knowing that the real fight was taking place in the United States. While everyone else seems busy doing whatever they can to get them, at the ACLU, you lead Defense, Improvement, and Recovery. My comrades in arms and I applaud them. We try to remain as politically neutral as possible. Never think that we have forgotten our oath of adherence to the Constitution of the United States.
Jose - FL

Live free... Live strong... Believe!
José - TI

Repeal the Patriot Act!!
Joseph - New Jersey

That's why I'm a member of the ACLU. To protect our freedoms and rights.
Jose - MA

united we are divided we fall
Jose - KY

In response to attacks, we lost much of our freedom. Until we undo this, the terrorists win.

We honor the memory of those who died defending the rights of the living.
Jose - CA

We must regain the freedoms that were taken from us in the name of the "war on terror".
José - TI

We must continue to fight terrorism and radical Islam and all the hatred that emanates from Arabs and non-Arabs. This must end and who can end all this is the GREAT YAHWEH, the most loving GOD in the universe. We must turn to the HOLY TRINITY as the ONE TRUE GOD and accept Him as our GOD, just as Abraham and the ancient Israelites did many centuries ago. Only he can give us the peace we seek and the justice and freedom in this world that we seek and want to achieve. Yahweh is the only living and true God. Let's all ask HIM and only HIM for peace!!
Josef - New York

We must continue to fight terrorism and radical Islam and all the hatred that emanates from Arabs and non-Arabs. This must end and who can end all this is the GREAT YAHWEH, the most loving GOD in the universe. We must turn to the HOLY TRINITY as the ONE TRUE GOD and accept Him as our GOD, just as Abraham and the ancient Israelites did many centuries ago. Only he can give us the peace we seek and the justice and freedom in this world that we seek and want to achieve. Yahweh is the only living and true God. Let's all ask HIM and only HIM for peace!!
Josef - New York

When are we going to turn a blind eye and have a Supreme Court so right-wing that it doesn't stand up for true Americans?
Josef - Mi

It is important for the United States to fight for civil liberties in the United States. Here in Ireland, the United States is considered a model of democracy. My thoughts are with the victims of 9/11. But also with the innocent victims of reaction.
Jose Antonio - None

I promise to continue defending freedom.

It is always important to defend the constitution, because without it our country would not exist. However, we need them more than ever now that our rights are under attack from many quarters.
Joshua - New York

Let's not forget that defending our rights is as important as protecting ourselves.
Joshua - CA

We are stronger than fear. We are better than those who inflict it.
Josué - SMALL

We can only be truly successful through freedom. Anything that restricts freedom destroys the principles on which our nation and this world are founded. We must all strive to protect the universal laws of life. Freedom is one of those laws.
Joshua - North Carolina

It was actually a bad day. But one we remember in our hearts, like the will to remember those who die. But it also made us stronger as a nation. Be strong for others who cannot be strong. We have to look to the future and do better for the next generation.
Josie- okay

Our Constitution is best realized in times of crisis.
Jovida - PA

If we don't defend our civil liberties and rights, we will lose them.
Alegria - TI

I'm tired of being afraid of my own government.

We still have a long way to go, but if everyone who still believes in America gets involved in keeping democracy alive, it's possible.

I am an American Muslim. The constitution is important to me. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution. Muslims and Islam are not enemies. The eradication of civil rights is the enemy.
Joyce-Nova York

John - Florida

Despite the tragedy of 9/11, disproportionate fear is still being used to make us give up freedom for security. If I lock my door at night, it's not now and never against international terrorists. We must regain rationality and perspective and restore our civil liberties.
Gambling - Florida

It is fast becoming too late to save our democracy and our freedom.
Judith - Florida

The US Supreme Court recognized that even during the Civil War, constitutional rights endured and could not be curtailed (Lincoln's assassination); Therefore, even after terrorist attacks (much less damage and loss of life than civil war and often without treason), these rights must still apply (peer civil process, freedom of speech, privacy, etc.).
Judith - CA

We cannot submit to the fearful. We must be strong and proud of our country.
Judite - MN

We need to focus more on our friends and neighbors and a lot less on our enemies. we need each other
Judith - Florida

We, the people, can only live freely when our rights as citizens are respected and defended for the good of all.
Judite - A

If the freedoms and guarantees for which we fight as a nation are taken away, we will no longer have a nation. In honor of those who died and were injured on 9/11, let's fight fear and irrationality and defend the rights and guarantees that make up the best of our nation.
Judith - CA

We tend to forget the values ​​of the Constitution and the protection of all freedoms. It is a mistake to distinguish which freedoms are protected and which are ignored. We must unite so that freedom and freedom are priceless.
Judith A.-VA

Our law is our protection. Who could say they trust both sides more than our founding fathers? Government policies set forth in the Constitution are well founded and protect our security and civil liberties. Why do we have to keep changing this? Who do you trust Our founding fathers or a current or newer regime?
Judy - VA

United we stand, divided we fall. Everyone says prayers that God will protect us from these evil people who want to kill and destroy us.
Judy - Nevada

Using the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to turn our country into a fascist police state is far worse than anything a terrorist could have done.
Judy - Pennsylvania

Without freedom and justice we are prisoners and slaves of the rich. Let go of our choices now.
Judy - CO

I am disgusted with how our government destroyed the Constitution and our civil liberties because of 9/11. it's a shame
Julia - New York

I look forward to the return of the America I was born into, rather than the semi-fascist Bush League police state we must now endure.
Julia - New York

Our participation in the 2012 electoral system (voting) may be our last chance to save our democracy.
Julia - WE

Yes ALU. Peace with freedom from fear. mahalo.l
Julia- HI

America must and can remain united and free, above bipartisan and petty issues. We are bigger and better than small minds trying to capitalize on our collective loss. America; Land of the brave and home of the free.
Julius - New York

We must stop being afraid to tell the truth; that 9/11 was used by fascists in this country as an opportunity to dominate us, one hack, one policy at a time.
Juliana-Marie - CA

Don't let fear stop you from our civil liberties. Protection is one thing, but one day we will also lose it. Fight now!
Juli - AL

When freedom dies, so does America as we know it.
July - Ky

The more we deviate from our constitutional rights, the closer terrorists will be to final victory.
Julius - MN

There are legitimate threats to our democracy. It starts with the amount of money spent not on our well-being, but on the war. This disease has to stop.
July - CA

There is nothing to fear, but fear yourself... famous quote very relevant today
July - CA

We must not allow the terrible events of September 11, 2001 to change us as a people; We must uphold our commitment to minority rights, reject heinous practices like torture, and uphold religious freedom for all. I don't think anyone who died that day would want this nation to sell their souls for revenge.
July - CA

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
July - New York

Stop creating unnecessary profiles in the name of security.
June - New Jersey

"Those who give up essential freedom to buy a little temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security." -- Benjamin Franklin Norway understands the right way to deal with terrorism: more democracy. Not less.
Justin - EN

Our country and its citizens may have fallen on hard times in the past, and I am sure they will continue to do so well into the future. The bottom line is, if our country must fight an enemy like "terrorism", then why create even more terror in the hearts of our citizens, nullifying our constitutional rights to privacy and encouraging distrust from our neighbors? This will only create more fear and division among our fellow citizens. Remember two big dates. "United we stand. Divided we fall." and "The only thing we should fear is fear itself."
Justin - MI

The Patriot Act will be remembered as the most shameful and libertine law ever passed in the United States.

The side effects of the cure must not be worse than the disease itself.

... Freedom implies the freely offered and accepted trust that the rights due even to those with whom we disagree can be combined with non-violence and empower us as a society, within the societies of the world, ... in peace to transcend. ..

We must never take our freedom or our rights for granted. We must remain vigilant in protecting our civil liberties.

People all over the world graze like sheep. We get used to living like sheep. If you ignore human rights abuses on the other side of the world, or silence your neighbor's unfair treatment, you will pay the price. And you will be alone when you need help. Whatever you plan, you will reap.

Freedom and security are not mutually exclusive... Remember the atrocities in the USSR, Red China, Nazi Germany, the Khmer Rouge, the South American junta, the KKK, all in the name of security.
Karen - CO

I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of the way our nation responded to the tragic events of 9/11, undermining our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties. We are no longer the land of the free.
Karen - New York

I will not let fear dominate me.

It's really very simple. Every time we limit our own freedoms for "security" reasons, the terrorists win. Whenever our behavior contradicts what we claim to be and what we claim to believe, terrorists win. The terrorists know they don't have to conquer us. All they have to do is scare us into winning us over, but Americans don't scare easily. We know that protecting our freedoms is our strength.

Stop the endless wars!
Karen - CA

We are stronger and better when we remember that we are the United States of America and what's good for the 'little ones' is good for all of us. God bless the America!

Thank you for helping us keep pace with the advances in freedom our America has made. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to share and practice our beliefs.
Karin - New York

The biggest disappointment is that the current government has done very little to restore what has been lost. Our country has traveled a treacherous path, and I see little hope on the horizon for reversing the political and economic injustices of the past decade. I hope I'm wrong, but...

Bring God back to this earth! This country was founded on God and needs God to bring America back today to make it the great country it once was! We trust God!

I want my children and grandchildren to live in the land of the free homeland of the brave. It is not the land of fear and the home of prejudice....

There no longer seems to be a difference between the parties, just the desire of politicians to continue helping themselves and other wealthy people and organizations at the expense of the population. The gap between rich and poor, the lack of progress in this country and the constant cuts in social benefits with the simultaneous total emptying of the "middle class" are condemnable.
Kate - North Carolina

Seeing Bush-Cheney destroy our rights and destroy American values ​​must be rectified.

This country was not founded on fear, but on the inherent rights of all human beings. I will not succumb to the tyranny of power out of fear.
Kathe - Kansas

The constitution was designed not only for easy days, but also for difficult days.

9/11 tested a fragile democracy. The United States has failed the test: protecting and promoting democratic ideals does, even in the face of adversity. 10 years later, America is more divided, more angry and less united than ever...

America stands for liberty and liberty. Don't ignore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
kathleen- hello

If we sacrifice our civil liberties, we will have lost what made America great and the terrorists will have won.
Kathleen - California

TSA/Homeland Security took away my flying days just because I have a physical disability and need to respect my body's privacy.
Kathleen - W.A

Please bring back our freedom and sense of confidence in public places.
Kathleen - Nova York

Since God has given us free will and is not spying on us constantly and in ever more devious ways... neither should we spy on one another when not justified. The loss of our civil liberties ushered in a dark period for the entire world as they looked to us for light and freedom, and many came here to face great obstacles to gain that freedom. I believe that the light within each of us that values ​​freedom, truth and justice will eventually lead us back to freedom.
Kathleen - California

The Constitution has kept us safe and free for over 200 years, we must not allow the privileged few to destroy its structural integrity at the expense of the many.
Kathleen - Pennsylvania

There is only love and fear.

You can count on me.
Kathleen - MI

Political RESPECT for all people can keep our great country FREE
Kathleen S.-MI

Standing up for Americans means ensuring that our government obeys its own laws and respects the rights of all citizens and people around the world. It means an end to world wars, unconstitutional surveillance of Americans, and racist politics. We cannot allow our government to target peaceful citizens who engage in community activism. If we want freedom, we must demand freedom so that everyone can live in peace.

May we never compromise our values ​​in the name of safety!
Kathryn – Rhode Island

I am an animal rights activist and I fear that our voice for animals will be taken away from us. The A.E.T.A. The bill is unconstitutional, but corrupt politicians have slipped in through the back door.
Kathy - SAME

If we were attacked because of our freedoms, giving up one because of the attack only serves their purpose, not ours.
Kathy - New York

Repeal the Patriot Act. Fear destroys freedom!!
Kathi - O

That was a very sad day 10 years ago. I bless each of these men and women who lost their lives in this horrific terrorist attack. Terrorists may have shot us a few times, but we're far from down. We will not be defeated.
Kathy - Florida

As Americans, we have a responsibility to protect our liberties and our inalienable civil rights. We are in clear and present danger of having our freedom taken from us. It's time to take a stand!

We cannot change the tragic loss of so many lives on 9/11. But we must have the courage to regain our lost freedoms afterwards.
Kathy - MO

I am deeply saddened that a day that will forever be etched in our minds and souls was used to support the mass murder of innocent civilians and to plunder and take away our basic freedoms.
Katie - DE

Death of Patriot Bags.
Katie - Nova York

Times are changing, but civil liberties will always prevail over security.
Katie - CA

We cannot give up our rights in the name of "national security"...

Our freedom is the envy of the world. This is our blessing and perhaps not our curse.
Kay - MD

To live in fear is to die. Our nation is the light of the world. Let's not forget our rights while protecting our citizens.
Kazia - MO

Undo the damage to our freedoms that the last government did.

Giving up our rights in the name of counterterrorism is not the answer to our challenges.
Ken- MI

I believe that the wars on drugs and terrorism and the death penalty are tools to undermine the Constitution. They contradict the wise words of Dwight Eisenhower: "Anyone who pretends that the defense of liberty is to be found in oppression, suspicion, and fear is professing a doctrine foreign to America."

Thank you ACLU for speaking out when Bush and Cheney wanted to take away our precious rights and freedoms. All of you at the ACLU are my HEROES!
Ken - MD

The Arab Spring PROVES our government completely wrong about Muslims.
and - Florida

There are few things worse than revenge on a personal and national level. For the last decade, we have maintained a regime of fierce revenge against innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with the tragic events of 9/11. We must stop it now if we hope to have any moral standing in the world. I cannot understand what has happened in this country we are so afraid of. Life cannot be lived that way and a nation's leaders must not play on the fears of its citizens. All of us in the ACLU must continue to raise our voices in the lone cry for freedom or we will be left without an ounce of integrity in this regard. wasted time in which we live.

Because technology makes it so easy to abuse our privacy, it's important to protect our freedoms from the fearful who use that fear to control people.yyKenneth - IL

Deep understanding is crucial. Think paragraphs instead of sentences. All! aaKenneth-MI

Freedom is not a goal. It is a constant struggle against corrupt powers. And we've lost a lot since 911.yyKenneth - WA

I join those who have called the tenth anniversary of 9/11 "The End of Fear." After 9/11, people were so scared that we allowed the Bush administration to undermine our freedoms under the guise of protecting us. We are a little less secure and dramatically less free. Today, let the end of fear begin and a return to our highest value of freedom for all. If we truly apply this value to all people in the world, we will all be truly safe, with peace, justice and freedom for all. Amen.aaKenny—KY

We must stop the march towards totalitarianism in our country. We shouldn't be afraid to stand up for our rights.yyKent - CA

I will believe until the day I leave this earth that the United States was directly involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. It's a shame that we have to teach our children and future generations lies to justify getting oil through military brute force.yyKERRY - TX

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of that eventful day, we must not forget what our forefathers set as the standard for us to follow. We cannot allow this and other acts of violence to change what we know as true freedom. We know what it is and what it isn't. yy Kevin- OH

Good Luck AmericayyKevin - CA


If we let fear dictate policy and give up our freedom for a false sense of security, then terrorists become rebelsKevin - NY

Keep the Constitution firm and in mind as you enact legislation that will shape the future of the Internet.

Our constitutional freedoms are all that protect us from the abuse of power.
Kevin - CA

The events of September 11, 2001 filled most Americans with pride: We stood together to help and protect each other in the face of a great threat and a terrible tragedy. Today we face an even greater and more dire threat than we could have imagined on that painful day. Ten years ago, we told the biggest threat we've ever faced that we wouldn't be intimidated if their actions restricted our freedom. Today we must say the same about a new threat to our freedom. Today we are faced with politicians who would rather support the most extreme members of their party than help those who suffer. Today we face politicians who would rather tell us we are safe than tell us we are free. Today we are dealing with politicians who would rather use a terrible event to threaten us with what might happen to us than use this terrible event to show us what we can do to help each other. Many people died ten years ago. Shortly thereafter, our freedom began to die. Until our freedom is utterly dead, we must and will fight for our freedom from tyranny; both foreign and domestic.
Kevin - VA

United we are, for the people, for the people!
Kevin – Nova York

Justice, freedom and equality for all before the law must never give way to fear, hatred and intolerance.
Taxi - NC

Our founding fathers founded our nation on the idea that my ancestors were 3/5 human and they used that to build this nation without compensation at the cost of many, many of their lives. I am glad to see that we are now a nation of equality, strength and freedom. God bless the America!

Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, right to bear arms, freedom of assembly are some of the rights I value.

Over the last ten years, we have seen many changes in the United States. Unfortunately, our constitutional rights are starting to break down. We as Americans must stand our ground, defend our Constitutional rights, and ensure that actions taken to protect this great nation maintain a measure of dignity and honor. We were, and still are, shocked and angry by the tragedy of 9/11. With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and terrorist threats looming, we must act to ensure that history does not repeat itself. After a very costly ongoing war and economic crisis we are currently in, every step we take must work with strategies that consider all of the above. It's not as much about politics as politicians would like to claim. It's about "We the people..."

Thank you for defending freedom and defending the constitution. Yes, I have been fighting to be heard on sex offender laws and the repercussions of the laws that apply to them for 7 years now. My son was 17 when he was accused of sex crimes while dating his girlfriend. These laws MUST STOP! Many people are being arrested and adding new laws to their sentences. The search is a COMPLETE violation of our Constitution! These people have no opportunity to work, live with their families or find housing. They cannot be buried in some cemeteries like other criminals, receive unemployment benefits or participate in social events after incarceration. Please help fight for the rights of ALL people! Thank you again!

One of my hopes when I voted for Obama was that he would reintroduce the Bill of Rights. I'm really disappointed.

Never give up your rights no matter what.

Whatever happened to "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?

When a president sworn to uphold the Constitution is playing on the fear of Congress and American citizens by exploiting a tragic situation to trample on civil liberties, it's time for the people to speak up and demand the promise of liberty kept intact. .

We must all solemnly pledge to shine the light of truth upon injustice.
christina - die

Only when we take responsibility for our own safety can we secure our own freedom.
Cristina - CA

I am for civil liberties.
Christoph - CA

The price of freedom can never be freedom itself.
Christoph - WA

Security does not reside in a police state.
Christopher MO

The illusion of security is no excuse for taking away our people's rights and privacy.
Krystle – FORA

I'm with the aclu on this issue
kstarr - NJ

In times like 9/11, it is very easy for the government to make people believe that anything is possible. At the same time, it is vital that we remain steadfast in our determination to protect people from themselves, insisting on the rule of law and the protection of rights.

The protection of fundamental rights is the only path to freedom.
Calculate - APPROX.

I don't think that every time a politician shouts "national security!" civil liberties are being eroded. it is constitutional.

The tragedy of 9/11 should be remembered but not glorified, especially when you consider how many innocent people have died in America's unjust wars since then! Take back our freedoms, act diplomatically, not violently, and invest in people, not corporate governance!

I was in the Pentagon at the time, and it wasn't just the day I survived, it was the day all of America came together and stood side by side. RADM Lara, US Navy Special Forces
Learning - WA

I swore to defend this country against all enemies within and without. I see this Congress and President as ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION.

When we allow our rights to be taken away in the name of patriotism, our enemies win.
Larry - CA

I'm fed up with the government's lies. Like Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and Iran Contra. I'm sick of people thinking the law doesn't apply to them: baseless records... Some of our government officials should go to jail.
Larry - New York

Our freedoms are guaranteed by the constitution, not the flag, not the politicians, to sacrifice our rights, to be free from terror is to enslave us all.
Larry - OUT

Sadly, the crimes of 9/11 only changed the way we now live in fear.
Larry - New York

The Founding Fathers would be ashamed of what has happened to this country where our freedoms are being eroded daily. We must return to constitutional government, not the sweet socialist we have.
Larry - Texas

We cannot be free if our only means is to live in fear, terrorize others and take away their freedom.

Now, more than ever, we must commit to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Larry - Kentucky

Pity the Nation (2007) (after Khalil Gibran) Pity the nation whose people are sheep and whose shepherds betray them. Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced, and whose fanatics lurk in the ether. Praise the conquerors and hail the tyrant as heroes and strive to rule the world through violence and torture. Pity the nation that knows no language but its own and culture but its own. Pity the nation whose breath is money and who sleeps the sleep of the overfed. Pity the nation, oh pity the people who allow their rights to be eroded and their freedoms swept away. MY COUNTRY, TEARS FOR YOU SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY! -Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Lars - OR

As we mourn the loss of life suffered on September 11, 2001, let us fight together against the loss of freedom that so many have suffered over the past decade. We must recover these lost freedoms and fight to never lose them again!
Laura - CA

Every American who cares about civil liberties should be a member of the ACLU.
Laura and

Now I understand that those in power want us fearful and divided. I refuse to let this poisonous planning rule my life or our country.

I refuse to live in a world where politics replaces the common fence. And fear rules our lives.
Laura - Florida

If we continue to let fear guide our actions, we will fall off the cliff.
Laura - CA

If we take away civil liberties in the name of winning this fight, we will soon lose sight of what we fought for and fought for in the first place.
Laura is

It's easy to defend the Constitution when all is well and people are free to exercise their rights. But in times like these, when Republicans are trying to violate the right to vote, stop gay and lesbian citizens from getting married and are trying to silence dissent, we must be very vigilant and protect our rights.
Laura - CO

What good is security without freedom? Fear is a prison I refuse to live in.
Laura - New Mexico

Our Constitution demands that we live up to our highest ideals of freedom and justice, and it is weakened when we give in to fear and hatred.
Laura - North Carolina

Our constitution is not conditional. It is inconceivable that it should be corroded, nay, destroyed, because of one dreadful day.

That opportunists exploit tragedy to further their own ends is nothing new. Thanks to the ACLU, no one opposes the opportunists.
Laura - CA

The evils we witnessed on 9/11 are terrifying. However, using these events as an excuse to decimate our rights as citizens is also appalling and speaks volumes about our supposedly evolving race.
Laura - M. A.

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights have been cynically subverted. It is time for those concerned to do everything in their power to claim these rights.
Laura - VA

The United States is not immune to the consequences of curtailing civil liberties. A little here, a little there can turn a nation from free and prosperous to subservient and poor. See recent histories from Iran and Zimbabwe for examples of this. It can happen to us too!

Torture is NOT an American value
Laura - Kentucky

We the people, not the corporations!!!!

Americans can do better.

We cannot let fear dictate our sensitivity.
Lauren - New Mexico

Extremism wins a battle every time we sacrifice freedom for the illusion of security. He will win the war if we stop fighting to get those freedoms back.
Lorenza - Ah

We must be above what we have done so far.

We will never forget and we will never stop fighting for the rights that our Constitution gives us!
Laurie - MD

It will be catastrophic when the tragedy of 9/11 and the loss of so many precious American lives are used to promote unconstitutional and anti-American policies and programs.
Lawrence-Los Angeles

Let's fight for freedom and fraternity. Let us be happy and prosperous. Let's live a better life than we could ever imagine, in total love for our land, our human family and our spirit.
San Lorenzo - CA

those who die there also have people like you, stop killing others to pay something here.
Lawrence - Nova York

We all have rights in our nation, we must never forget that we are Americans, as do the more than 300 million Americans in our nation, proud of the Constitution that protects us.
San Lorenzo - TX

We came together as a country on 9/11, but we didn't stay together. On this anniversary, we must all commit to being Americans first and Democrats or Republicans second.
Lawrence - Nova York

freedom lives. Fear kills us every day we are afraid.

I no longer live in the free America I did before 9/11; I live in an ever-expanding police state built on fear and injustice.
Lee - North Carolina


safe and free
Lee - Nova York

We continue to support our men and women in the military in their duty to protect this great nation. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and the support these Veterans have not received is disgraceful. I have always supported our service team and veterans and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lee Ann-TI

ALL people are created equal. It saddens me deeply that because of what happened 10 years ago on 9/11, so many Americans hate Muslims and think that all Muslims are terrorists.
Lehman W. - MO

9/11 was a tragedy, but it became an excuse for the loss of personal freedom, the government spying on its own citizens, and, worst of all, two wars that claimed many lives, our positional morality in the changed world. and helped create the biggest debt in history. We do great damage to the memories of those who have died by continually insisting that all actions taken on behalf of these victims are for a just cause. It's time to put 9/11 behind us as the cause of an ill-conceived crusade and try to return to the economic stability, moral integrity and freedoms that were corrupted in favor of the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
Leigh - Kansas

lion - DE

When fear reigns, freedom dies.
Leon - Nova York

The more we act like the enemy, the more enemies we will be. And the enemy has no civil rights.
Leon - Nova York

I'm tired of being treated like a criminal when I go to the airport. I WANT MY 4TH CHANGE RIGHTS AND ALL RIGHTS BE RESTORED
Leslie - Florida

I promise to continue defending freedom.
Leslie - Nova York

The sick do sick things, but we cannot allow our civil liberties to prevail.
Leslie - Florida

I have never forgotten that September 11, 2001. I was getting dressed for work when I saw the first plane hit the building, then the second plane hit the second building, and I was shocked. I know we were attacked. We are safer because President Obama caught Bin Laden. New York has become closer and stronger since 9/11/2001. they are tough.
Leticia - CA

I support the defense of the values ​​and laws of the Constitution and I oppose changes that limit the rights and freedoms of all.
Leyana - New York

What we lost on 9/11 was our freedom and our democracy. I think Osama won after all.
Libby - Pennsylvania

I think this is an important time to mourn the terrible losses of 9/11, but also to recognize that laws that allow racial and religious discrimination, as well as other laws that deprive us of our freedom, are something that... 't wants to deal with dwelling. Americans deserve a better future after all the pain they've been through this decade.
Lida - MA

May civil liberties never again be falsely threatened under the guise of national security! And while we're at it, Islamophobia is just not cool.
Lili - New York

The Constitution must not be perverted by the machinations of men.
Lilies - Nevada

"Give me freedom or give me death!"

"Forgetting her would be rude" This is a quote from my son who was in the ER on his first birthday; he died 1 week later.

Become the change you wish to see - Gandhi
Linda - CO

ALL OBLIGATIONS THAT THE US CONSTITUTION PROMISES TO ALL US CITIZENS MUST BE OBSERVED OR THE NAME OF THIS COUNTRY ON THE PAPER IT IS PRINTED MEANS NOTHING TO ANYONE. We must be UNITED in FREEDOM...UNITY in PLURALITY! ! Nobody likes to step on it... it's all for one and one for ALL or it's NOT worth it. Horse / Common sense KNOWS how to properly manage human relationships.
Linda - OR

The United States has turned into a frightening entity called "Home". I want to rid my country of militant corporatists, crazy tithes and increasingly fearful "stock" politicians. 911 may be kept secret, but the current state of our union will not and must be vigorously questioned as if our lives depend on it - indeed, they do. We need to eliminate secret prisons, wiretapping of innocents, drone wars, Citizens United, extrajudicial executions, illegal secret wars, tax breaks for the super-rich, and toxic pollution from our planet. I hope we make it.

Fear and freedom are incompatible. The more anxious we get, the less free we are. Fear is the contrast to fascism.

Freedom is not free and should never be taken for granted. It takes determination and passion to protect it.
Linda - New York

Freedom is not free. we all must stand up and participate to keep America free. We all have to support the best country in the world.
good man

Of particular concern is that many of us mistakenly believe that Islam poses a threat to our way of life. We must allow freedom of belief and expression to be fundamental to our society.
Linda - New York

It is true that we must protect our loved ones, but not at the expense of the human rights and freedoms of American and local minorities.
Linda - New York

We must all be free or none of us are free.

We must not compromise our fundamental constitutional freedoms by giving in to fear.

I am saddened and embarrassed that the temporary measures that were implemented are now institutional (TSA, Homeland Security) and the Bill of Rights is being ignored by many agency policies. The terrorists got what they wanted, a less free America, while we relinquished the foundations of our way of life.

Words on a piece of paper are all that stand between the American people and a dictatorship. If we choose fear, the terrorists have already won.

Diluting our freedoms in response to fear means that the freedom we defend is only available when there is no threat. When we respond to threats by standing firm and true to our beliefs, we become the role model we hope to be.

"The biggest thing we have to fear is fear itself"... "Guilt is the surest way to stay stuck in a problem" Let's look forward, not backward.
Lisa - CT

Every time you give up some of your personal freedoms in exchange for "security", you give up a part of your soul. I'd rather die on my feet than live chained to my knees
Lisa - SAME

I promise to try to preserve and restore the freedom and rights our ancestors sought when this country was founded.
Lisa - New York

If we continue to allow our civil liberties to be eroded in the name of "terrorism security", then the terrorists have won.
Lisa - SAME

Nobody is free while a person is enslaved.
Lisa - CA

We don't have to sacrifice who we are as a country to defend our country.
Lisa - New York

“Courageously question even the existence of a god; for if there is, it must approve the homage of reason more than blind fear.” -Thomas Jefferson

Our civil liberties must not be sacrificed in the name of security.


Only cowards use fear.
Leis - AP

Better support and strengthening of trading rights. Bring more unions to Florida; we really need them.
Laws - Florida

The Constitution is the foundation of our freedom in the United States. Nothing is more important than interpreting it correctly and preserving its true meaning. Schools need to be more diligent in teaching the Constitution and teaching our students the importance of understanding and upholding it.
Lore - okay

9/11 was a tragedy, but life goes on and this country must move on. The only fear I have is that the Republican Party will take back the White House.
Truck - FL

I will fight Big Brother to the best of my ability. As you always say, freedom cannot protect itself.
Truck - MT

Nothing is worth sacrificing freedom, not even out of fear. We have nothing to fear but fear itself!
in this

The constitution must be respected even in times of crisis. And some of the security measures for flying are dangerous (scanners) and seem excessive and a violation of privacy rights.
Lory - Nova York

We must defend our country against terrorism without sacrificing the rights of our own citizens. We must also uphold the law of the Constitution. It is now important to defend not only free speech, but also the separation of church and state.
Loris - MO

Churchill put it best: The only thing to fear is fear itself. Remember that this was said at a time when the world seemed to be crumbling around us. Let's not let fear dominate reason.
Lothringen - CA

I recommit myself to all principles of liberty embodied by the ACLU. Thank you for watching our backs.
Lothringen - Pennsylvania

The Founding Fathers have been rolling in their graves since the Patriot Act was created. They must know the constitution is safe so they can sleep again.
Lory - New Jersey

God bless America forever!

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.

Long live human rights and the United States Constitution.
Luke - New Jersey

Lucien - New York

I understand the need for surveillance, but not indefinitely or, in many cases, without a warrant. It's hard to balance in the middle, but WE HAVE TO. A caged lion can be safe and well cared for. But it's better for someone free and able to move around and take risks.
Lucille - Nova York

I want my grandchildren to grow up in the United States. I knew once. Land of the free and home of the brave.
Lucille - Nova Jersey

I would like to continue living in the country without prejudice. A country where the legislators we elect listen to our opinions and do their job to represent us. I don't want to live in fear. I don't want to use cautious language to express my disagreement. We must remain the land of the free.
Lucille - Nova York

As he listened to the audience applaud Rick Perry's record for brutal and ignorant executions. it reminded me of what we are fighting against. This country was founded on justice and freedom from tyrants. Of course, we still have a lot to do.
Lucia - AL

I believe we must free our minds from the ignorance that binds us to past and present oppression; Only then will we see compassion for all races and religions and begin to heal our fragile society.
Obey - FL

Let's use this reminder to reduce acts of violence in the world, not increase them.
Lyn - CA

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Lynn - New York

Protection of the constitution and the rule of law are core values.

Secrets within secrets have become our national government. Never before has "double language" been shown so clearly outside the pages of a book.
Lynn - Tennessee

America was founded on the principle of liberty for all. Let's make sure that the struggles of our ancestors and our military citizens were not in vain.
Lynne - WA

Our government must act with integrity and responsibility. We have to make sure we treat all people with respect. We must not allow fear to dictate all our actions.
Lynne - CA

I am currently in a fight to defend my right to practice my religion. The city of Phoenix faced the WRONG goddess!

How wonderful and timely to receive Anthony's email. As a first-generation Sikh immigrant who witnessed the first murder of an innocent Sikh American after 9/11 with shock, horror, and fear of repeating what was done to Japanese Americans during World War II, I give thanks EVERYDAY from the ACLU . The unprecedented violations that began under the Bush administration and many that continue under the Obama administration would go largely unchecked and unchallenged were it not for the ACLU. Attacks on the immigrant community would be largely unchecked and unchallenged if not for the ACLU. The assault on women's reproductive rights (and, in some quarters, women's equality) would go largely unchecked and unchallenged if not for the ACLU. Discrimination against people of color, the LGBT community, the disabled, and the poor would be largely unchecked and unchallenged without the ACLU. The ongoing (ridiculous and misguided) "fight" against crime and the war on drugs (ie the war on people of color) would go largely unchecked and unchallenged if not for the ACLU. The right to speak and assemble (even for those hated among us on the far right or far left) would be diminished if not for the ACLU. 9/11 is a time to mourn those who are gone, but more importantly, to honor those who fight every day in every party across this great country to protect our Constitution. Thanks again to the ACLU.
Maganendra - CA

We lost our freedom every day for the last 10 years. As required by law, US PATs carry RIOTs on their backs wherever they perform.
Mahir - I.L.

I am for the freedom of our constitution.

We will not remain silent as our Constitutional rights are compromised by direct political rhetoric and majority neglect simply out of fear and narrow-mindedness.
Manuel - FL

A principle abandoned in a difficult moment was not a principle at first.
Marcus – New York

Liberty and freedom need not be sacrificed for security.
Marc - NY

Thank you to the men and women who serve our country to protect the freedoms our Constitution grants us. God bless you!
Marcela - EM

Defending the values ​​of our democracy is the best way to honor the victims of 9/11. Let's not forget them while making sure this country is where they would want to live.
March - FL

Let's ring the bell of fear and ring the bell of freedom! And let's ring that bell forever! Marcy-MT
marcy m & kenny

Franklin was on the right track. "Those who can give up basic freedom for only temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security." I would replace "earning" with "becoming".
Marfa - ME

Ignoring the Constitution does more damage than terrorists can do

I refuse to give up my age of freedom: 90
Margarita - CA

I wish for our world that we can accept our differences without fear, hatred or revenge. We are all called to interact non-violently with the world and defend freedoms.
daisy - hello

Maybe it's time to switch to a completely different system.
Daisies - New York

Mr. Romero reinvigorated the ACLU. I pledge to continue to support the ACLU with a monthly contribution.
Daisies - New Jersey

The true test of character is how well you hold your values ​​under stress. No smart person said that freedom is easy. Sometimes freedom is even harder to keep when things are simple: it can slip away silently.
Daisies - New York

Innocent Afghans and Iraqis who were bombed and maimed in retaliation are also victims of 9/11. Don't forget about her.
Daisies - Puerto Rico

Shortly after 9/11, I was in a laundromat in San Francisco, discussing George Bush's decision to go to war without first meeting with the United Nations. Ignoring the agreements this country has made with the rest of the world, followed by ignoring the laws that have been passed, with a note at the end instead of vetoing... is a terrible example for our country and the world. We must heal these wounds to recover from our war with ourselves.

I will always be careful to treat and respect those around me as I would like others to treat and respect me. My deepest and most sincere hope for America after 9/11 is that it will continue to flourish in prosperity, justice, freedom for all, and love/admiration for its Constitution.
Maria – New York

Freedom does not mean reducing freedom in the name of "patriotism". A truly free society gives everyone the chance to fulfill their dreams and helps them when they need it.
Marianne - CA

Our country is in crisis. Now we are defending our Constitution and the right given to us by the people themselves elected to Congress and their distorted idea of ​​constitutional government.

Fear will not honor the lost. We have to organize ourselves.
Maribeth - NE

George Bush and everyone involved in torture must be brought to justice. We inflicted countless 911s in revenge on other countries. America's wars are the world's greatest horrors.
Maria - FL

Safety is important, but our freedom comes first.
Marijeanne - CA

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.

Keep making this country a true democracy and the land of the free.

We can never be free if our civil liberties are taken away from us. The American people are not the enemy.
Marylin - Nova York

We must never sacrifice our civil liberties for the pursuit of security. Those who do will end up having none.
Navy - CA

Let's not treat Muslims like Nazi Germany treated Jews! Let's end the hate and unite!

Security is useless if it comes at the expense of our freedom and our values.
Marisa - CA

After years of living in a country where censorship is universal and "social harmony" is prioritized over individual rights, I returned to the United States more committed than ever to upholding our Constitution. What an incredible document!
Marjorie - Arizona

It's time to move forward fearlessly and with continued freedom!
Marjorie - WI

Any society that gives up a little freedom to gain a little security will gain nothing and lose both.

The decision should not be made based on irrational fear.
Brand - IA

Every day we see articles in the news that provoke strong indignation. The problem is that we often don't stop to think about the news, and by thinking I mean critical thinking. A good example was when President Obama spoke publicly upon learning of the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates for improper conduct. But at least he acknowledged his mistake and made amends. Can that be said of many in the news commentary industry who are struggling to be the first to voice their feelings about things they know very little about, like the recent killing spree in Norway? When the news broke, Al-Qaeda, Muslim extremists and jihadists in general were immediately blamed. How wrong they were. The same thing happened in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing: they must have been Muslim. Wrong again. I keep getting emails that have gone through many generations of forwarding, all expressing outrage over one thing or another, but what they all have in common is that they don't check the facts. It rarely takes me long to verify the inaccuracy or bias of facts in these largely anonymous articles. But these emails continue to circulate long after the lies are exposed. What's wrong with the United States is precisely what Adolf Hitler recognized as his power base when he said, "How lucky for governments that the people who run them don't think." Most of us don't think critically about what's going on around us every day. For this reason, we, or those we elected to represent us, support legislation passed to "make crime more difficult" only to discover the unintended consequences that prevent it. 9/11 scared us, but was our collective response appropriate? Are we satisfied with the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are we satisfied with how the Patriot Act has restricted many of our freedoms? Did our leaders use critical thinking in taking these steps to "protect our national interests"? Or did they just hope people wouldn't think so they could pursue a hidden agenda? Of course, I'm not suggesting that our leaders have anything more than the utmost respect for the people who elected them. What do you think now? And take your time to think, don't just react.
Brand - MT

Fear is the dark. Freedom is the sail. The ACLU stops him.
Markus - Florida

Freedom is not free. It must be defended not only on the battlefield, but also in elections, sometimes in the streets, but always by a vigilant citizenry that recognizes that the measure of a free society is the rights, the least popular and the most vulnerable granted to its citizens. its members. .
Marcus – New York

It's time to restore the civil liberties lost during the Bush administration and preserved during the Obama administration.
Mark - VA

We will never forget!
Marcos - OH

The constitution must ensure that we do not become a fascist state. The Basic Law applies to everyone!

When we choose fear, hatred, and violence as our response to evil, we become kin to evil. We must always seek the higher path.
Mark - New Jersey

We ALSO should have freedoms and security.
Marcos - M.A.

We must do away with the Patriot Act completely. I say this because I love my country and I don't want the fearful to take over again.

We should fight for freedom and not be a police surveillance state.
property - approx

We must not give up our civil liberties, such as allowing the government to eavesdrop on our conversations, maintaining our ideal of habeas corpus in Guantanamo Bay, or leaving the Patriot Act in effect forever. If we lose the freedoms this country was founded on, they won.
Marcos - M.A.

Where injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.

Our Constitution sets us apart, and to violate its intent is to violate America's soul. There is no real justification for violating the Constitution, even under the guise of defending it. WE THE PEOPLE must not tolerate such betrayal by our own government.

Secret government agencies can never be justified in a democratic republic. Our civil liberties make this country great.

Let freedom ring!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of Americans who can "feel" when our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been abused. The point is that some of those who "feel" are politicians who have selfishly and/or foolishly taken an unethical and reckless position on security and freedom... time for the good fight to make things right.
Marlin - CA

With freedom and justice for ALL!
Marnie-Carolina do Sul

We must transcend pettiness and strive to live up to our highest ideals of freedom and justice for everyone everywhere.
Marsha - CA

It makes no sense to destroy constitutionally guaranteed rights in the name of protecting them.
Marshall - TX

911 sparked a patriotism in me that led me to enlist in the military two years later. After a period of service with the OIF, I realized that the freedom I fought for was more subtly compromised here. We must return to the land of equality we had before this terrible tragedy.

Fear makes us weak and vulnerable. We must not make fear the guiding factor in our thinking. Like our ancestors before us, be brave and believe in the America you built. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have given us a system of liberty; study them, believe them.
Marta - TX

We hope Americans can turn the corner we're on and remember that our Constitution was designed to protect the rights of everyone. Do not limit them in the name of fear, prejudice and the pursuit of power.
Martha - M.A.

In memory of the departed, let us protect our constitutional freedoms. guaranteed by C
Martha - New Jersey

Perhaps 9/11 would not have happened if we had remained faithful to the values ​​enshrined in our constitution.
Marta - CA

Unfortunately, many of the laws and regulations that were put in place for our “security” after the 9/11 attacks (and unfortunately still apply) align more with the values ​​of the 9/11 attackers than the values ​​it led to. to the formation of the United States of America.
Martha - New York

When an American says he loves his country, he doesn't just mean he loves the New England hills, the sunny prairies, the wide rolling plains, the great mountains and the sea. This means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which he lives freedom and in which a person can breathe the breath of self-respect. Martha-New Jersey
Martha - New Jersey

Our Constitutional rights must not be restricted by any party, interest group, court or corporation for reasons of national interest, security or any other reason.
Martin - CO

I would like my country to be a better place to live, where freedom is not just said but seen. I have lived under intense and gratuitous control for the past 17 years.
Martina - M. A.

911 was a terrible thing that happened, it shook me a lot. I felt very sorry for the families.
Mary - Pennsylvania

Freedom for one, freedom for all!

Freedom without justice for ALL is illegal and unacceptable discrimination. We are all in this life together and the golden rule must apply.

I'm tired of living in a country that prides itself on freedom but only allows a wealthy few to have real freedom.

Once again, I am heartbroken by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. And I am angry that the Obama administration has continued the same wrong practices that undermine our Constitutional freedoms and, in fact, undermine our security. Those who died on 9/11 deserve much, much better.
Mary - MI

I want to live in the United States, which I knew when I was at school. I'm 65 years old now.

I will defend freedom, thick or thin!
Mary - New Mexico

If our freedoms are curtailed, the victims of 9/11 will die in vain.
Maria - VA

It's time to unite for what's best for our citizens and the citizens of the world.
Maria - WI

When we are threatened, the most important thing is to defend the Constitution.
Mary - MI

Our founding fathers and mothers must have been afraid as they fought, suffered, sacrificed and died for our rights and freedoms. Fear is not a reason to give up.

Our right to peaceful assembly must be restored.
Maria – New York

Sign this petition, then knock on doors or call a bank phone for one of the organizations fighting to protect these freedoms.
Mary - TI

The tragedy of 9/11 will only be repeated if we act with hostility and a sense of superiority towards our global peers. All people, regardless of nationality, deserve to be treated with care and respect.

The tragedy of that day should inspire not fear, but appreciation for our common humanity. Principles set aside in the name of defense is a weak answer. We have to do better.

There is never a good reason to undermine our Constitution. This should set us apart in the world. Never again must we behave like common tyrants.
Maria – New York

We must return to the values ​​and truths enshrined in the Constitution: freedom, human dignity and human rights.
Maria - WI

Freedom is too important to replace our freedoms because of threats. We must vigorously defend our fundamental freedoms.
Maria Helena-AK See More

Let us always preserve our constitution, the landmark of freedom.

Can we solve Bin Laden's problems if we can regulate all US and international companies equally?
MaryEllen - LITTLE

There's a reason our "national anthem" ends with the land of the free and the home of the brave... we should keep it that way...
Marylou - Florida

What I just read about the Mall of America is very disturbing. Not only were there racial profiles, the police have not kept such records for 20 years. Why? Were these officers chasing innocent individuals or security guards? And why, especially since most of those mentioned weren't snow white. This is horrible!!!
Maria Lou - WA

Stay strong and alert.
Marilyn VA

I'm an independent and I think what Republicans are doing with our form of government borders on ugly.

Covert state surveillance of the population will never improve liberty; it will only get in your way.
Matthäus - MI

Let's stop using the victims of 9/11 as political pawns.
Matthew - ca

What defines us as a country is the idea that we consider certain ideas vital: if we betray these ideals by giving up on them, aren't we already lost?
Matthew - New York

Commit to the Constitution
Friend - CO

Don't be worse than Bush.
Maureen - CA

I am an American citizen who is very angry about the freedoms lost in my country. As an older adult, I can go to my grave knowing that my children and grandchildren may not be free. I cried myself to sleep over this sad fact. I want my country back.
Maureen - Nova York

To quote a great man, we have nothing to fear but fear itself...
Maureen - Nova York

Mauritius - M.A.

The hatred is mostly mutual. We need to rethink our global strategies. As long as some countries continue to exploit all of the world's resources, there will be hatred for the wealthy few who have the military might to rip them off from the rest of the world.
Max - Nanometer

This nation is not a nation that only the rich are building and dreaming of, but a nation where everyone has choices and opportunities. The rich are only rich because they drive on public roads, trust the public police, and employ publicly educated people. Both small and large deserve the right to live, work and choose how they want to live without being ruled by an intrusive government
max - o

We cannot "LIVE IN FEAR" because of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 - AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THIS... We solemnly honor and remember THOSE who have died, BUT in THEIR HONOR we can choose to live FEARLESS with dignity LIFE AWARENESS . .. GOD BLESS THE AMERICA...

Our nation's pain was exploited in a cheap takeover. The best way to remember the lost is to honor the noblest American principles by which we seek to define ourselves: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in place of fear, surveillance, and state-sponsored torture.
Maya - New Jersey

I'm more afraid of what we've done to each other over the last 10 years... than the damage a foreign attack could have done.

The only way to defend the Constitution is to keep the Republicans out of power.
Yo - TX

To my grandchildren: Please protect all of our privacy and be tolerant of everyone.

GWBush did far more damage to our freedoms than Al Qaeda ever did, and Obama continues to do so. People are half asleep on these topics! Now we torture people! Something our country would have armed itself for, at least it would like to believe!

I believe the basic rights of liberty and justice should apply to everyone and the job description for law enforcement should be like it used to be and written on every drive-thru. protect and serve! instead, instead of investigating and mediating, the sdpd puts the wrongful people in jail, lest they get charged or jump to conclusions and the innocent plead guilty by the state defense agency or risk having costs found. Guilt and/or lots of money and time in custody.

The United States of America is no longer of the people or by the people! Our political leaders don't care what's best for the people and are starting to use their role to support the people of the United States of America. We are a world divided in all respects (eg politicians, people, countries, families)! Either we must unite or we are all doomed to a dark and enslaved future!
Melanie - Kentucky

Freedom is not free. We must constantly fight for our freedom. As soon as we turn our backs on our civil liberties, they will be taken from us. Defend your rights!

God bless the America
Melissa - E.M

I promise to always defend my Constitutional rights and anyone else who cannot defend themselves.

To defend the Constitution, we must know it and understand its meaning. It's not just a word, it's the soul of America.
Melita - LEVE

It is unacceptable to use this horrible act to further harm the American people with unconstitutional and illegal tactics such as the Patriot Act and other abuses of power.
Melody - AZ

To live freely, we must not allow fear to rule our lives. To protect our freedom, we must overcome our fears.

If fear prevails, freedom dies. Let our guides know we will not tolerate this!

Freedom is not just physical, the freedom to do what you want within yourself, I stand for the freedom to defend your rights, the freedom to be who you are, not submit to being who "you want. FREEDOM to help each other in the struggles we all face, FREEDOM to unite and be a voice to be reckoned with! NEVER FORGET YOUR FREEDOM AND WHO FIGHTS FOR US (and doesn't know us) TO KEEP IT! Be the change you want to see in the world. THANKS TO EVERYONE who lives and dies for FREEDOM pay later
Merrissa - CA

Nobody should forget 9/11, but the US gave the Taliban exactly what they wanted: America lives in fear every day. That's enough! It's time to end strip searches at airports. They treat us like criminals and take away our rights as Americans. Trained dogs could do the same job, only better! And get rid of the pesky Patriot Act. This is America, isn't it?

As an American citizen, I say: let's insist together that freedom prevail: NO torture, NO people because of their race or religion, and STOP the endless war!
Mha Atma - CA

I promise to defend freedom
Sugar Cane - APPROX.

9/11 should not be an excuse to lose our civil liberties. It should give us more courage to assert the freedoms we have, not to take them away from us. I'm not afraid.
Miguel - CA

As a veteran Army physician, I KNOW that our rights must be respected... Fear can never hold back that truth.
Michael - Pennsylvania


By sacrificing our freedoms with passage of the Patriot Act and engaging in aggressive wars instead of using law enforcement to stop terrorists, we lose both freedom and security.
Michael - YOU

Chile, Bolivia, Honduras, are we, governed by fear and oppression? Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria: do we have to do this to reject state secrecy from the police? DO NOT. We can be a people free by our own choices if we elect leaders not ruled by fear.
Miguel - CA

Corporate America and the party that supports it must be stopped from destroying the middle class. This country was not founded to become the plutocracy we are being introduced to.
Michael - Georgia

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate; Only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence and harshness multiplies harshness in a downward spiral of destruction... The chain reaction of evil - hate breeds hate, wars breed more wars - must be broken or we will be plunged into darkness of annihilation. -MLK
Michael - Nova York

In any case, do not sacrifice the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.
Michael - WA

Freedom depends on the equal protection of everyone's rights, especially in times of fear.
Michael - Nova York

Freedom is humanity's great hope.
Miguel - M.A.

Freedom is something to fight for. Fight with the ACLU!
Miguel - MD

It saddens me that the attacks on our country have scared us. Restricting freedoms was and is the wrong way to respond to these attacks.
Michael - YOU

I am sorry for those who died on September 11, 2001. I hope that we can overcome fear-induced beliefs that we can make ourselves safer by restricting our Constitutional freedoms. Remember that the Constitutional Oath of Office was created to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
Miguel - M.A.

I am against giving up my civil liberties for false security!
Michael - WA

I vote on these issues, before taxes and expenses!
Michael - North Carolina

I was a USAF Honor Guard, I asked to speak on behalf of our GREAT nation, I wasn't given the words to verify, they came from my HEART. We must continue to speak and act from our HEART. GOD BLESS THE AMERICA

If we limit our freedom, the terrorists win.
Michael - WA

If you can't defend freedom with me, stay behind me. Support the ACLU and other organizations fighting to keep America free.
Miguel - CA

It is time to recognize that security cannot be achieved without freedom. And there are three issues that need to be weighed: security, freedom, and risk. Freedom and security come with risks, and there is a dynamic balance that must be maintained to keep us free.
Miguel - O

Michael - WI

Let freedom ring.
Miguel - TX

Only WE can destroy the constitution, no one else.
Miguel - CA

Repeal the Patriot Act, investigate torture, legalize drugs, enact regulations to prevent prison rape and end our wars, both abroad and at home.
Michael - DE

Senators should have to step down from office at least every 4 years... Make this legislation and I will support you more...
Miguel - TX

The Constitution and Bill of Rights aren't easy because if they were, we probably wouldn't need them. The ACLU doesn't make it easy on itself!
Michael - YOU

The limits of freedom are reached when one person's freedom is restricted beyond that of another. No group created to limit individual financial responsibility within the company constitutes a person who deserves any freedoms beyond the statutory exemption from full personal liability. Such a body, existing solely for that purpose, must not embody rights that reflect constitutional rights.
Miguel - CA

The murderous violence that occurred on 9/11 should not have been used as an excuse to violate our Constitution. The attack must strengthen our resolve to ensure that our freedoms are not eroded by enemy tactics. Remembering that shame should be seen as a reason for our commitment to renew our commitment to democracy and the rule of law.
Miguel - FL

The purpose of 9/11 was to shut down our economy. So what do we do? We queued for 2 hours to catch a plane! We only lost when we modified our system to try to deal with terrorists. Smart Bombs? Good. But don't make violating our Constitution "acceptable!" So you've already won!
Miguel - CA

The recent erosion of our constitutional rights in the name of security is a matter of great concern. Please continue to fight to protect my right to privacy.
Michael - North Carolina

There has been a war going on for many decades, many centuries, but the blind cannot see the arc of human history and human evolution. 911 and the loss of civil rights that followed was just part of that war. The people's job is to police the government, not the other way around! Democracy is not a spectator sport, I encourage everyone to get involved. The ACLU did a good job, and from now on, everyone must tell the honest truth in terms that are easy to understand. WE LIVE IN A CORRUPT SEMIFASCIST SYSTEM AND IT WILL BE A LONG AND DIFFICULT STRUGGLE REQUIRING COURAGE, JUSTICE AND SMART OPPOSITION AGAINST THE CORRUPT ELEMENTS OF THAT SYSTEM MICHAEL BRAVO CALIFORNIA
Miguel - CA

boldly use the Constitution to help humanity; not the fear that destroys it. Remember... to paraphrase Franklin, those who sacrifice freedom for security; will have none.
Miguel - Rhode Island

Unauthorized spying on Americans is unconstitutional, along with other freedoms we lose under the guise of the USA PATRIOT ACT, but every Congress and President has renewed and even expanded it over time. Restore the Constitution and repeal the USA PATRIOT ACT!
Michael - CT

Without our freedoms, we are not the country we love.
Michael - Pennsylvania

If we give up our freedom, the terrorists win.

In the days after 9/11, we were as united as Americans. Black, Hispanic, white, Asian... an endless list of fraternities. Fear and paranoia have made us angry, bitter, critical, and paranoid. Our government has taken our feeling of love for our fellow citizens and turned it into something ugly.
Michele A-MA

I am an American and I believe in the American values ​​of freedom and justice, not hate and fear.
Michelle - CO

We are steps away from a police state. The Nazis claimed that what they were doing was for the good of the people, and the government here is starting to do the same.

We can never give up our hard-earned freedoms out of fear.
Michelle - DE

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, for fear is what makes us sell our freedom for a false sense of security.

What is really sad is the way the right wing in our country has used the attacks to scare people and further their own agenda. It started with President Bush and continues today. Bless those we lost.

I will support the ACLU and stand for freedom!
Micky - Florida

He defends the Constitution because he wasn't like the Republicans when they took over Congress and decided which parts to use and which parts to omit.
Micky - Kentucky

You can take everything from us, but you can never take our pride! God bless America, land of the free!!!
Mico - New York

My father spent the last 15 years focused on crime. She watched the news with all her free time and dreaded going downtown because it wasn't safe, even though it was Denver's bustling social hub. His obsession with fear killed him 15 years before her death.

The government is hiding behind the 9/11 attacks. They made people in our country fear Muslims even if they are not terrorists.
Mike- New York

The so-called "war on terror" should be fought in court, not by the military. Policing, prosecution and justice must be our priority, not raids, bombings, etc. We cannot "fix" the Middle East through military action.
Mike - CA

We seem to have forgotten the nearly 1 million Iraqis we massacred and the hundreds of thousands of Afghans we killed and the countless Pakistanis in the wake of 9/11. Not only do we have to protect our freedoms, but also the lives of others, otherwise our freedom is pretty empty. I don't think our Founding Fathers envisioned that our constitution empowered us to slaughter others.

While the September 11, 2001 attacks were a terrible tragedy and we must mourn those who lost their lives and the devastating impact on the lives of their loved ones, we must never forget that our greatest loss came right after that. Day; the loss of individual freedoms and the increasing militarization of our once great nation. We played with fear and created the police state we live in now. The appreciation of these lost lives must be reversed and our constitutional rights respected.
Mike - Pennsylvania

Without freedom our humanity is a mockery, it doesn't ring true. Freedom must remain the goal of all people around the world. There is no freedom "except for you, for you and for you every Thursday".
Mike - CA

No more concentration camps or Guantanamo Bays.
mile - hello

The attacks should remind us of the need for more democracy.
Mimi - NM

9/11 should have strengthened our commitment to our constitutional rights. Instead, it was used as a weapon to slowly destroy under the guise of "terror" [terrorism]. Never again good people, let your fear overrule your intellect and give up your freedoms for a little momentary "safety".

"""Only the little secrets need to be kept. The big ones are kept secret by public disbelief.""

--Marshall McCluhan "If the past and the outside world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable, then what?"
--George Orwell"
Mireille - DC

I believe in American liberty and the protection of civil liberties. I am a naturalized US citizen who loves and appreciates what this great country stands for.
Mohammed - CA

Let's not forget that ALL MUSLIM AMERICANS, like all other Americans, are of different religions and deserve equal protection under the Constitution.
Mohammed - Florida

I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Molly - CA

Why should we live in fear of being the greatest country in the world? Sometimes it doesn't seem like it. Therefore, we must protect our constitution.
Molly - TI

Thanks to everyone who helped the wounded, it's time to rebuild, never hold hate in your heart. We are all on this planet together.
Monica - CA

Freedom is not free and neither is my vote. My elected officials must earn MY VOTE.
Mykul - GA

I would never choose to be anything other than an American.
Naeda - CA

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." fdr
Foot – New York

Taking away our civil liberties and rights does not make our country any safer. Many used the tragedy of 9/11 to hide our government's abuses. Thank goodness for the ACLU. We need more transparency, not less.
Nancee - CA

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, imagination and an unmatched determination to get the job done.” Harry's Truman
Nancy - EIN

57 years ago I was born in a land of freedom and patriotism, keep it up.
Nancy - AR

Bad facts make bad laws, and it's up to us to help fix them.
Nancy - CA

From Ben Franklin: “Those who give up basic liberties to buy a little temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security.” Yes, indeed, in the Second World War we were angry, determined. Now we are afraid of the future, our government, the economy, almost everything. This is an attack on the American people.
Nancy - WI

How hypocritical of the president to commemorate 9/11 by denying the medical problems faced by first responders, attacking our privacy and freedom, and killing and maiming countless innocent people in endless wars.
Nancy - Il

I am very sad that I can no longer visit my son who is 1,800 miles away. I cannot in good conscience be tagged to fly and my age prevents me from going that far. I feel that I am no longer free. I am also cautious on the internet as I believe all our conversations are being monitored.

Nancy - YO

I have a feeling that the right-wing Tea Party is trying to dismantle and destroy the constitution.
Nancy - CA

If I had to choose security or freedom, I would choose freedom. If I have to choose between big government and small government, I choose small. If I have to choose the Patriot Act and FEMA and other agencies or the Constitution, I choose the Constitution and its application.
Nancy - Texas

If we continue to live as if we are afraid and willing to give up our rights, then the terrorists will have won.

Our country was founded on civil liberties. We must stop using torture.
Nancy-Nova Jersey

The best way to radicalize citizens is to treat them unequally.
Nancy - YO

The Patriot Act is NOT patriotic! We must be brave enough not to believe the fearful...
Nancy - New Mexico

There are no degrees of equality. Equal means SAME!
Nancy - Il

We must face our fears and defend our freedoms.
Nancy - NV

We must work to defend our democracy and civil rights, despite the scaremongering that has characterized the past decade.
Nancy - CA

I believe that the civil rights of all people must be protected.
Natalia - CA

Common sense policy PLEASE! =)
Nathan - CA

Our surrender to fear must end. Freedom must not depend on our sense of security.
Nathan - Florida

We must stand up for what makes America great, our commitment to freedom and human rights.
Nathan - O

9/11 was a great tragedy in this country, but if we allow the leaders of this country to change the constitution using our 9/11 fears, then the enemy has won...
Natylee - Pennsylvania

America has gone to the dark side. Only through a long, principled struggle for civil rights, justice and equality for all can we begin to regain our moral standing in the world.
Nauscherwan - Florida

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not out of date.
Neal- New York

"Of course, respecting the flag of the United States, which was immortalized in the blood of American heroes, is right and proper. On the other hand, it can be a fatal mistake, a Bill of Rights nuke, not to recognize the villains who tangle in the same flag to cover up their crimes against the American people." - Sherman Skölnick

Fear is the worst liar.

Stop the War on Terror! Stop the war against American citizens! Stop the war on drugs! Defund the War on Terror industry!
Neil D. - California

We live in the United States of America. The Constitution was written for "Justice for ALL".

A fearful population is easily manipulated. FDR said it best. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."
Nicholas - New York

After the tremendous loss of 9/11, we couldn't take that energy to make this country and the world a better place.
Nicholas - New York

Give me back the freedoms given by God and the Founding Fathers!
Nicholas - New York

The suppression of our civil liberties by the Bush and Obama administrations has done more damage to our country than Al-Qaeda could ever imagine!
Nikolaus - New Jersey

Where are the leaders willing to face what these 10 years have left behind? Who stops the flow of blood? where is the justice

More than half of the Arab world will soon join us as free citizens of the world. It's time to inspire them with our own determination to protect freedom, just as they inspired us last year.

Yielding to fear, letting fear guide our policies and laws, is letting the terrorist win.
Nicole - MI

The Constitution grants us rights that must not be curtailed under the guise of "defending our country". More than ever, our freedoms must be preserved.
You - MN

ninimarie - FL

"Those who trade freedom for security deserve neither"
Nora – New York

As terrible as the terrorist attacks were, our government's cowardly and belligerent response was even worse. America is better off than how we responded to these attacks, and I promise to fight all continued and future attacks on our Constitution in the name of fear or safety.
Nora – New York

I shouldn't be afraid of losing my rights in this land of freedom and home to the brave.

America must return to the unencumbered Bill of Rights on which it was founded.
Norman - CA

Bush and company worked harder to overthrow the constitutional rule of law than any previous leader. (/11 was terrible, but it didn't justify what they did to our international standing and sense of integrity at home.
Norman - CA

No inalienable rights should be sacrificed as we all seek to protect our country.
Norman - MA

Freedom is eternal vigilance.

We must not let fear dominate us. Fear brings out the worst in us.

Be informed. stay informed Raise your voice against the crazy fringe that seeks to overthrow the constitution.
Olivia - CA

I am proud to live in the land of the free... America. Every other country I've visited would like the same freedom, but all peoples want the same things... protection from the cold, food to nourish our bodies, clothing to protect us from the environment, and friends and family to protect us. to support us in times of need.

9/11 was a terrible tragedy. However, it helped us to remember what is really important in life. This is health and family. let's not forget it
Omar - MI


It is my right as a human being to be free!
Orlando - CA

Because freedom cannot protect itself.
Osmanisch-North Carolina

DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't want my 7 year old to fear/hate someone because of their race, religion or love.
Pamela - New York

Let freedom ring!
Pamela - Florida

Members of my family went to foreign countries and fought for freedom. Why do we have to fight for the same freedoms here at home now? land of the free?
Pâmela - OH

My heart goes out to everyone who lost on 9/11. But the tragedies did not stop there. The Bush administration, the Republican Party and the Tea Party used that terrible day to further their own anti-American agendas. It will take us the next 10 years to recover what was taken from our own government.
Pamela - CA

Our civil liberties and liberties must never be compromised. Our government is for the people and elected by the people. If government isn't working for the people, it's time for the American people to take back our government. This is what our ancestors established when they created the Constitution and Bill of Rights. No government should be stronger or have more power than the people it serves!
Pamela - CA

My family moved here from Iran when I was three years old to escape an oppressive Islamic fundamentalist regime that basically eliminated all civil liberties. What America means to me and what I never take for granted is freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to choose what to do with our own bodies and in our own bedrooms, the right of the accused to due process. It's these freedoms that make me proud to be an American and a longtime member of the ACLU.
Paria - CA

As Sinclair Lewis said, "When fascism comes to America, it will drape the flag and carry a cross."
Easter - New York

9/11 must be declared a national holiday of commemoration and mourning
Pat - New Jersey

September 11th is one of the saddest days of my life. I choose to honor the loss of those in the towers, the Pentagon, and the innocent passengers on the planes used as weapons, by standing up for the rights bestowed upon me and my fellow citizens by our beautiful Constitution.
Patricia - TX

As we remember the people we lost on 9/11, we must not forget that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the background of the United States and their interpretation must not be abused to suit the ideological agenda of some groups to which they correspond. We must defend our freedoms guaranteed by these documents.
Patricia - New Jersey

I carry the Constitution with me in my heart, head and pocket. No one has the right to quote or abuse your words.
Patricia - MI

I look forward to the day when we no longer have the so-called Patriot Act.
Patricia - Pennsylvania

If you want peace, work for justice.
Patricia - MN

In all my lifetime, not since the Civil War, America has needed its citizens more to uphold the Constitution. As FDR said... "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." This includes the fear of defending ALL of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
Patricia - AL

Just another example of shock doctrine: using fear and confusion to undermine civil liberties in the name of liberty.
Patricia - IL

Only because of Pope Benedict XVI's consecration of Russia to the Virgin Mary will we not see a repeat of 9/11 or the destruction of the US Constitution.
Patricia - OH

Our freedom is gradually being undermined by corrupt politicians. We should stop voting for them; and require candidates with proven integrity.
Patricia - DE

Remember the principles this country was founded to live and defend by.
Patricia - CA

Vote 100% for your values ​​and ignore naysayers who don't understand the meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Patricia - CA

We must continue to fight for our civil liberties.
Patricia - WI

We don't have to live 2 in fear, but in freedom freedom 4 world justice 4 all mankind
Patricia - FL

We cannot allow fear to guide us... we will lose all freedoms when that happens.
Patricia and Roberto - CT

One thing that would be really cool would be to do away with the so-called PATRIOT Act. Furthermore, as a veteran of the United States Navy, I am sworn to uphold and uphold the Constitution of the United States. So are George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. I want them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because if we don't then it means we are all complicit in war crimes and the whole world is watching. Nobody is above the law.
Patrick - CA

Our Constitutional rights may be in greater danger than they are now. We must preserve and protect the Bill of Rights.
Patrick - North Carolina

I believe in the principles of the Constitution and the need to protect it from the AWESOME.
Patrick A.-CA

stop spying and spreading fear ----- and let all americans vote freely

Patricia - FL

The American people are not the enemy!!!
Patty - CA

"I'd rather have a man who burns the flag and then wraps himself in the Constitution than a man who burns the constitution and then wraps himself in the flag."

... I think we have to defend our constitution against all internal and external, internal and external attacks.
Paul - New York

Every nation that deserves to be safe and free knows that war and oppression must be the last resort to solve its problems. Unfortunately, the United States has made war and repression not only its first and foremost solution, but essentially its only solution.
Paulo - VA

Dickhead Cheney is still a tool of evil and a war criminal in prison.
Paulo - ER


It's time to repeal the Patriot Act. It reverses four or five of the Bill of Rights. I've never heard a good explanation of why there shouldn't be an independent accounting of domestic spying by our government, even in hindsight.
Paul W.A. Mais

It is troubling that our president seems as fearful as the right. We must drive it ourselves, if possible.
Paulo - CA

It's time to take back American freedom from those who would frighten us by denying us freedom.
Paul - New Mexico

Let's all remember those who were killed and injured in that horrific attack on 9/11.

Freedom and justice for all: Muslims and Jews, Christians and atheists, Indians and immigrants. Our civil liberties are essential to freedom and justice.
Pablo is fine

The SC chapter is still weak.

Thank you for erasing my "private" electronic records countless times over the years. America #1!
Paul - Pennsylvania

The Constitution bore the blood of our ancestors, The Constitution bore the blood of those sworn to serve, protect and uphold the promise it bears. The Constitution carries the blood of our people who strive to live a life of freedom and autonomy while pursuing happiness. The Constitution remains a beacon, touching every shore to every people, giving hope to many when all hope is lost. On this memorial day, let us not falter in our quest to preserve the integrity and distinction our Bill of Rights represents. Let us remember the blood shed by those who so eloquently defended the promise of our Constitution. Let us also think of our responsibility as citizens for such a great sacrifice!
Paul - New Mexico

The most important day of our lives was September 12th, when we gave up our freedoms for "safety" and accepted spreading fear for political ends as normal.

New York firefighters, who were and are the bravest among us, dropped 911 on duty. The true perpetrators of this horror are discovered and punished.

Paula - CO

Let's remember that it was only 9 terrorists who created the horror of 9/11. We must not condemn the Muslim community in the United States for its actions.
Pauline - Nova Jersey

Peace and justice go together. We need both to be free. It also means respecting the freedom of others and ending our wars.
Paulina - VI

Never let wolves in sheep's clothing get away with anything that interferes with our freedoms...
Peter - CA

I promise to defend the Constitution TODAY!
Perez - ODER

I love my country, but I fear my government.
Razor blade - Oh

Why would someone voluntarily give up their freedom when someone else is attacking them?

Freedom and security complement each other and are inseparable in the long run
Peter – YOU

Become human... no more excuses...

I swear to defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies at home and abroad.

If we are losing our freedoms, why are we fighting to preserve them?

If we take our freedoms to fight terrorism, the terrorists will win. do we really want this?
Peter - New Jersey

The laws that make us safer also tend to limit our freedom. We cannot live free lives when fear drives us to limit the range of our freedoms under the guise of security.
Peter - The

Norwegian Prime Minister after terrorist attack: "Let's fight terror with more democracy"
Pedro - VA

The ACLU is VERY important to America. Without them, our country's strong, misguided, and evil will continue to push their agenda against us good people like you and me.
Pedro - VA

The assault on our freedoms, especially for WOMEN, has never been greater. This SUPREME COURT is a sham and I thank the ACLU for their full commitment to us!

The Patriot Act, passed in haste and without sufficient thought, must be repealed. We must reverse the policy of mass incarceration in this country. We must end the wars we started in response to 9/11 and end the casualties of civilians and our troops. As a united country, let us fight for peace and civil liberties.
Peter - Pennsylvania

The worst thing we could do in response to this terrible attack would be to mimic the behavior of its perpetrators.
Peter - New York

I told my parents that if George W. Bush became president within a year, we would be at war. Well, it turned out to be true. More than that, “we the people” deserve the truth from our leaders. How can we believe in the "PANCAKE THEORY"? ONE HUNDRED FLOORS CONNECTED IN LESS THAN 8 SECONDS!!! LESS THAN 8 SECONDS!!! Try counting to one hundred in 8 seconds. I tried. How many people have died and been deceived by the truth! Moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, uncles - HOW CAN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR EVERY DAY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THE LIES OUR GOVERNMENT FEEDS US THROUGH ALL THIS COVERAGE. The World Trade Center has records connecting the dots to some of the most horrible atrocities of our time, but we eat PANCAKES - PANCAKES! WE DEMAND A NEW RESEARCH AND RESPONSIBILITY!!
Phil - KI

Please defend freedom of expression
Phil - CA

A country that tortures to protect "freedom" is still a country that tortures. The United States should not be that country.

May God help us face our fears and keep our faith in each other.
Felipe - M.A.

defend freedom.
Felipe - CA

I am appalled that we are being punished for what our enemies have done.
philip - ok

We suffered a terrible attack. In response, we unite as one people. But then 9/11 started to be used for political purposes. This led to an all-out attack on civil liberties fueled by the lowest fear. We must repair this damage or the tragic legacy of 9/11 will make a people much less free. And then the terrorists win.

I support the ACLU in its work to promote safety and freedoms, particularly the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights.
Phyllis - Pensilvânia

land of the free; home of the brave
Phyllis - VA

When will the leaders of this country of America, where I live, faithfully obey the same things that are written in our own constitution? When will we really have “liberty and justice for ALL”?
Pedro WMore

I pray for all who died for our freedom. I will always defend freedom. This is our America
Pina - MD

My heart still goes out to those directly affected by the horrific attacks 10 years ago and to the American people for having this in our history, but most of all I hope we believe in our Constitution; It separates us and makes this country the best country in the world.

As an educator in the public school system, I believe that our youth demonstrate the ideals that this great country defended and defends. It is up to us, who care for these children, to continue defending these principles of justice, freedom and diversity of cultural ideals. It made us stronger and will continue to do so. We must also champion social justice and activism, speaking our minds so that the next generation can enjoy this legacy as well.

Our Constitution is beautifully written and it saddens me to find certain entities within our government working against it!

We must protect our constitution, which really protects us
Qader - CA

Fear is just a word used to tear us apart. True freedom is not freedom from, but freedom for.


I was in the WW11 army, went to college 4 years in the G! Bill later married and started a family. I LOVE THE UNITED STATES
R. Lee-MN

If we try to trade freedom for security, we will end up with no freedom and no security.
R. Lee - IA

Fear and hate are not the answer. Learn to view the whole world with compassion.
Rachel - CO

We, the people of the United States of America, these words written for us and our country so many years ago, stand for freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all of us, we cannot allow a few to destroy what is written. this document because it will destroy what America stands for!!!!
Raquel - CA

We, the people of the United States of America, these words written for us and our country so many years ago, stand for freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all of us, we cannot allow a few to destroy what is written. this document because it will destroy what America stands for!!!!
Raquel - CA

When our freedom is threatened, that's when we become even more committed to our values ​​and our constitutional rights; now is not the time to act like terrorists.
Rachel - CO

If we give up our constitutional rights in the name of security, the terrorists will win.

Sometimes it seems Bin Laden won... this country has changed drastically!

When we take away the constitutional rights of the few to protect the many, the principles we "protect" no longer matter.

I stand for freedom and reject the choice between safety and security.
Raja M. Ali - VA

Rest from those who say, "I'll give up freedoms to feel safe." Without your freedoms you are never insured.

For those who see restriction as violence, every day is a day of crisis for the constitution.
Ralf - MA

Uphold the Bill of Rights and the balance of power.
Ralf - New York

Our ancestors would have been shocked at the weakness shown by our current government in the face of adversity... they pledged their lives against British 'terrorism' and we should do no less. The terrorists have already achieved their objective, forcing us, in our cowardice, to abandon the best system of government in the world. The people of this country are and have been ready, our government is clearly not! RESTORE OUR CONDITION - TODAY!

While standing near the Twin Towers, I saw brave young firefighters put on their emergency gear and run towards the target. They focused on saving the people around them and didn't ask about their religion or politics.

This country is for all of us to serve and help those who cannot help themselves.

You ask me to comment and you don't answer me for the millions of us who can't vote because we've been arrested. Pena aclu and know that we are not free to have representation but we are taxed. I've been out of prison for 30 years and you don't say or do anything and you know it's wrong. What's freedom if you can't choose? Give me some time. I don't have any money to give you, so I guess I'm not counting.

Beware of the military-industrial complex expressed in our current large banking and large investment communities!
Randy - Florida

The full restoration of the constitution and fundamental rights must be the top priority
Randy - CA

Only we humans can defend our rights. If we don't defend them, they will be taken from us.

I fear that internal forces are constantly working to subvert America with their true zeal to establish a "Christian" police state based solely on the "Bible".

Allowing your people to forfeit their rights in the name of security is letting the terrorists win. A democracy does not deviate from its constitution without losing sovereignty.
Raphael - Los Angeles

It saddens me that we have become a nation of sheep controlled by corporations, politicians and the media.
Blitz - TN

We must not sacrifice freedom for security.

Are we really safer after unleashing a massive military initiative and causing world wars? How long before our military-trained law enforcement agencies see citizens as enemies, just like soldiers do in the military? Do we have to lose our freedoms to be safe? An amorphous "war on terror" shows no clear enemy, are we citizens becoming the enemy as the Patriot Act continues to strip away our individual human rights?
Raimundo - MD

One of the things I want to address is getting people who work for Congress to pay taxes like everyone else. There is no reason why they shouldn't be paid just because they work for Congress. Another thing I want to touch on is people who violate the American Disability Act (ADA). Some big companies in particular should learn the Ada laws and it should apply to companies as I am blind and have trouble accessing company websites because they are flash. that is not accessible to a screen reader, which is a program that converts text to speech or braille for people who are blind or have low vision.
Raimundo - GA

Leave the Constitution and our Bill of Rights alone
Raymond F-AI

I also oppose all recent acts and laws that attempt to limit, eliminate, or censure the First Amendment rights to free speech, press, and assembly.

Even though this happened when I was 6, I still know it could have been prevented and should never happen again. Greetings to all who have lost someone on this day or due to a resulting illness.
Reanna - New Jersey

I agree!
Rebecca - TX

If we lose what we are, a free and freedom-loving people, in the fight against terrorism, we have already lost the fight.
Cardigan - IN

We must continue to fight for truth, liberty, justice, freedom and the protection of the constitution!
Rebecca - New Jersey

While 9/11 was nothing short of a tragedy, we cannot ignore the dismal election results. The decision to generalize a series of actions by a small group of individuals to the larger "group" they "represent" is a decision a "real" American would not make. Someone who is afraid is much easier to control. We are to love one another through pain.
Rebecca - IL

My freedom is non-negotiable.
Reginald - New York

The best thing in the world is to be free.

Compassion, integrity, justice - this is America - let's get back to who we are
Renee - CA

It is perfectly clear to me that those who planned their successful 9/11 missions achieved their goals: to expose the moral hypocrisy of the United States as a nation and further undermine our economic security. I feel that, as an American citizen, I have been betrayed by my national leaders' responses to their violent air strikes and exploitation of America's moral vulnerabilities that fail to uphold the principles of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please keep us free from terror and scared people who would panic at the thought of terror.
Reuven - CA

“They say, 'After all, the means are the means.' I would say, 'Media is everything after all.' Since the means are the end..." - Gandhi
Rev. Danny - CA

Living in constant fear is not really living.

I am also opposed to surrendering Constitutional, First Amendment and privacy rights to citizens in the name of an amorphous, never-ending war on terror.
Reynolds D. - Nova York

For the past ten years, since the day I saw the towers fall and the goddess or whoever helped my 35-year-old (then 25-year-old) daughter get home from Manhattan two hours before the hideous atrocity, thanked me, I couldn't make anything else cry. . She never came home unless she called to say, "Hey Mom, I'm here to see you and Grandma, okay?" See you in an hour and a half!" You understand she never went home on a whim, but on September 11, 2001, she did. In that decade, I saw our Constitution decimated, the Nuremberg Principles ignored by the executive, Supremes transform corporations on people, I saw BAD DOER [cheney] add an adjective to "Surrender" which gave us "Extraordinary Surrender" Yes, Virginia, there is a difference between surrender and extraordinary surrender, and I'm guessing 97% of these idiots would have figured it out if they get off the plane and cling behind that foot long rug that says, "That [how many feet] is NOT part of the United States, then hooded, maybe taken to Syria, put in a grave-sized "cell", chained , beaten, tortured (no, not "enhanced interrogation"), drowned, bones broken, he ktric wires attached to their testicles and electrocuted for however long they felt or even confessed they were Al Qaeda. We had the John Warner Tax Act of 2007, which allowed for the suspension of posse comitatus and habeas, the great mandate of the 13th century. Allowing martial law in the US to be imposed by A, which means the National Guard can be activated and , by executive order, can arrest Joe Smith of Green Street because it's all for the good of the cause. The 4th amendment is being wiped out with hindsight immunity thanks to FISA, though Chris Dodd amended that amendment and it still passed, making it the top 3 AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, now anyone else hired to intercept our phones and intercept email, thanks to #43! Now that Bush et al. thanks to ccrjustice.org, ACLU.org and Nuremberg can have a warrant for their arrest if they ever set foot in Switzerland, they could be tried in The Hague for violating the Nuremberg Principles, so don't book the tour anymore. Our AG didn't do what others did and I look forward to seeing justice in my life. Thanks to the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Perhaps our Constitution will be restored, and I would be very grateful for that. Peace
Storch - PA

I want to keep living in the land of the free
Rhona - CA

The bloodshed, lies and loss of life that have marked the last decade leave an indelible stain on the character of this nation and its citizens. A better memorial to those who lost 9/11 would be a renewed dedication to peace and tolerance so that people no longer have a reason to hate and kill.
Ronda - OH

America must lead and abide by the rule of law, including any form of torture or hatred.
Ricardo U.-CA

Let us not allow ourselves to be divided by the politics of fear and hatred. Instead, let's keep our hearts open to listening to others' fears and bringing them peace.
Rico - MD

Patriotism is more than waving a flag!
Empire - Pennsylvania

9/11 was an attack on all of us. Most of us have moved on. However, politicians have used this to their advantage as they invaded our right to privacy. Why is the constitution ignored in times of crisis when it should be the basis for critical decisions?

Since 9/11, I have heard from supporters of authoritarianism how important it is that we make sacrifices to protect our freedom. I never understood how freedom is protected by the sacrifice of freedom.
Richard - Pennsylvania

Freedom is not a unique experience reserved for the educated, financial or religious elite, but for all individuals who accept it as a privilege and responsibility.
Ricardo - FL

I am a combat infantry veteran of World War II. I fought for my country and never looked back. Now, for the first time in my life, I fear for my country! Thanks to the so-called Tea Party, the Republican Party became America's fascist party! I do not allow this! And I will fight with my last breath!
Ricardo - FL

I myself trampled on my Michigan State 14th Amendment rights. Let's hope the audience for Likene vs. Michigan on the Supreme Court to clear up this abuse soon. March at the ACLU!!

I will not sacrifice my freedoms or those of others for the sake of security.

When fear reigns, freedom dies
Ricardo - FL

If we let ourselves be frightened and give up our freedom, the terrorists will have won.

I joined the military in 1967... to defend the Constitution and the American way of life, and I continue to take that promise seriously.

The time for government by, by and for the people is over.

Let's make America worthy of protection by protecting our freedoms and our privacy!
Ricardo - CA

My friend was a beautiful woman; she perished along with so many others and there have been so many since. Freedoms stolen by force. There is no pause in defending civil liberties.
Ricardo - CA

Our civil liberty is our first and most precious asset. The powerful want ALL of our possessions. the ACLU is our last hope for freedom tomorrow and forever.

Stop trying to manipulate the population with fear, racism and class struggle.
Ricardo - DU

Thank you ACLU for standing up to hysterical conservatives who demand that we sacrifice our fundamental rights as citizens for a false security based on absolute compliance with government initiatives, however petty and restrictive. Keep up the good work and I will continue to support you!
Richard - New York

Fear and political scaremongering are bringing the good country to the brink of collapse. We must stand tall, free and proud of all that we are as Americans.

The main reason we celebrate 9/11 is that it's a propaganda stunt. Tell the lie often enough and the masses of humanity will believe it. This is certainly the case for our last anniversary, which we will remember only to etch itself into the collective psyche. And the constitution became largely meaningless in the process.
Ricardo - FL

The period following the horrific attacks should have been a time for self-reflection, to see the root causes of why people wanted to harm us, to change our policies to respect cultures and nations, not to seek revenge with costly invasions. , searches that continue. claim so many lives. . . and wasting resources.

There are special interests that wish to interpret the meaning of our US Constitution for their own personal benefit, rather than serving the best interests of all citizens of the United States of America. When the Supreme Court distorted the definition of a person, it weakened the power of the US Constitution as an effective rule of law.
Ricardo - FL

This country has gone astray in responding to the tragedy of 9/11, just as Middle Eastern dictators are trying to do today. Suppression of information and freedom of expression

We must not destroy our democracy under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
Richard - New York

We must not destroy our democracy under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
Richard - New York

We stand for something and the rule of law and the constitution are our foundation. Long live the American way!

We were traveling the East Coast in the days immediately before and after 9/11. The first thing I did when I got home was join the ACLU. I saw the writing on the wall.
Ricardo - CA

When we trade rights and privacy for security, they win. The politics of fear have long prevailed, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Ricardo - CA

We cannot survive as a country without the values ​​on which our country was founded. Always keep her close to your heart.


Dissent is a fundamental American right and duty. Torture, terrorism and the repression of civil society in the name of security are un-American.
Rick - CA

This country is moving towards Third World status economically and politically. We, the people, have become "to hell with the people."
Rick - CA

We need to restore the entire Bill of Rights. Like nature, freedom needs light to thrive. The secret of how the darkness withers them
Ricky - Florida

External adversity in the form of the 9/11 attacks should have been used to generate a national commitment to a stronger America. Eisenhower used the Cold War as a "tool" to get the US to build the interstate highway system, our most successful infrastructure project since the transcontinental railroads were built more than a century ago. Likewise, Kennedy used the Cold War to encourage the American public to develop its educational resources, particularly science education, leading the crusade to "put a man on the moon within a decade". Both presidents used the adversity of being involved in a "battle" with an enemy to call for greater domestic strength in the US. This is how we must respond to the threat of terrorism. And the first way to strengthen a country is to protect its internal freedoms rather than to undermine them.
Rinaldo - CA

Our most cherished values, freedom, justice, equality and peace, must be at the forefront of every important decision we make as a people and the actions we take to protect them.

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear breeds anger. Anger breeds hate. Hatred breeds suffering." ~ Joda
Rob - New Mexico

Teddy Roosevelt wisely said that it was "unpatriotic, obsequious and morally treacherous" to avoid criticisms of unconstitutionality in times of crisis. I totally agree. Thank you for your continued work as a watchdog here at the ACLU. I'm behind you 100%.

"When plundering becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, in time they create for themselves a legal system that allows it and a moral code that glorifies it." Frederic Bastiat (1801–1850), French economist

Passing the last ten years, I see clearly that what shouldn't be an emergency is an opportunity to trample the Constitution. We gave up many rights as individuals after 9/11 that the government at the time was very willing to take away from us, and the current government is relatively reluctant to admit that. Once a right is lost, it is very difficult to recover it.

Fear must never exclude freedom!

Freedom is easy when we are united. When we defend freedoms we disapprove of, our true patriotism shines through.

I was the target of DEW weapons and non-contact torture for eight years. Prisoners of Synthetic Telepathy (V2K) Every day I open my eyes. My human rights, my constitutional rights were taken away from me. When will this matter be discussed?

I support the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

If you sacrifice freedom for security, you will have none.

It's important to keep America safe, but not at the cost of losing our freedoms.

It's time to end a decade-long era of fear that turned all of our lives upside down, and resume living as free Americans with freedom and justice for all.
Robert- BUT

Keep protecting our rights

Freedom or death.
Robert - North Carolina

Many of the spontaneous reactions after 9/11 (mainly from governments) are the exact opposite of what should have happened. Let's check, check and restore.

May we live our lives not ignoring fear, but choosing freedom over fear.

No more police state

Old West Justice no East Side, Baby!
Robert- BUT

On September 11, 2001, all of humanity was finally able to see God in every person who ever walked the earth. If we just hold that 9/11 perspective in our hearts, we can keep America safe and free at the same time. Hour.

Our constitutional freedoms and protections have made us a great nation. The oath of office of every federal official is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We must never trade these freedoms and safeguards for a fleeting hope of security. In our War of Independence, our people did not ask for safety first, but chose to risk everything for our constitutional ideals. Are we going to risk everything for a temporary hope of safety? Hope not.

Our greatest strength is the ideals expressed in the Bill of Rights. They create a strong civil society. We must not allow ignorance or demagogues to undermine our rights.
Roberto - MD

Our freedom cannot be protected by burying it under tyranny under the cloak of protection.

Please leave my rights alone. Our personal rights are claimed daily. Keep religion out of our government.
Robert is

Protecting our freedom begins with freeing ourselves from the fear that threatens it.

Remember, mister government, we are the people, not you the people.
Robert – Nova York

I lost so much. So many wasted lives. So few who hold the light of freedom.
Robert - The

Some things are too precious to give away. As an American, I'd rather have freedom without security than security without freedom. Give me freedom or give me death.
Roberto - New Jersey

Support the ACLU and its work for our civil liberties.
Robert - okay

End the Patriot Act now.
Robert - North Carolina

The 9/11 attacks were terrible, but what followed was even worse. Instead of responding by redoubling our efforts to defeat the forces of totalitarianism and violent ignorance in the world, America has increasingly transformed itself to be more like those who attacked us in the first place. The moment we made that decision, we lost the war on terror and gave it a position of power in our own government. If it's not about being beaten, then I don't know what is.

Citizens United's decision was a farce. America is not free and never will be until we get rid of corporate rules. The American "Corporate" Liberties Union has lost my support. Money is not free speech.
Robert- BUT

The Constitution is one of the most sacred foundations of this country. It is the foundation on which this country rests. Our Founding Fathers risked their lives to help create this nation and forge the principles of the Constitution to guide its citizens. It's a shame that we have to fight so hard and so hard to protect the rights we've been given. Officials who violate these rights are guilty of treason.

The Constitution is the blueprint for our system of government in the United States. Editors opposed partisanship and distrusted political parties. Each generation has a legacy of freedom and equality to perpetuate. the constitution guarantees the longevity of these concepts.
Robert - Florida

The military-industrial complex/Corporate America has tremendous control over Congress and the mainstream media, which is not democracy, it's fascism.

The United States has gone through many crisis episodes in its history when governments have shied away from civil liberties. We remember the Alien and Sedition Acts, the courts that upheld slavery, the idle raids of World War I, the anti-Communist hysteria of the 1950s, and now the Patriot Act. The destruction of civil liberties in the name of security is an insult to the victims of 9/11, and to honor them we must resist.
Robert- BUT

There should never be a reason or time to limit our civil liberties.

We are all in this together as a country and ultimately as passengers on spaceship Earth. If someone is not free and at peace, then freedom and peace are threatened for all of us. It's not a zero-sum game where you only get more when you have less. In fact, it's the exact opposite of that.

We are not blind to the facts!

We must have a government of, by, and for the people. We now have a government that is primarily by, by, and for business.

we can stay free and safe
Robert - The

We must continue to educate all Americans about implementing the values ​​of our Constitution, not about the distortions of politicians.

We must never allow the bully, under the guise of false patriotism, to usurp our constitutional right to be free from undue coercion.

We need people like you to protect our freedom.

While I certainly agree with this message, I know that we DO NOT fight for freedom or spread democracy in Iraq/Af. but to instill in these nations our brand of CAPITALISM LAISSEZ FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roberto - DE

Keep peace and civil liberties foremost in our thoughts and actions.
Roberta - Los Angeles

This nation was founded on the concept of individual liberty; Let's keep it that way!
Roberto - CO


My commitment is stronger than ever to those who died on that tragic day ten years ago. It's a commitment to keep the pressure on the Obama administration to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A commitment to tell the truth to those in power and to fight for the rights of those who don't. A commitment to always clear up the abuses of those in power, regardless of who they are. A commitment to publicize the dangers of the uncontrolled exercise of power by those in power. My commitment to the defense of human rights around the world is and always will be present.

If we give up our freedoms, the terrorists win.
Robin - CA

There is never a good reason to take away any of our freedoms!
Rocco - CA

fight for freedom

Live and die for freedom, never fear.
Two - WI

When I saw the Patriot Act and later learned about wiretapping, the pit of my stomach told me that the terrorists had won.
Estancia - AC

In times of crisis, we can only rely on our constitution. We must uphold our American ideals more strongly in these times and not indulge in scaremongering.

It's great to be able to keep fighting for our freedoms while keeping America safe.
Rodney - CA

While 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, what happened to our freedoms afterward was equally devastating. It's a shame that terrorism has killed as many "innocents until proven guilty" as those who died in the 9/11 attacks!
Rodney - CA

Our government's response to 911 caused far more lasting damage than the act itself.

Freedom is not the ability to fear persecution on account of unwarranted suspicion. Our government needs to realize that privacy is just as important as personal protection!
Roger - YOU

Let freedom reign!!!

respect the constitution
Roger - MI

Courage, vision, justice, fairness and respect for humanity are the keys to understanding and defending the Constitution.

I don't have a message, but I do have a ten-year-old question: What about WTC #7? And yet another: Who, wherever, has the authority to define who the enemy is, whether at home or abroad? And where could this enemy be hiding? In a mountain hole, a desert complex, behind an agency desk, in an oval, rectangular or oblong office, in an East African refugee camp amid millions of starving people from almost everywhere, under the roof of a midwestern home where a rancher, deeply burdened by foreclosures and other deadly mortgages, awaits eviction by a busy sheriff obeying an incomprehensible constitutional law? tell me you want

The extent to which we restrict the freedoms and civil rights that the terrorists attacked on 9/11 is the extent to which those terrorists succeeded.
Rony - CO

We are about to become a corporate dictatorship because the Supreme Court has legalized political corruption. We need to change the constitution to limit the money the rich and corporations can contribute to campaigns.

BECAUSE IF THERE IS NO PROGRESS, then there is no future for you and me, only for her...
Ronaldo - CA

I cannot tolerate your extreme position. I promise to support anything sensible you do.
Ronald - Pennsylvania

Not only the guilty have fallen into the net of politics that endangers freedom, but also the innocent. It could be you. Becoming like them is an example of being like them.
Ronald - New Jersey

Our government officials often disregard two essential parts of the Constitution, Articles IX and X (“Ninth and Tenth Amendments”): “The enumeration of certain rights in the Constitution shall not be construed as a denial of or disregard for other rights retained by the .” and “Powers not conferred upon the United States by the Constitution or prohibited by the States are reserved to the States or to the PEOPLE, as the case may be.”
Ronaldo - CA

We are the people... We are the ones in charge!
Ronaldo - Los Angeles

We must go back and protect our freedoms that our Founding Fathers enshrined in the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.
Ronaldo - CT

The only ones who “hate our freedom” are those who claim they are taking it away from us to make us safer.
Ronan - CA

For too long, the "PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION" have been "TRUST THE ELECT" (nice to say that most of us WERE NOT AWARE of what was happening to our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, OUR FREEDOM, my systematic destruction of our lives through jobs, RIGHTS, WE PAY IN "GREED" The fact is, the truth is in the "JOBS", (don't know how to spell) BIBLE, all the BANES, since the end of this world in 2012. You all know I REALLY BELIEVE that a little of this is true and that today with the DESTRUCTION OF OUR RIGHTS OF CONTACT IS A BIG PART of a world currency NO MONEY JUST ELECTRONIC MONEY IN ACTIVATED ACCOUNTS FOR ALL NATIONAL SECURITY ALL BA If we haven't tried, THEY WERE MADE BY GOD , maybe he meant the following like this: "WAKE UP, LIVE WELL, HE BEATS EACH OTHER, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. We may have a chance to make peace, TO PROTECT OUR GO TT GRANTED RIGHTS. There are many, EVEL PASSING, HE DESTROYED EVERYTHING BEFORE. that we need to get ar to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND LIVE LIKE THE GOOD PEOPLE BEFORE US.
Ronld - Identification

Anything and anyone that threatens our Constitution is unpatriotic.
rosa isela - CA

We have nothing more to fear than fear itself and the loss of our civil liberties.
Rosalinda - MD

Let fear turn to love and sadness turn to compassion
Rosanne - Nova York

People's privacy must be respected and not violated. when will we learn

The American people were taken advantage of by people at the highest levels after 9/11, it's time to put things right.
Pink - Arizona

Keep up the wonderful work at the ACLU/
Rosemarie - Nova York

Being an American means committing to the peaceful process of sharing information and protecting our personal freedoms.

When we lose our freedom from fear, Osama wins.
Rosemary- NO

We may cry, but we will never forget the lives lost to a lawless act of horror in our land, which is and always will be the land of the brave, where freedom reigns. Praised be our God and Fatherland.
Rosie - CA

A moment of crisis is just an opportune moment for those in power to fight for more. The important thing is to defend ourselves against those who want to exploit us. This is one of the many lessons we must remember about 9/11. How can we do that when the unpatriotic Patriot Act is imposed on the noble way of life? We defend who we are as Americans by not spying on you and having access to all of your personal information. The Patriot Act gives our leaders an endless supply of laws and power to oppress not our enemies, but their funding servants, "the American people." It is Americans who ultimately keep our country safe and free. Trying to exploit your fellow Americans with harsh laws of oppression is like putting bacteria in a rotten banana. Stay free, fellow Americans, and serve no one, but serve freedom on 9/11.
Ross - Pennsylvania

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are war criminals and must be charged with treason and crimes against humanity under the USA PATRIOT Act, their illegal wars and other human rights abuses.
Ruim - YOU

Perhaps Thomas L. Friedman put it best (it should also be an ACLU bumper sticker): "We are the 4th of July people, not the 9/11 people."

More surveillance does not make people safer. Police and prison systems only exaggerate the racial, gender and economic differences that have existed since the founding of this nation.
Rowan - OTHER

When fear reigns, freedom dies.
Roxana - WI

If we commit ourselves to the principles set out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we have already lost.
Roy - New York

Our Constitution stands as a mighty bulwark and must resist without compromise.
Roy - DE

Freedom is more important than security.
Russell-New Jersey

The fight today is almost the same as that of the coats.
Russel - VT

With freedom comes great responsibility, and within that realm of responsibility, the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones tops the list. Therefore, to be truly free, we must take full responsibility for our actions as individuals and as a nation. , we can never be free as long as we shift the responsibility for security onto others.

Prohibition is the silent killer of democracy. Tobacco and alcohol are the two most dangerous drugs in the world, yet millions of American citizens are in prison under laws that prohibit far less dangerous drugs. The government isn't waging a war on drugs...it's waging a war on the American people.
Oxidized - AR

"Those who would trade freedom for security would end up having none."
Routes - CA

Even when bad things happen, we can always choose to respond with integrity. We can choose courage and justice. Fear does not have to rule us.
rut- okay

I refuse to live in fear
Ruth - Nova York

It is unbearable that the death of so many good Americans has become an excuse for some profligates to decimate the freedoms, rights and values ​​we all share, as set out in our Constitution and its First 10 Amendments. Security cannot be bought by giving up our freedoms, even gradually. The courage and integrity of our founding principles is the only way to preserve our freedom. Secret policy is anathema to good or just government. Acknowledged or not, the constitution remains and I and mine with it.

If we don't speak up, our constitution will fall off a cliff.
Brunft - CA

9/11 must be remembered by those who passed, those who sacrificed everything and everyone who promised to create a safe and free country where we can live in harmony from that day forward. However, this was overshadowed by special interests, greed and lust for power.
Ryan - MA

Think of the 2,996 people who died that day, the deteriorating health of Ground Zero workers, and the sudden collapse of World Trade Center 7.
Ryan- NO

We must make fear those who want us to give up our rights out of fear.

We need radical faith and forgiveness to replace fear, to maintain freedom.

In a way, 9/11 WAS a victory for those who wish to harm us. We have become that nation which, as the saying goes, puts safety before liberty and soon loses both.
San David - IN

The US government's ever-growing and deteriorating police state has NOT upheld the Constitution, but has eviscerated, eradicated, removed, violated, violated, replaced, and has continually and fraudulently claimed that a violation of the Constitution was "constitutional". /or violate "constitutional authority. Authority" as they see fit (particularly the "sole executive power", aka the Presidency), and claimed that constitutional law was allegedly "unconstitutional" and that what is manifestly unconstitutional is allegedly "constitutional" . "Your definition(s) of a constitutional republic and of liberty and liberty are entirely different from what those who uphold the human rights and civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, as well as their conception(s) of what is justice and what is not. They allow serial torturers and mass murderers, sociopaths and psychopaths, to literally get away with murder and torture that is TOTALLY unconstitutional and patently illegal, and then they too proceed with both extreme crimes.crime, itself,but for all these war criminals are allowed to get away with it.May true freedom and liberty and all true principles of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights win TOTALLY against all this injustice! NOW !
S. Lobo - MT

The goal of 9/11 was to destroy our country and if people continue to be bigoted in the name of "patriotism" then the goal of the hijackers and their group will be achieved.
Sadie - Carolina do Norte

Fear is NOT a reason to take away my freedom.
Sally - Novo México

On 9/11, more than ever, Americans turned to their local churches. We stand together "One nation under God". I pray that after this tragic interruption in our lives, we can bring "God" back to country and home. "God Bless America"​​and "The Fallen Victims and Heroes"!!
Sally - CA

Declaration of independence

We can best honor victims by protecting our civil rights/
Sally - MA

They believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Sallyanne - Florida

I was 13 when I realized America's security had been stolen from us. I was there as a boy that day and I am there today as a young man. For the Constitution and for the people affected by 9/11.
Samuel - MN

I'd rather worry about my safety than give up one iota of my freedom...

I have been a member of the ACLU since FDR and HST...I am a USAF Veteran of World War II, Korean War, Retired Reservist...I am sworn "...to protect the Constitution against all enemies at home and abroad... "I am adamant against the oligarchs, against the neo-feudalists who want to take the country back to the dark ages, against the old society of evil lords and servants... The ACLU is one of the most powerful forces in the country for Lincoln's vision ... Theme A New Birth of Freedom People are forgetting what an incredible revolution the Enlightenment was and the founding of our country. This was a truly fundamental change; the whole shape of human history has changed like nothing before or since, not by wars, not by art, not by science, not by religion They believed that rulers were authorized by God, that breaches of faith would subject them not only to punishment more brutal, but to a life of endless torment. Most thought it had always been that way and always would be. The founders borrowed this central and truly revolutionary idea from Enlightenment philosophers and historians: the only way for people to live free from tyrannical rule is to govern themselves. And for the founders, it wasn't just bar talk. They declared their independence, took up arms and went to war against the old tyranny, the superpower of the time. And at the cost of terrible hardships and suffering at home and in battle, they gained the chance to make our country the home of a free people. And they created the Constitution so that we could work together for the common good and protect each other. For the tyrants, this was a defeat; but from the beginning they worked to undermine our self-government. Recently, these efforts have increased in strength and scope. They attack the constitution; they seek nothing less than to reshape our country in the old tyrannical model of top-down rule over a subservient population. But understanding of this threat is growing. The very damage they caused made people realize what Lincoln saw in yet another moment of tremendous pain and destruction: it is time for "a new birth of liberty, that government of the people, by the people, for the people, no 'no lose the land." And I don't care much about "SAFE", I care about the Constitution

Let's not forget.

If we ignore our rights, they will disappear.

Before it's too late... I will defend freedom and honor all those who have died, so that they have the freedom to speak when the Constitution is threatened. It's the least I can do for a country as good as its vigilant citizens.

Bush is just the beginning, this was a well thought out plan and it is not new. It has been planned for many years for the day America falls, so that the people who are really behind it can control the rest of the world by destroying freedoms in every country, so that the few can conquer the many with 9/11. . S as a reason to target the military if 9/11 wasn't a Middle Eastern conspiracy against Americans. It was a conspiracy by our own government to slowly destroy our freedom and slowly take American freedom away from us, so we won't even know when it ends!
Sandra - Florida

I believe in keeping America free from all unconstitutional laws. Florida has Chapter 39 where people take children by hearsay rather than due process. They are not entitled to a trial or jury, they are not entitled to face their accusers, they are not entitled to call witnesses, and they are not entitled to withhold evidence against them. in itself. Children are taken every day based only on rumors and without proof or evidence. This is just a money game that keeps these agencies working and destroying families. Help!!!
Sandra - Florida

In these difficult times, I stand up for the Constitution with the ACLU.
Sandra - CA

Keep fighting for us!!

May justice penetrate into all corners and troubles for everyone.
Sandra - CA

Our oath says: "With liberty and justice for ALL", not just for some; We must move our country forward, not backward!
Sandra - Pennsylvania

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights give us our creed! I wish politicians would stop being so greedy!! They must represent us, the people, through a voting system to speak on our behalf. Well, recently, for the last 12 years, our government sees us as cows and takes us to coral reefs to kill them. What... should we moo and then die? I don't like this idea at all! The Force has strayed far from what this country stands for, and I have lost faith in it. God has been removed from the values ​​of this country. I grew up with stronger morals: I live peacefully in existence and I am not a cow.

When America looks more like Soviet Russia or Communist China than the country I grew up in, I feel sad and afraid of my own government.

"I'd rather be exposed to the inconveniences that come with too much freedom than those that come with too little of it." -Thomas Jefferson
Sandy - CA

We must protect our vital legal rights from outside elements.

Let's not waste the precious gift that the founders left us. Instead of accepting the misanthropic propaganda of the religious extreme right, try to get your friends and neighbors to THINK.

Do not forget about your own decency! You are the people, you are the constitution
Sarah - New York

Our BRILLIANT CONDITION was ignored, allowing a drastic decline in decency and sanity in our American society. We must REMEMBER AMERICA by reclaiming our Constitution.
Sarah - New York

This was a very sad day in our American history. We must continue to fight for our freedom and our constitution.
Sara – Kansas

We harm ourselves far more than terrorists by giving in to our feelings of revenge and fear.
Sarah Withers - VA

For democracy to function effectively, we need full disclosure and more transparency from our government more than ever!
Scott Carolina do Sul

I am proud to be a member of the ACLU, the best way I know to show how much I value our civil liberties.
Scott - California

If we give up our freedom, the terrorists win. Stand up against those who want to take away our constitutional rights!
Scott - CO

It is clear to anyone paying attention that this whole 9/11 thing is a power and money grab by the Bush crime family.
Scott - OR

Most post-9/11 anti-freedom laws have not made us safer.
Scott - WY

Never forget those who fell in love with our freedom!
Scott - OH

Our freedom makes us strong, NOT our fear!
Scott-Nova York

Terrorism wins when our rights and freedoms are lost or forgotten.
Scott - California

The 9/11 attackers achieved, or at least partially, their objective. Until today we have lost the rights that differentiated us from those who attacked us. Until we regain those rights and restore the Constitution by repealing the abomination of the PATRIOT Act, those who attacked us won.
Scott-New Jersey

Freedom dies when fear reigns!
Scott Dale-OH

Mind your own business, big brother.

Now, in the face of fear, it is even more important that we refuse to be ruled by it. Liberty and civil liberties are not just for times of security, no, they are even more important in times of fear.

Our freedoms define who we are as a nation, allow them to be compromised, and we cease to be Americans.

I was in Cambridge, England on September 11, 2001, and I was scared and confused as to why this happened. Ten years later, I'm back in Boulder, CO. I feel that we are safer as Americans. What scared us as humans ended up bringing us together and making us stronger. I believe that we will use violence to overcome the defeatist mentality of the Jehadists and, thanks to it, we will continue to be stronger. God quick!! semay d nelson
Semay - CO

Who is watching the Guardians? Who punishes the punishers? These unhealthy cycles of distrust will only lead to more fear and violence. If you want to target someone, target them all. If you invade our privacy, take the initiative and show full transparency (and why not? Public figures must be watched on TV 24 hours a day). And if you want to sanction torture, get in line, which is worse for you?

It's time to end the Patriot Act and restore our freedoms. For us, giving up our freedoms means the terrorists have achieved their objective.
Sergio - IT

The "Heimat" security is very similar to the "Heimat" of Nazi Germany!

Our Constitution was created to represent all citizens of the United States. please respect
Sesame - WHAT

The fight for freedom cannot be won in any court of law. This will drive Americans from all walks of life to look for creative ways to speak out.
Shahid - M.A

Don't give in to fear!

It is up to every American to ensure that no one is tortured in our name or imprisoned without due process.

The Constitution is a document and framework for our country that allows for growth and change in the human experience. It must be defended and defended and not distorted and perverted.
Sharon - CO

To the extent that we lost constitutional freedoms in response to 9/11, our attackers gained. You must defend our civil liberties.

We can never be free if our hard fight for civil liberties continues to be eroded by the fear we feel.
Sharon - OR

We are not free when we act out of fear.
Shaun – Kansas

The Constitution grants us equal rights to live decently, legally and with mutual respect. Accountability according to these principles gives us the freedom we all deserve.
Sheila - CA

My biggest fear is using fear to destroy civil liberties.

I thank the ACLU every day for fighting for our civil liberties that were forever changed ten years ago.
Shelby - California

Our Constitution protects the rights of all Americans.
Shelby - Florida

Bin Laden outdid us in our overreaction to 9/11. SDD
Shelley - WA

Freedom is not a gift from heaven, you have to fight for it every day - Simon Weisenthal
Shelley-Carolina do Norte

It is time for our government to be held accountable for its actions. That is the beauty of a true democracy.
Shelley - Kansas

When it comes to the constitution, the majority cannot take away the civil rights of the minority.

I want to join the ACLU to defend and expand America's constitutional right to liberty.

I want to join the ACLU to defend and expand America's constitutional right to liberty.

With the formation of the TSA, we went far beyond caution in the fight against terrorism
Sher - CA

Our Constitution and our freedoms are sacred and make us unique. Gradually we become more like those we call enemies. Do we really want to create an environment in our country that radicals want to create all over the world?

Protecting the Constitution is the responsibility of all Americans, regardless of religion or political affiliation.

They rule out of fear, we lose our freedom. This is not acceptable.
Sherrilä - TX

He was proud that Senator Feingold voted against the Patriot Act, and the years since have proven him right time and time again.
Sherry - WI

This is the land of the free. We must do everything in our power to encourage this. America is BIG!
Jerez - CO

It is critical that America uphold the Constitution that ALL of our ancestors fought for. as a whole; I value freedoms in the multicultural America we come from. It is vitally important to continue to protect this country, preserving our cultural freedoms, pushing for accountability and justice.
Sherwana - CA

As that day approaches, my heart grows heavier. The memories are terrible and the world we live in is even more disturbing than it was. May God bless America and unite his people in love and prayer every day. Consider that we have people in Washington who care less about the day, except to make headlines with their indifferent bustle. With loving thoughts to all.

If we lose our constitutional guarantees, we will self-destruct from within. We will not allow ourselves to fulfill Obama's agenda for him and those around him.

We must all work together to make our country strong and free. We need jobs. Loan rates are extremely low, so we need to encourage investment in jobs!

Keep up the good work ACLU!!!
Silas - CA

If the price we pay for security is freedom, then we have none. The best defense against internal and external terror is a strong and vibrant democracy, defended by citizens aware of the need to maintain an open society. Otherwise, the terrorists win. What is happening now is not the solution, but the problem.

I grew up in the land of the free, home of the brave, and learned the principles of freedom and justice. I wish that for my children too.

Achieving the Constitution's goals for all Americans is a work in progress.

Freedom of speech and action is seen as a defining element of what makes America great; However, he is constantly attacked by people who are saints in public and serpents in particular, and those who have their deceitful selfishness up their sleeves. If there is to be any hope for a happy future and cooperative humanity, the right to freedom of expression must be protected and extended wherever necessary or possible.
Spender - O

It's time to get over 9/11. We provoked it. And now our GD government has gone mad. Kill everyone in sight, they seem to be saying. And rule the world.

To all who gave their lives and to those who risk their lives, may God's blessings shine upon their souls and I can't even find the words to express my deepest gratitude for being so selfless and courageous, me and mine to give to family. . Security and opportunity to continue to be proud of living in the best country in the world. To the families who lost part of their souls because of what was most sincerely taken from them, may they find some comfort in knowing that people love them and wish them well.

American values ​​must prevail. Stop Bush Cheney's abuses and punish crimes.
Stacy - NC

America must keep its values ​​intact at all times, or they are not values ​​at all, but hypocritical platitudes.

America must be stronger than our collective fear. We face no greater threat than our founding fathers, but they managed to create a country based on hope and freedom.
Stefan - TX

Freedom is an individual and collective mental and spiritual state. Freedom is a feeling that we can and should spread in the air. The irreplaceably necessary step to reach this state in collective human consciousness is to reduce fear a little each day, especially by laying down all defensive weapons in the face of our armed and fearful enemies. Let's stop stooping to their level and communicate with our eyes and bodies instead of weapons, especially firearms.
Stefan - DE

People have to be aware and attentive when elected officials start talking about changing the constitution because it doesn't allow them to do what they want. This should set off a warning sign that what they want to do might not be the right thing to do. You have to look very carefully.

It is so sad that so many Americans were killed because of Dick Cheny's false flag operation known as 9/11.
Stephan - CA

Remain committed to people's rights.
Stephan - CA

I think it's important to remember that everything needs checks and balances, especially government agencies. It has been demonstrated time and again that our government is not immune to corruption and the misuse of resources. We have the Constitution and all the rights it contains to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. Giving up these rights in the name of fear harms our great nation and leaves us vulnerable to persecution at our own hands. Whether we are afraid or not, we cannot allow that fear to cloud our judgment and allow our government to commit atrocities, no matter the cost. For the cost to us as a nation and as individuals will be greater. I really hope that a time soon comes when Americans stop being complacent and content with their lives and realize that our freedoms are diminishing every day, even though we think we are free. And I hope that with each of us we have a place to realize that if we allow this to happen to others, one day we will be.
Stéphanee - WA

Freedom is what this country was founded on - Freedom is what we will always stand for, Freedom is what we will fight for!
Stephanie - CO

Freedom requires constant vigilance against those who would make us afraid to surrender.
Stephanie - okay

This country was founded on our differences. We should celebrate them... not fear them.
Stephanie - Arizona

I want to live in a country that respects citizens' rights and protects us.
Stephan - CA

Government transparency is essential in a democracy. The fight to protect our civil liberties must be a guarantee of that.

It's time we all realized that we are brothers in a global community and not enemies because we dress or speak differently. Come and meet each other, it's about time we all get to know each other.
Stephenie - Kansas

200 years ago the Constitution was new, relevant and expected to guarantee freedom in the future. Those in power make more laws based on their interests and prejudices. We now have 200 years of complex laws that were enacted not just to protect us, but to prevent unfortunate situations from ever happening again. Unfortunate situations will always happen and our life is mortal. Every law we make undermines our freedom and will never allow for immortality. My desire is to defend the fundamental rights that our Constitution and our fundamental rights grant us and to abolish many of the laws that now limit our freedom. Furthermore, politicians have always and continue to enact ways to take a little here and there from the masses to fund the particular interests of a few. I want my life to be free from the demands of limitations at every turn. 200 years ago, we had a solid foundation. Today our foundation is aging, looted, abandoned and in need of renovation. We continue to salute our flag and it's a good one. But we must question people's ability to see far enough to work beyond pet project funding of the day and the status quo. Lawmakers are usually the privileged elite who don't care about those who have little. You're just looking at them in the run-up to the election. Is there any way we can change the status quo? Can we somehow get our freedoms back? This question is always answered before the election, but it is never asked in the limousines, cabinet panels, town halls or mansions where our deputies hang out when they are not on the campaign trail.
Steve - CA

Fight to keep America free for all Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans, Native Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, all Americans.
Steve - CA

Let's replace the distortions of 9/11 with a scientific process and true analysis. A new independent investigation into the events of 9/11 with grand jury subpoena powers.
Steve - Nova York

The PBS program's message about the harm it was causing on September 22 was the absolutism of religious beliefs. Prevent such certainty from being taught in state-sanctioned schools to prevent brainwashing.
Steve - Florida

Our most valuable gift to our future citizens is a commitment to the Constitution.
Steve - MA

Unfortunately, the terrorists won. The goal of terrorist attacks is just that: terror to change the behavior of their victims. That happened. We've given up a lot of freedom for almost no additional security.
Steve - TX

I pledge my strong support to all who continue to keep our precious civil liberties intact.
Steven - Rhode Island

Lest we forget what we are fighting for... "I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies at home and abroad; I will show true faith and loyalty to it..." Always Fi DD's
Steven - TX

Our government has done so many bad things in the name of justice that they will not stand the light of day. The creation of secret services that exist without the public's knowledge has been exposed and we must continue to fight for our civil liberties before they are completely taken away.
Steven - Nova York

The Constitution is mine, given to me by all the Americans who have gone before me to defend it at all costs, even if it costs me everything.
Steven - CA

The truth about 9/11 must be told. The secret is guilt. The constitution must be preserved.
Steven - MA

These greedy bandits won't let me run and hide.
Steven - CA

We are lost when we are less, we must be more and strengthen our essence. We are the strength of the weak and the weakness of the powerful, we are Americans by birth and choice, and we have a strong voice to hold us together and protect us until we are done.
Steven - TX

We must support the Constitution to overcome the crimes of the Bush administration.
Steven - Florida

You draw from the constitution by which you were elected and paid,
Steven- hello

To cheer! See everyone as your brother and sister and think and feel peace in your heart!
steward - hello

Ensuring civil liberties for all is the first requirement for true liberty.

Security can never be absolute. We must have the courage to live in perilous times.
Stuart - MD

They say they strictly abide by the constitution. What they really want is to destroy them and end our democracy as we know it.

and those who violate our Constitution (for example, torturing and drowning people) must be prosecuted... no matter who they are.
Plaintiff - NV

Do not attack racial or religious groups, invade privacy through unrestrained surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or wage endless world war.

Many people in uniform take our civil liberties for granted. If we want to be free, we must always be ready to defend the Bill of Rights. We must remain courageous in the face of terrorism.

I defend peace and the essence of what our country is; not bigotry or lack of tolerance, not greed, but for Justus, the inalienable rights of all human beings (human beings) and most importantly freedom of religion and its SEPARATION from the state.
Suely - FL

America was founded on shared principles of liberty, without cowering in fear or accepting hypothetical security constraints.
Susana - CO

Defend the constitution, don't rewrite it for your own benefit!
Susana – YOU

Freedom is for everyone. And judging everyone by the actions of a few is reprehensible.
Susana – YOU

Freedom is our greatness!
Susana - FL

I continue to support the ACLU's efforts to protect American civil liberties.
Susanne - New York

The local police, fire brigade and the first people who arrived on 9/11/01 received the message "No Vacancy" for the politicians present. Shame on you. You are our heroes.

One nation under God.
Susanna - Pennsylvania

Our constitution protects people from a repressive government. Now the people must protect the government's constitution.
Susana – YOU

Remember that our Constitution makes us a free people.
Susanne - New York

The only way forward is to prosecute those responsible for the loss of our freedom: the Bush administration. The holder is required by law to pursue war crimes charges. He has to DO IT NOW!
Susana - CA

We must protect our Constitution at all costs. Our rights have been greatly altered by Bush and his "intimidation" tactics.
Susana - CO

We must remain vigilant in the cause of liberty and the protection of our constitutional rights.
Susanne - New York

You never know when the freedoms and protections you give up could be used against you.
Susana - me

What happened to the America I knew and loved?
Susana Maria - CA

We must not allow right-wing extremists to destroy this country because they refuse to understand the truth!
Susan Suni - CA

Enough of the fear and paranoia that has been kept alive since 9/11 to intimidate our citizens and slowly lose our civil liberties and liberties.

All elected officials must work for us. We must never let them forget.
Susan - OR

let peace reign
Susanne - New York

September 11, 2001 was my tenth birthday. I'm turning 20 this year and I DO NOT want to see a group of people being harassed or attacked on my birthday or any other day.
Susie - TX

If those in power use fear to undermine our rights, who are the terrorists?
Susie - Kansas

At what price... freedom?
Suzan - CA

I believe that our current political situation is distorting our Constitution and we need to honor it again.
Swami - DE

We must never jeopardize our commitment to our Constitution!!!
Swedish - KS

As the husband of an Indonesian man, I've long been used to the telltale clicks on the phone line that say, "Are you listening." And if we're wasting our time and resources that way, it would be better if we just did what the Constitution allows, it would be a better use of our time.
Sweeney - Pennsylvania

... That, to secure these rights, governments are established among the people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -- that whenever any form of government destroys these ends, it is the right of the people to change or change to abolish and install a new government...
Silvia - VA

Protect our freedoms while protecting us from external or extremist attacks.
Silvia - CA

Silvia - Florida

With increasingly less politeness and callous disregard for human rights and basic decency, all ostensibly in the name of "national security", the terrorists seem to have won after all.
Silvia - MI

The fallen would remind us first and last of the Bill of Rights.

Americans need to figure out what is happening to freedom and justice in this land of the (supposedly) free. The media helps, but it is not enough.

I emphasize that the so-called Patriot Act is unconstitutional. It is a parody and should be repealed. The use of fear-based tactics by our own elected representatives is shameful. We must fulfill our responsibility as voters to elect representatives who value freedom over vindictive fear and who oppose harmful and discriminatory laws.
Tamar - New York

Tammy - CT

Fear and hate go together. Democracy cannot thrive in this atmosphere.
Tanis - MA

I have lived in South Africa for 24 years and have done my best to support their fight for democracy and civil liberties based on the rule of law. I never thought that fighting would follow me home to the States. WE MUST NOT VACCINATE.

The best way to fight terrorism is through law enforcement, not war. An honest and transparent government can effectively combat and prevent further tragic terrorist attacks.
Ted - WI

I have sworn to protect the Constitution against all enemies; Foreigners and Residents in 1974. To this day I honor that oath. I am sometimes not so sure that the Constitution's internal enemies are not stronger than its external enemies.

Let's put fear aside. Once again let us be the example of the world in freedom, human rights and upholding the constitution.

The rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be protected and defended at all costs. They are the heart and soul of this country, and without them intact, our freedoms disappear. We must be very vigilant and courageous in this time of Patriot Act and Kock Brothers and others. Will America survive as we know it, or will it become a land of patricians and serfs?
Teresa - CA

Our civil rights ARE national security.

The Bush administration's response to the events of September 11, 2001 was based on fear. Out of fear, they justified all sorts of violations of American civil rights. What is really unfortunate about this response is that it gave the terrorists who committed these acts exactly what they wanted. By definition, a terrorist is someone who tries to terrorize. Crying with fear, as the Bush administration said, we were terrified. Free yourself from fear and abuse our civil liberties.

I promise to honor the Constitution and fight the political system that holds it hostage. It is shameful that a duly elected and unethical ruler took advantage of a dire situation to hold our nation hostage. We were betrayed by our own leaders.
Terri - CA

We must preserve our civil liberties, which were systematically taken away from us after 9/11. Fear must not be a motivating tool to control the masses, giving up the freedoms we are sworn to defend as a nation!
Terri - Pennsylvania

We must stop clinging to the false bravado of the past and heed what at least five Founding Fathers warned us about. We must stop playing global police and elevate "virtue" to war. Give our next generation a chance, give back our freedoms. War does not "serve" our nation. These brave men and women belong to the motherland and protect us from the proliferation of climate change disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires... all are more likely to result in death than a "terrorist" attack
Terri Lynn - California

Freedom is not defended by denying it to us.
Terry - Nova York

In 1967 I swore to protect this country from all enemies. I didn't risk my life to sit back and watch Tea Party terrorists take that away from me!
Pano atoalhado - OH

Our ancestors set an example for us to protect and keep their promises. Personal freedom, religious freedom, equality, civil and personal rights for all Americans regardless of race, country of origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation or amount of money in your pocket! We cannot allow any religious group, political group or greedy industries and lobbyists to take that promise away from us. We can no longer allow corruption in our courts, in our government, in our American way of life.
Towel cloth - MON

The ACLU speaks for me!
Terry Cloth - APPROX.

This is not meant to be malicious or to defame anyone, but I experience this every day of my life as an African-American. Hope you never have to live my experience. Be diligent, fight for your rights!
Terry - Nova York

We are not one nation under God while we are at war. We must submit to God by beating our swords into plowshares and ending wars.
Terry Cloth - APPROX.

Since the 911 was designed by Bush W & HW Cheney and Rummy, we must hold them accountable for every dollar spent on wars and accused of treason.
Terry L.-O

"My land is yours, sweet land of freedom, I sing to you... From every mountainside, freedom resounds"
Terry Lee-IN

I wish we could all remember the sense of unity we felt during that horrible period. We will never heal as a nation until we come together.

About 50 years ago, the McCarthy era came to an end and I and others refused to sign the WA State Pledge of Allegiance. It was very broad and clearly unconstitutional: the ACLU fought for us and got the Supreme Court ruling in our favor. The threats to our Constitution are ten times greater now than they were then, and I still depend on the ACLU.
Theodor - Nova York

More than ever we must defend our constitution. Many try to misunderstand it in order to hurt the very people they are supposed to help.
Teodoro - CA

Despite the various intelligence agencies formed 10 years ago, 9/11 happened. American freedoms must not be the scapegoat. I still believe in "We the People...!"
Teresa - Rhode Island

I believe with all my heart that our Lord God wants us to rise up and fight the dogs of terrorism, whoever they may be.
Teresa - CA

Shall I tell you what the real evil is? Kneel before the things they call evil, give them our freedom, challenge them, against which we must oppose all suffering. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
There is one

2012 will be a "restart", the end of the world (as you know it) is over. The new elite.
Thomas - Georgia

America will not be remembered for the war on terror, but for standing up for freedom for all.
Thomas - CA

Freedom requires the ability to be anything we can be.
Thomas - North Carolina

I think the Bush administration has gone in the wrong direction to eradicate the threat against us. My son served in Iraq and Afghanistan and none of the fights were worth the cost to the US and Americans.
Thomas - CA

I believe that the so-called "Tea Party" is a real threat to our freedoms.
Thomas - CT

I believe we should support and defend the Bill of Rights. Although Al Qaeda and the US government have joined forces against the Bill of Rights, we will stand up for our rights.
Thomas - LU

Only when we are strong enough not to be afraid and determined enough to defend our Constitutional freedoms do we honor those who have died while strengthening and honoring our country.
Thomas - Pennsylvania

It is possible to be free and safe. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; they would lie
Thomas - OH

Keep your religion out of my government.
Thomas - EM

Murder, torture and kidnapping threaten us all. It is outrageous and deeply concerning that the majority of perpetrators responsible for implementing and perpetrating these acts have not been vigorously prosecuted and prosecuted. Mr Ciula.
Thomas - Florida

Those who give up liberty for security will have none!
Thomas - Texas

Those who take advantage of a nation's moment of weakness and sadness dishonor the ideals by which we should live.
Thomas - OR

WE THE PEOPLE will always fight for freedom......
Thomas - EDV

Yes, I remember the strong, tangible sense of community and solidarity of being an American in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and I remember how that changed into the so-called limited and divisive patriotism that led to war and war brought terror. and all the casualties and devastation that linger. I want to feel the patriotism I felt right after, the strong sense of community, solidarity and togetherness that we need now more than ever as we look for the best way forward in our future.
Tomás - identification

If a military officer tells another military officer to become a Christian, call a lawyer and sue him to get him off duty.
Thomas Wade-VA

We have survived many threats to our freedom in the past without losing our freedom or rights. To do less now would be an insult to all who have already paid the ultimate price to secure this freedom for us all.
Dorn - CA

We must not be afraid to be free.
Dorn - MI

Be aware of the enemy within you, and through community and truth, come together to fight the good fights. No good and honorable man should defend himself from evil without the help of a friend.
Corazón - CO

Repeal the Patriot Act. Support habeas corpus. abolition of the death penalty.
Team - TX

We must abolish the Patriot Act. Or at least call it what it is: The "Law of Supervision".
Tim - CA

It's time to take back our country from the fear-inducing fascists of the right and center and give it back to the precious civil liberties and rule of law that ONLY the left can provide!
Timothy - Nova York

Let's not forget anyone, I mean everyone, especially firefighters, police, health workers and first responders, everyone has a part, let the people in and also support our troops. We must end terrorism forever.
Timoteo - AI


I have never seen so much fear and hatred tolerated and supported by politicians and elected candidates. They mock civil liberties! We have to change things.
Tobi - CA

Freedom is not free, but paying for it at the loss of my civil liberties is not my choice of payment.
Todd - CT

9/11 was a terrible tragedy. No one will ever say it wasn't. But that doesn't mean that our rights and freedoms and belief in freedom and privacy should be abandoned. It's really what should drive us instead of hiding and fearing those who don't look like us or don't believe what we believe. The spread of fear is central and we MUST go above and beyond to show the world that freedom and the principles we live by can and will survive!

They believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war.
Tom - TX

I stand in solidarity with true freedom and freedom from oppression.
Tom - CA

Our leaders owe us at least the return of freedoms that were never available in the first place.
Tom - MI

There is a complete and, in my opinion, bizarre disconnect between our "legislators" in Washington, D.C. and 98% of all other US citizens. I just saw a video of Mayor Boehner with V.P. Joe Biden *immediately* before President Obama delivers his address to a joint session of the United States Congress last night. Biden shook Boehner's hand and said, "We've got *a lot* of work to do," to which spokesman Beohner responded with his golf score from a Nebraska match earlier in the week. What's up?!!!

We must defend our freedoms now or they will disappear forever in America.

If we give up freedom for security, we end up with no freedom or security.
Tom - WI

Tommy - CA

Freedom for all!
Toni - TX

Fear is the greatest enemy, freedom is always the best way to move forward together.

It is vital that we hold the line in protecting our freedoms. When people are nervous, they tend to lose track. we never had

I wish my son could be tall and proud to be an American when he grows up. Compliance with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is just the beginning.
Trish is a virtual assistant

Keep up the good work ACLU! We must be courageous, not fearful.
Tirone - IL

The terrorists won. Not by flying planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but turning the people of this country into whiny cowards who sacrificed basic civil liberties and chose to suffer severe humiliation in exchange for a glimmer of safety.

Our civil liberties must not be sacrificed in the name of national security.
Delivery Truck - APPROX.

I joined the ACLU in 1992 because I have reluctantly been living under electronic surveillance, people have surrounded me, my personal belongings have been made public, and my past has been investigated without my consent. Nobody read my Miranda rights, nor gave me legal advice, legal procedures, etc. I am a political prisoner in a supposedly secular democracy. I contributed a lot to the ACLU, not because I suddenly became a huge fan of partial abortions, but because I believe that we are all entitled to some degree of privacy when we urinate, urinate, copulate (both legally and... also illegal sex), masturbation etc.

I believe America can be safe and free. I reject government policies that target racial or religious groups, invade privacy through uncontrolled surveillance, sanction the use of torture, or encourage endless global war. It's ridiculous what we have to put up with from TSA officers, and as Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to buy a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security."
Vasudha - CA

We cannot and must not compromise our freedom in the dark hours.

If we are not free, we can never be safe.

Our civil liberties have gone the way of great government control. We see corruption and too much power becoming a police state.
Vickie - CO

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack still leaves me speechless. It's a true testament to how far hate can take men. When people blindly follow a lie against a person or people, the results almost always end in tragedy. Let this be your hate test: you can always tell when you follow lies, because a lie breeds feelings of fear, distrust, and always hatred. Hate is always inherently destructive. encourages people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Let us never forget that on September 11, 2001, hatred caused 3,000 deaths. Lives we can never take back.
Vickie - Carolina do Sul

Under the guise of "national security" there is so much we don't know. What happened to the real newscasters who ARE NOT AFRAID of exposing corruption? 9/11 looks like a little manual show. Point your finger in all but the right directions... yeah that should work :(

We must protect our freedom, our rights and our privacy and set an example for the rest of the world.
Victor - MD

I believe in liberty and the constitution. There was a reason it was created, and it's still true today.
Vitória - NH

No threat is so great that it is worth sacrificing our civil liberties. Our freedoms have made us a great nation; They are our heritage and our future.

We scared ourselves as much as they wanted and exhausted our resources in unnecessary wars as they wanted. Can't say we didn't follow instructions.
Vincent - APPROX.

We must all rise up, even when civil liberties are restricted to a select few, by false security.

Complacency is the greatest enemy of freedom. you spoke today
Virginia - New York

It is only through actions taken in times of crisis that we examine and revise what the United States Constitution says and means and rediscover who we are as Americans.

“We the people” are NOT the enemy.

People should not fear their government. The government must fear the people. Thomas Jefferson

We can truly fight terrorism and promote America's hallowed ideals of freedom and justice while the world admires our great nation. This is undeniable.
Walter - Pennsylvania

The constitution should remain as it is, without further changes, as some career politicians would like. We humans can think for ourselves!

If the government continues to treat its citizens as guilty instead of innocent, then the 9/11 hijackers succeeded.
Warren - California

If we're not free, we're not America, however safe we ​​pretend to be.

May we all find tolerance and peace.
Wendy - CA

Sharing knowledge. share the freedom!

Lately it seems that the Constitution is being used and abused for personal political gain. Using scare tactics to get what they want is a terrible way to run a country. I was proud to be an American, but I am particularly ashamed of some of the behaviors of our administration at the Fed and Congress. Care, trust, and constitution were abused.
Wendy Rambo - MD

Can there be security for the people if the constitution is not secure?
Werner - CO

The government has been undermining our freedom for years. The Data Protection Act must be abolished
Wes - OH

Politicians who create fear for political gain have led many American citizens to give up their freedoms for apparent safety. This supposed security is dear to our way of life.
Wesley - WA

We can and must do better!
Wille - CA

We must not give up our freedom, the government must be controlled
Will - Nova York

America must be a safe and free country for all its citizens, regardless of race, creed, religion or non-religion. We must make the preamble the reason we wrote this Constitution in the first place.

As Richard A. Clarke puts it in his essay in The Daily Beast: “The spending (for the Afghan and Iraq wars) not only came without new financial sacrifices, but also with tax cuts to lead to death. They haven't completely failed with that strategy." won an impressive victory and became the home of the brave.
William - CA

for freedom cannot protect itself
Guillermo - CO

Blood for Blood just continues the cycle of violence, now is the time for peace and reconciliation.

Constitutional protections continue to erode, with fear as an enabler; Coming together to protect and restore the civil liberties upon which America's freedom rests has never been more important.

Do not destroy the Constitution in the name of "security".

I remember driving through Shanksville, PA the day after the attack and the sadness that filled the countryside. When the Bush administration announced the Patriot Act, I immediately had two thoughts: it was Orwellian duplicity and Franklin's statement that he who trades liberty for security deserves neither.
William - New York

I want the nation to go back to the rule of law and stop acting like a renegade thug.

It was a sad day for all Americans, but the loss of our civil liberties was even worse.
Guillermo - DNI

It's easy to talk about freedom in moments of comfort. The challenge is to act accordingly in moments of controversy.
Willian - Los Angeles

It's easy to talk about freedom in moments of comfort. The challenge is to act accordingly in moments of controversy.
Willian - Los Angeles

Especially in times of national danger from without or from within, the defense of civil liberties and the Constitution requires the greatest attention of the people.
William - New York

Like the scare icons used in the past to incite fear of communism, the Twin Towers became fear icons to continue the war drums for terror.
Guillermo - FL

Our unity has been tested by fire over the last 10 years and we have shown that we are more than capable of rising to the challenge of upholding equal rights and justice for all (cf. Gay marriage is now legal in 6 states). We must continue to fight against the forces that dare to divide and conquer us through fear and bigotry.

President Obama is no different from former President Bush. May those who distrust and despise our Constitution not take it from us.
William - Pennsylvania

Ten years after the worst "terrorist attack" on American soil, we, the people, have paid terrible prices for the political corruption that destroyed the Constitution. It's time to wake up and be aware of the real enemy who stole the US government. It's time to restore the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.
William - CA

The 911 attacks are being used as an excuse to impose a police state on our nation.

Measures enacted since 9/11 for "security purposes" were not enacted to protect America. They were enacted for the sole reason that the "leaders" would rather turn America into a police state than enact real policies designed to promote true security and prosperity for all.
William - New York

William - KS

The two wars almost bankrupted the country, the terrorists were smart, we won't let them win, think before you vote.

The United States has been hailed as the country where the "rule of law" reigns supreme. We must return to this ideal or we will lose our role as world leaders in good governance!
Guillermo - VA

America has become too much of a police state.
Guillermo - IL

We cannot remain a democracy at home and behave like an imperialist power abroad!

We must defend our freedom from those who would use current events as an excuse to steal it.

We must protect our rights as well as our freedoms
William - CA

When times get tough, we always seem willing to compromise on our civil liberties and our great American traditions. History shows that this is never the right answer. It's time to forget about politicians and corporations and start an American dialogue about what really matters and how we can become peacemakers. We must do this to preserve the future of our country and the world community.
William - CA

We will win our freedom if we insist that everyone living in our country is entitled to the same opportunities and privileges as those who were born into privilege and wealth.
William P. - Florida

What will the ACLU do to resolve the bipartisan impasse that prevents the truths of Patriot Act (and earlier) abuses from being exposed?
William Scott - Pennsylvania

Our civil rights and their protection are fundamental to the way we live.
winston california

It's time to stand up and defend your civil liberties when the rights of others are being eroded or violated.

We must remain vigilant to protect the Constitution of the United States from the enemies of our country!

NOW WE MUST PROTECT PRIVACY AGAINST baseless wiretapping, without cooperation and constitution
Yeshua - CA

By losing our freedoms under the guise of "national security", we as Americans have been weakened by the loss of our Constitutional rights.
Zahirah - GA

They wanted to destroy the freedom of a country and they succeeded. I can't fly without being touched, all our e-mails are intercepted and books purchased are reported to the government. they won

I believe in justice and freedom. They are part of our human rights and must not be ignored or sacrificed and we will never compromise our freedoms.
Zoe - New Jersey


What is the purpose of the Constitution? ›

The Constitution defines the fundamental law of the U.S. federal government, setting forth the three principal branches of the federal government and outlining their jurisdictions. It has become the landmark legal document of the Western world, and is the oldest written national constitution currently in effect.

What is the Constitution promise? ›

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of ...

Does the Constitution say we have the right to overthrow the government? ›

--That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on ...

What is the supreme law of the land chapter 3 the Constitution? ›

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any ...

What are the three major purposes of a Constitution? ›

First it creates a national government consisting of a legislative, an executive, and a judicial branch, with a system of checks and balances among the three branches. Second, it divides power between the federal government and the states. And third, it protects various individual liberties of American citizens.

What are the 4 main purposes of the Constitution? ›

The Preamble of this document states its six main goals: to form a more perfect union, to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty.

Does the Constitution promise justice? ›

As the final arbiter of the law, the Court is charged with ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under law and, thereby, also functions as guardian and interpreter of the Constitution.

What is the main reason for obeying the Constitution? ›

Everyone should obey the law. Obeying the law protects peace, public order, and good health. The First Amendment's Religion Clauses were designed to protect such a legal system. They aimed to keep a diverse population at peace by giving them one shared system of law.

Does the Constitution promise freedom? ›

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What does the Constitution say about removing a tyrannical government? ›

--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on ...

When the government becomes tyrannical? ›

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Is it illegal to advocate the overthrow of the government? ›

§2385. Advocating overthrow of Government. Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

What is the supreme law of our land right now? ›

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in the United States. Learn more about our founding document.

Is the Constitution still the supreme Law of the Land? ›

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any ...

Does federal law supersede state Constitution? ›

Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions.

What were the 5 most important principles of the Constitution? ›

The Constitution rests on seven basic principles. They are popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, federalism, checks and balances, republicanism, and individual rights.

Does the Constitution protect you? ›

It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

How does the Constitution protect our rights? ›

It spells out Americans' rights in relation to their government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual—like freedom of speech, press, and religion. It sets rules for due process of law and reserves all powers not delegated to the Federal Government to the people or the States.

Who has to promise to uphold the Constitution? ›

“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a ...

Why is it important for citizens to respect the Constitution? ›

Citizens are obligated to ensure the constitution is interpreted in a manner that promotes its purposes, values and principles, advances rule of law, human rights and Bill of Rights, permits development of the law and contributes to good governance.

Why should we obey the rules? ›

Laws should be obeyed because they respect all of us as free and equal individuals. They should also be obeyed for reasons of fairness, because they ensure that burdens and gains are evenly distributed within a society. Moreover, they enable a society to provide support for its weaker members.

What does the Constitution say about obeying the law? ›

no one is above the law, and everyone under the authority of the constitution is obligated equally to obey the law. laws are made and enforced according to established procedures, not the rulers' arbitrary will.

Is everyone protected by the Constitution? ›

Everyone has basic rights under the U.S. Constitution and civil rights laws. Learn more here about what your rights are, how to exercise them, and what to do when your rights are violated.

Does the Constitution protect life and liberty? ›

Section 1 Rights

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

What are your 3 most important freedoms under the Constitution? ›

Recently freed from the despotic English monarchy, the American people wanted strong guarantees that the new government would not trample upon their newly won freedoms of speech, press and religion, nor upon their right to be free from warrantless searches and seizures.

What does the Constitution promise to the states? ›

Article IV Relationships Between the States

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

What promise helped the Constitution pass? ›

To ensure adoption of the Constitution, the Federalists, such as James Madison, promised to add amendments specifically protecting individual liberties. These amendments, including the First Amendment, became the Bill of Rights.

What do the 13th 14th and 15th amendments promise? ›

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. The 14th Amendment gave citizenship to all people born in the US. The 15th Amendment gave Black Americans the right to vote.

What is the motto of the Constitution? ›

In 1956, the 84th Congress passed a joint resolution declaring "In God We Trust" to be the national motto of the United States.


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